[Druid] Future new AA's, Spells, Ideas. Give me your thoughts

Discussion in 'Priests' started by Siwin Nonesuch, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    I'm guessing what druids are getting for the future for Call Of The Forsaken or have allready gotten are set in stone. Or maybe not, but never the less. I have had some ideas floating around in my head.
    I don't know if these would be best as AA's, Spells, or Gear Clickies, but I think they are good ideas.

    Druid: Spirit Of The Hummingbird. Group v1
    Cast time 1.0 second. 15 min recast time. When casted this ablity provides the user (Hole Group they are in prefered) 1:30 seconds of spell casting overhaste (Even past the 50% spell haste Limit) AND spell delay haste (Spell Delay haste refreshes cast times on certain spell gem casted spells faster).
    Rank one 4%
    Rank two 7%
    Rank three 10%
    Any class that uses mana and casts spells would love druids for this and would really increase our desirability I believe.

    Druid: Renewal Of Nature
    This would be a single target cast that can be thrown on anybody that would Increase Endurance, and Endurance only. What ever amount given back that would be appropriate for what ever level its given out at. I'm thinking for level 100.......
    3 ranks
    Rank 1 by 160 per tick for 6 ticks
    Rank 2 by 178 per tick for 6 ticks
    Rank 3 by 197 per tick for 6 ticks.

    Druid: Group Renewal Of Nature Group v2
    This would be a group version of the single cast version that can be thrown on anybodys group and can also be Mass Group Buffed that would Increase Endurance, and Endurance only. Same with the single cast.......
    3 ranks
    rank 1 by 160 per tick for 6 ticks
    rank 2 by 178 per tick for 6 ticks
    rank 3 by 197 per tick for 6 ticks.
    Yes these last two would be just like Beastlords Paragon Of Spirits but without the HP and Mana return that goes with it. Endurance only.
    I have no idea what a good recast timer would be on these. But I think they should have separate timers.

    The last two I was thinking since we don't really have anything all that effective to help pure melee (Warrior, Monk, Rogue, Bezerker) classes besides just direct healing, those last two would make us a more appealing to those classes. Also those last two would NOT share a cast timer.

    Druid: Horde of (Add whatever name here)
    0.5 second cast time and would do what ever damage that would be appropriate if it was given to Druids at 100 or our next never increase.
    But add to it a Decrease Magic Resist debuff so as to make our Roar line and Storm strike spells not get resisted so much. Of course I could see the DEV's having a huge headache with this with all kinds of stacking issues they would have to code in but never the less, the magic resist debuff I'm thinking would be good for something like.....
    Horde of (Add what ever name here) rank I Decrease Magic Resist by 110
    Horde of (Add what ever name here) rank II Decrease Magic Resist by 115
    Horde of (Add what ever name here) rank III Decrease Magic Resist by 120

    Druid / Wizard: Teleport secondary recall bind.
    This of course would be just like teleport bind but would teleport us and the group we are in to our Secondary Recall bind point.

    What do you Druids, people think of those?

    I would like to hear any ideas those of you that play Druid's have for future content releases.
    Hopefully you have or can think of something completely new that would really make the Druid class a lot more desirable. Not just more ranks of what we allready have. Of course more ranks of exsisting stuff isn't all that bad. hehe!

    Please share your thoughts / Ideas. :)
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  2. Tarrin Augur

    Upgraded ranks of SS to add a heal to target's target.

    They can keep the remote lines all on the same timer then.


    I would really like the offensive healing aspect looked into more. It would be nice to have that as a niche, rather than trying to be nothing more than a mini cleric when it came to healing.
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  3. Rolaque Augur

    AA lines to enhance our level 96-100 type 3 Faycite shard augments, especially since our spells are not being upgraded this expansion this would be a way to slightly increase their power.

    Some AAs to lower the refresh timer on Empowered Focus of Arcanum, since this is the one ability we have that will help our magic based spells land.

    AAs for upgrading Mastery of the Past to rank 31 (level 97 spells), and to rank 32 (level 98 spells) since we must have mastered those levels during the past year.

