Druid looking for guild <Agnar>

Discussion in 'Guild Recruitment' started by Lejaun, May 29, 2017.

  1. Lejaun Augur

    Well....just as the title says really. I'm looking for a good guild to call home.

    A little about myself. I'm currently level 16. I'm not rushing levels or gear. My only leveling goal is just to be max level before the next expansion comes out. I've been a top player in a top guild before, and I've been a casual player in a roleplaying guild before. I've been a raid officer and I've been a regular member. I've mained a number of characters, from a monk to a beastlord to a berserker to a warrior. This is the first time that I have played a druid.

    What I'm looking for: A decent sized guild. I want a guild that is big enough and good enough to handle things like epics, but not so caught up in raiding that it requires members to sock dragons or gods or whatever the current content is. I've done that, and I'm over that. I want a guild that likes to have a good time, but also isn't so immature that every other message in guild chat refers to certain body parts. A guild where everyone is willing to help each other out, but also isn't required to do so. A casual, fun guild that can raid but doesn't require it of its members or look down on them if they choose not to raid.

    Name is Diaz on the server.
  2. Sojourne Lorekeeper

    If you haven't yet found a guild to your liking, I encourage you to check out Good Tidings (http://goodtidings.gamerlaunch.com), see my post here on the guild recruitment forums, or shoot me an email at sojourne@yahoo.com. We aim to be a mature, casual, mostly family-friendly guild focused on grouping and adventuring, with raiding strictly optional.