Druid DPS vs. Mana Consumption Thoughts

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  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    This is true! There are components of those effects that would impact the nuke portion of the spell. But the bulk of the amplification from those abilities tends to be the critical damage amplifiers not crit chance.

    Druids sit at 70-76% Critical nuke chance with just great wolf which has 100% uptime. Between druid spire, enchanter spire, Auspice, circle of power, bard epic, fierce eye, illusions of grandeur I felt like we sit near 100% most of the time on raids. Your post had me check my logs from raids earlier this week and it looks like my crit rate is around 90% on raids across entire night.

    So I guess maybe its worth trying to cast Composite when you have Chromatic Haze on for the 100% critical chance? But generally speaking on a raid you are going to crit 9/10 casts without paying that close attention to it. Though I imagine most main druids have an audio/GINA trigger for Chromatic Haze landing.

    Also I ran a 3-Roar parse after getting more mana regen buffs in guild hall last night. The results were pretty lackluster. The resist rate on Roars was about 5-6% against the dummy, which is roughly the same as Summer and the Winter Fire portion (Winter Cold's -10CR check seemed to drop that resist rate to 4%).

    DPS Results from Roar 113 + Roar 108 + Roar 103

    Total - 180.1k DPS

    Roar 113 - 42.8k
    Arms of Holy Wrath VII - 38.8k
    Roar 108 - 36.2k
    Roar 103 - 25.4k
    Dragonmagic Focus - 16.0k
    Surge of Ice I (ToV Casting + Assaulting type 18) - 6.7k
    Spike of Ice (ToV Gem of Striking+Empowered Gem) - 5.3k
    Surge of Ice (ToV Gem of Devastation) - 3.3k
    Spike of Corruption (TBL Elemental Curio Gem) - 2.8k
    Spike of Magic 8 (TBL Assaulting type 19) - 1.4k
    Spike of Magic 5 (TBL Assaulting type 18) - 1.1k
    Jann's Light - 600
    Banestrike - 400

    So I don't think there is any configuration better than Winter 113 + Winter 108 while Arms and Cast Tonics don't prohibit procs from triggered effects.
  2. Cragzop Cranky Wizard

    Your druids should be coordinating CH with NFW being on for two ticks.

    Anything else is a massive loss of dps.