  4. guado Augur

    -I'd like an upgrade to Peaceful Spirit of Wood / Convergence so I can MGB a relevant peaceful HoT.
    -TL secondary bind would be excellent, TL 3rd bind would be mind blowing (good)
    -It's time to upgrade Dire Charm. Not just for druids, but Chanters and dare I say Necros too. I would love to be able to dire charm a lvl 98 animal. Granted Dire Charm doesn't decrease the pet's DPS =)
    -I love the endurance regen similar to Paragon for Bsts.
    -Make Group Spirit of the White/Black wolf MGBable
    -Spirit of the Hummingbird (spell overhaste) should also include a stun resist component.

    I've written an entire list. Now for the sterotypical ::insert your class here:: doesn't have a good mana regen ability after freshly being rezzed. CaN DruiDS haz the ubber Quiet Miracle tooz?

    Obviously the above paragraph is sarcastic, since I know it's like someone in Hell asking for a snow cone.
  5. BeaerSidhe New Member

    -- group version of Veil of the Underbrush. As "disciples of the wilds, following the teachings of the Norrathian gods of nature", being able to confer this ability to our group would be in our wheelhouse (bleh, where did I get that term).

    -- (aa housekeeping) Consolidate the Focus of Arcanum lines into one, with lvls, like the ability stat lines now being "planar").

    -- upgrade to the spell Surge of Spineburrs (95).

    -- (fluff) a variety of nature oriented illusions. Sure we have wolf and treeform. How about lions, tigers, and bears (oh my!). More options to be considered, of course.

    -- maybe a solution to that quick mana recovery that folks are howling about. I think it was brought up long ago, but maybe a short-term tree form like AA wolf/bear. Can't move and maybe a stun-component? Would a minute be too long? Slower cast times while active? Beneficial spells only?
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  6. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Spirit of Hummingbird - yes
    Horde DoT line getting -MR Debuff - yes
    Group Port Secondary/Tertiary Bind - yes

    Endurance stuff - pass.

    Spells to patch:

    Remote Moonfire - Change the Recast Timer to another group so that it is useful. Also match the -resist check of our Remote Fire line.
    Frigid Thornmaw - Change the spell completely. Go from auto casting a snare and DoT to our two Ice Debuffs
    Bosquetender Breeze - Change the cure counters. We don't need corruption counters on this spell since we have Chant of XXX line for group corruption cure. Make it Curse counters instead.
    Beastsnag Guard - Change this... It's an 18k mitigation, 15min recast. No one casts this spell. What would be useful, change the idea behind it. Move to about 30s recast, increase to 100k mitigation and make targetable. Give us an option for preventing damage on our target instead of healing?
    Tectonic Temblor - Increase the damage on this by about 3x. The spell is PBAE so it cannot use spell focus. Due to this it lags behind hugely in HP scaling. Also change the recast.. 30 seconds is excessive. Something like 6-12 is more reasonable.
    Winter's Wildfire - Increase the damage on each prong by about 2x. The way the spell is designed it doesn't properly focus/gain from ADPS. To account for DPS increase increase the Hate modifier on the spell by 4-5x. So that it is something we have to be cautious using. Alternatively, increase the mana cost on the two prongs of the nuke from 0->50 so that it focuses properly.

    AAs to patch:

    Prolonged Salvation - Make this work on our AA HoTs (Spirit of the Wood and Convergence of Spirits)... We have no spell HoTs.
    Hidden Communion of the Cheetah - Make this work like unity style spells. Auto casting Communion of the Cheetah and Shared Camoflague. Alternatively make this spell permanent. We lose the Runspeed if we cast or attack so permanent would just make it viable for travel.
    Nature's Blessing - Increase Duration to match Nature's Fury. This buff being 12s makes it nearly useless currently.

    AAs to add:

