Druid in Laurions Song

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Randomized, Oct 17, 2023.

  1. Randomized Augur

    Well that's the thing. I'm quite proactive about grouping. So I'm only solo/molo a little over half the time. Me promoting grouping and doing grouping things actually got me landed in a pretty decent raiding guild that was looking to recruit a druid anyway.

    So yeah. My plan was never to play solo at max level lol
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  2. fransisco Augur

    A great thing for grouping is to try and find a static. Thats where you play with the same people over and over. It makes play alot more interesting and fun
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  3. Randomized Augur

    Well, ending up in a raiding guild I don't think this will be an issue lol I've already had 20 people offer to PL me lol. But I told them I'll hit 120 in about 2-3 weeks ans then join them at the beginning of LS
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  4. Razorwulf Journeyman

    For druid levelling, the only time I have ever charmed a mob was recently trying to mess around in Firefall.
    I root (spore spiral), Pop a wolf form AA (either group or solo), Snare (I use the bloodied thawmore or whatever), then drop the rest of my dots. I also use seasons wrath and blessing of Ro. I have maxxed out most of the archetype AAs, and most class ones for dotting, but I need to go and get the focus ones (which will make my current level dots much better).

    Just gotta find mobs that dont summon!
  5. Razorwulf Journeyman

    This has been a huge thing for me recently. I dont box, but I have a good friend who i made friends with ingame who does. And he has helped me with my BST and Druid a lot,
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