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Discussion in 'Priests' started by Addikeys, Nov 23, 2019.

  1. Addikeys Elder

    With the advent of the 2 new aa nukes, how are fellow druids crafting their nuking macro? Any sample macros would be much appreciated.
  2. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I currently have a macro that is:

    /pause 11, /alt act 768 -- Season's Wrath
    /pause 5, /alt act 3728 - Bolt
    /pause 5, /alt act 954 - Fire
    /pause 5, /alt act 956 - Frost

    I figure with Season's Wrath moving to be an ability we can always keep up and its not long recast it may as well lead off such a macro. But I wish there were a way for the hotkey to cast either Season's Wrath if its up, or cast all 3 Nukes if Season's wrath is on cooldown. I don't really like how this macro extends beyond the 2 second global cooldown between spells but it gets everything in there so I guess an extra second not casting won't kill me.
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  3. Szilent Augur

    Dislike pauses. SUPER dislike taking multiple seconds to click. AAs replacing spell casts is definitely not where to be. Leaving out all the pauses should let the key cast whichever one is available when you tap it, and then can tap it again between the next two spells.
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  4. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I’m also not a fan of the pauses. After playing with it more, I decided to remove Season’s Fury and separate it out to be its own button.

    Removing the pauses doesn’t function like you hope. Due to the fast cast of the abilities I often find that when I have it cast Bolt -> Fire -> Frost, it will lead off with Bolt and then skip fire and end up casting Frost because by the time the game got to execute the 3rd line in my macro it had already finished casting the first AA. That’s even without pauses. It was even weirder with Season’s Fury in the mix often casting lines 1-4 and then 2 and then 3. Sometimes it would do 1-3 then 2 then 4 and sometimes 1-3 then 2-4.

    I also tried keybinding 3 hotbutton pages to a multibind and that didn’t seem to work either, it looked like it would just cast the first hotbutton the multibind was set to, and if that failed it wouldn’t cast the other two.
  5. Szilent Augur

    Casting just some of them but not all of them is very much the goal of removing pauses. That sets you up to start casting a real spell again ASAP. The other AAs that didn't cast will be taken care of in the next gap between spells.
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  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    That’s true, but to each their own.

    I personally think I’ll stick with the above macro with the Season’s Fury line removed. It does slightly extend beyond the 2 second global cooldown even though it technically shouldn’t with 3 AAs each having 0.5s cast times. However I prefer a known quantity, me casting all 3 AAs and knowing I have 16s before I need to hit that key again, compared to the unknown the no pause variant causes, which may cast 1 or 2 AAs randomly depending on server ticks I would guess.

    The more pressing issue I’ve noticed is that my mana just evaporates now that I’m using these AAs. I’m having to pause one or two times in a lesson burn to OOC Regen due to how much this crushes my mana pool. It’s an upgrade in a straight burn on a raid or group named for sure, but I’m not yet clear on whether it’s beneficial or detrimental to use them during a grind group as it forces more pauses to meditate.
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  7. Tatanka Augur

    I thought the global cooldown was 1.5s. That could be why it's extending past it when you think it shouldn't.
  8. Rolaque Augur

    put them in a hot key page, and multibind them to the same cast key. .
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  9. Tobynn Augur

    Love the three unlinked nukes, but such a mana pig to chain cast.
  10. Nylrem Augur

    Don't macro, decreases your DPS by a ton.

    My lag isn't the best, and in the Midwest, so pretty far from cali, but am on fiber with a decent machine, and it's less than 50% that I cast two AA nukes during global cooldown.

    Will describe my box druid's setup, and you can see how it's done, without using a macro with pauses, and maximizing actual spell casts. Of course everyone is different, and make your own adjustments, but this is one way to incorporate them into a hotbar bind...

    Hotbar 1, Hot buttons 1, 2, 3, and 4, set to keypress '1'...

    Hotbar 1, Hot buttons 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 0, set to keypress '2'...

    make 2 socials, I call mine DPS 1 and DPS 2:

    DPS 1:
    /assist nylrem
    /alt act 768 {season's wrath}
    /alt act 1480 {spire}
    /alt act 935 {blessing ro}
    /alt act 10397 {group sogw}

    DPS 2:
    /alt act 954 {fire}
    /alt act 3728 {bolt}
    /alt act 956 {frost}
    /alt act 219 {entrap}
    /alt act 515 {ITC}

    now, hotbuttons 1-4 are all set to '1' as their keybind (options > keys > hotbar 1)...

    hotbutton 1: DPS 1
    hotbutton 2: Eth Ways
    hotbutton 3: Twincast
    hotbutton 4: NBW

    hotbuttons 5 thru 0 are all set to '2' as their keybind...

    hotbutton 5: DPS 2
    hotbutton 6: Diss winds
    hotbutton 7: Cyc roar
    hotbutton 8: Ana roar
    hotbutton 9: Remote sunblaze
    hotbutton 0: Winter's wildblaze

    So, then just spam '1' over and over until you see NBW land on mob, then start spamming '2', until mob dead, or NBW needs refreshed.

    What this does, is the way EQ processes requests set to the same keybind is a bit wonky... well, more than a bit, actually, but spells take precedence, in the order of their hotbuttons when set up this way. So, if a spell is available, not on cooldown, it will not even try and cast one of the AA within the social, at all, even if that social hotkey is set before the spell gem.

    So, spamming '1', what that means is, you'll usually cast Ways, then cast wrath, spire if avail, and then ro, then twincast if avail, or NBW if it's not, then group sogw if available...

    *edit: yes, I do need to change and put sogw first, not last... doing that now :)

    Then, switching to spamming '2', you'll cast Diss winds, AA fire, Cyc roar (that's correct, I rarely get two AA nukes off between cooldowns, which means that if using a macro to cast all 3, you're really losing a lot of valuable cast time), AA bolt, Ana roar, AA frost, Remote sun, AA entrap, WW, and if ITC is up, it usually fires somewhere in there, as well, varies a bit...

    One issue with this method is, you cannot reliably make 2 socials with multiple commands in the same keybind, and cannot reliably put multiple clickies on same keybind either. So, to add other DPS type activated AA, you have to put them on a separate keybind. You can semi reliably add one clicky to each keybind though, so if want to add BP, etc, you can generally add one, per keybind, without messing things up, or causing one not to fire, etc.
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