    Entrap - New rank for instant cast
    Firefists - Activateable ability (2-3min duration, 15-30min recast), it changes all detrimental spells cast to be fire resist... Code change maybe?
    Nature's Cascade - Innate ability. Gives a 15-25% chance to fire a heal on target's target when casting a nuke. Something like 2-5k base heal? Non-focus able but crittable.
    Season's Fury - Short term (24s) debuff that increase all incoming nuke damage by 1-50%. Like our Epic. 3-5min recast is solid
    Hastened Vivication - Reduce recast on our Fast Heal by 1s per rank. 1-3 ranks (final recast of 9s)
    Hastened Remote - Reduce recast on our Remote nukes by 2s per rank. 3 ranks (final recast 18s)
    Hastened Roar - Reduce recast on our Roar nuke line by 1s per rank. 1 rank (final recast 8s)
    Quickened Roar - Reduce cast time on our Roar nuke by 5% per rank. 3 ranks (final cast 3.4s)
    Quickened Luna - Reduce cast time on our Group heal by 5% per rank. 3 ranks (final cast 3.8s)
    Quickened Wrath - Reduce cast time on our Natures Wrath DoT by 0.5s per rank. 5 ranks (final cast 0.5s... Same as our other DoTs)
    Hastened Paralysis - Reduce recast on our Paralytic Spores AA root by 20s per rank. 2-3 ranks (final recast 30s?)
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  7. Tobynn Augur

    As soon as I see an indication that what the class desires has any bearing whatsoever on what the class receives, I'll rejoice. Until then, we'll continue to get what we're given, regardless of how craptastic the class perceives it to be. Recent betas and releases have demonstrated over and over that our solicited feedback is largely disregarded. Its as if our Suggestion Box has a hole in it, and its mounted on the wall directly above the trash bin.

    Some good ideas up there. Wouldn't plan on seeing any of it come to fruition, then you can be all surprised if any bit of it does :)
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  8. Tarrin Augur

    I hate your post because its so true.
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  9. Iila Augur

    None of the spells will get retro-actively changed. That's just not something that happens. Best thing to hope for is for the bad lines to die and be replaced by slightly less bad spells. After enough iterations, the spells might be worth using, or we will have quit EQ and won't care any more. Or the spell dev could listen to feedback to provide useful new spells and fix outstanding bugs. But that is just too much to expect.

    Daldaen, you KNOW you're asking for impossible things (NWW under 50% cast time). Why do you do it?

    I've been trying to push this idea as our class niche in the past couple betas, but there hasn't really been a response. I feel like it gives a better direction than our current one, which is lost in trying to make sense of our class history that has almost every effect in EQ. I don't want to increase our relative strength in healing or dps, but to be able to combine those two roles better so that we have a baseline of healing and dps that we can build off of whichever way we need to while still providing the other. Hopefully in a way that allows more than 5 players serverwide to play the class effectively.

    I'd love to see some other suggestions on how to do that. There's the obvious options of turning everything into remotes or tacking group heals onto nukes. But are there more subtle ways of doing that? As awesome as it would be if our spells would match up with this vision, or even be somewhat in line with our needs, we have had far better luck on getting AAs to fill in gaps and provide meaningful advances. So if there's any ideas beyond Daldaen's HOTT heal proc, or adding a HOTT heal onto Storm Strike, I'd love to hear them. (Adding HOTT heal procs to Storm Strike would own, btw)

    My last PM to Elidroth about druid AAs listed the following that were either from our AA chats or things that would be nice additions to the class.
    • DoT disc, Increase Chance to Critical DoT by XX% and Increase Critical DoT Damage by 1XX% of Base Damage. I forget the numbers from the chat, but this was the 2nd most lamented unimplemented AA, behind a harvest/qm.
    • Mistwalk. Hate step/whisperwind/forward shadowstep.
    • KIllshot AA. We asked for it to proc our Inferno Harvest spell. But that might run into stacking issues. Would a song window 1 charge twincast work without overwriting the normal buff window twincast buffs? Hopefully with a long enough duration (60-90s) on the 1 charge TC that it will last till the next pull.
    • Reduced/removed recast on our Remote Sunfire line for 30-60s, around a 10m reuse. A big theme in druid suggestions was More Remotes, this gets there by simply letting us cast it more often to fill our dps healer role in a very simple but useful way. From the numbers I've run on chain casting Remote in a full burn, it would be around 65-75% of our max DPS.
    • Nature's Blessing should get a +1 tick duration extension per a rank.
    • The -atk debuff on Wrath of the Wild needs a large resist mod. It basically does not land on anything.
    Other new and useful ideas would be great. Not just the same things that have been thrown at the wall for years. Things are Druid abilities, not just cool things from other classes.
  10. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    I'm a Fan of all your ideas except NB and WotW. NB just needs to be made 2-3min. 1 more tic is a joke. Like the ability is currently. WotW also the ATK debuff is a joke regardless. It doesn't always fire and isn't that significant when it does. Don't really need to spend time on that.

    The reason I ask for stuff like that, is because it is doable.

    The same thing would've been said about a Remote style spell pre-UF. And a twincast spell pre-SoD. And a Viral/Frontal Beam
    Spell pre-TBS. And auras pre-PoR. And Defensive procs pre-DoD.

    I think it is time to fix the 50% spell haste limit. Normal spells will be restricted by the generic 23-30% focus spell haste + 10% cleric spell haste. Stuff like Quick Buffs / Quick Summoning / Quick Damage are all within reasonable limits most at or around 50%. Getting any higher %age of spell haste would require new stacking buffs or new stacking AAs... Something which easily can be regulated.

    Same deal with spells under 3s cast time... Our Breath line being 2.5s pisses me off to no end. Since it always ends up being slower than 3-4s spells cause it won't haste. Lower that restriction to 0.5s.

    They could put a hard cap on the lowest a spell could go. 0.5s for example.

    But that is a whole other discussion. My point being, they CAN do it. And doing that would open up possibilities for tons of other AA/Spell ideas for all classes. It's just a matter of whether they want to focus on fixing an archaic coding restriction to open up a new avenue for ideas or not.
  11. Noken_Xeg Journeyman

    Speaking of easy stuff I'd like to see regarding AA which seems to be in line with the current M.O. of "lets not actually increase player power... at all...." (yet are still nice):

    *Hastened entrap, 2/2 -- 1 second reduced recast per rank. Ranger have had it for a long time.
    *Increased tracking range -- by distance it should be ranger > druid > bard.
    *Twincast -- total copy of Rank3 Twincast circa SoD. Same recast timer as the spell. It's merely a way to obsolete a level 85 spell and get back a spell gem.
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  12. Tarrin Augur

    DoT that pulses a small heal on each tic on who ever is highest on the hate list or HoTT.

    Basically, DoT/HoT version of Remote nuke line.
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  13. Oddling New Member

    Personally would like to see more port spells equal to wiz ports (Kata,etc)
  14. Elenwyyi Augur

    Nature's cascade shouldn't be innate. There are some situations where you don't want to heal a target's target. They're rare but if you can't "turn it off" it'll be a problem.
  15. Iila Augur

    Having it be a buff would conflict with everything, while innate proc wouldn't conflict with auras, potions, or twincast.

    Gonna have to say F pvp concerns for that innate.
  16. Elenwyyi Augur

  17. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    Yep. I've said it for years and will continue to say it. EQ PvP shouldn't be a consideration for any design choices.

    Other than PvPing a healer I can't imagine any time you WOULDN'T want to proc a heal on your targets target. Maybe charming and you want your pet to die. But meh it's so small it should be inconsequential to pets 1million+ HP now a days.

    Oh also an unlimited buff that goes in the song window, instant cast and recast. It is auto granted when you max spell casting subtlety. It increases aggro by 32% (I believe that's what SCS provides in death doing power at rank. 15). Basically a "toggle off" for SCS. Short buff window and infinite duration to cause minimal issues with stacking or buff slots
  18. Qwestwic Augur

    You guys might be onto something if devs were actually qualified to read. Most of them aren't even qualified to work in the field they're in, let alone do a decent job at it. Why do you think young interns come in year after year making them look awful, then getting moved to a more desirable project? I'm happy I don't have to deal with the headache they cause year after year anymore. Every time I come back to the boards it reinforces my decision to walk away from those people in charge of character and content design. It doesn't help that you have people who I wouldn't invite to my group over a tank merc doing dps having above average feedback in the CRT program. Dem selections yo.
  19. Mykaylla Augur

    68% apparently.
  20. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    Disgruntled Retired Druid/Player is Disgruntled! heh! But I can't blame.

    Either the DEV's don't read druid player feedback or they think the Druid class is fine as/is when clearly the people/players who Play EQ and make there main class a Druid who devotes all their efforts and knowledge about the class and its role in the game feels its a Class thats given barely enough ablities to qualify (comparatively to other classes and how the game is set up) as a playable class in this game.
    Result is, you get people who quit playing EQ. :(

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