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Discussion in 'Priests' started by tinywolf1, May 9, 2014.

  1. tinywolf1 Journeyman

    Can you guys recommend some spells and the order in which they should be cast on a proper druid burn? If possible, please reference any parses you may have. Thanks!
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  2. Beatslayer Journeyman

    Check out the video I just posted on the Videos thread in this section. The very end has two druid burn macros that you may find useful.
  3. Crystilla Augur

    THIS thread was made and discusses raid burns.
  4. Iila Augur

    Go read over Daldaen's post on druid burns.

    Then scrap his spell order. His cast priority is 2 expansions old. The pre-buff and burn discs are still correct.
    The exact burn spell set and order is going to depend on how many spell gems you can devote, how long of fight it is, and how heavy of a mana dump you can do. The best trade-off on gems vs dps that I've found is 5 gems in a multi-bind, plus 1 dot gem. This works excellent on 90s burns, and for sustains up to about 4-5m if you use NF, longer without.

    After you cast the spell Twincast, lead off with Chill of the Visionary.
    Then use a multibind of:
    Nature's Withering Wrath
    Katabatic Roar
    Roar of Kolos
    Summer's Suncrest

    During gem cooldown, hitting Storm Strike is top priority over any other gem cooldown abilities. Followed by Nature's Guardian, then distantly followed by Spirits of Nature. Nature's Guardian does some "real" DPS, while Spirits does around 300. So don't worry about being out of range, you're not really missing anything. One storm strike will out DPS both pets over 100s. During *spell* Twincast, you want to click your Glitterfrost BPs. Don't click them while ITC is running because they will eat ITC charges.

    If you want to go up to 6 gems for nukes, Remote Sunfire slots in between Kolos and Summer's. (It's a small increase in DPS, not enough to justify the extra gem imo.)
    If you want a no-downtime 5 gem cycle with Remote, swap out Kolos for Remote. If you need to drop the Hailstorm because it's an AE go with NWW, Katabatic, Kolos, Remote, Summer's.
    You can go down to 4 gems with the above list by cutting Summer's, but you will have a few seconds of full gem downtime with no nukes up every few cycles. Remote as the 5th will only cover half those downtimes.

    If I only want to use 4 gems and have remote up, I go with NWW, Katabatic, Remote, Summer's.

    For fights under 80s, I either swap out Chill for Sunblaze, or drop the dot slot completely. Stop casting NWW with about 20s left in the fight, and stop casting Hailstorm under ~7s remaining. Keep an eye on your spell refreshes vs mob HPs, casting Hailstorm earlier in the weave in order to have Roars up in the last seconds save you from only hitting with

    If you have a Bifold Focus, click it after Twincast fades, then hit ITC.

    Between the 6+1 gems devoted to dps, and 5 to heals, this doesn't leave any room for debuffs. If you need to mem some of those, Sanvida, Chill and Summer's are the best spells to swap out, depending on how you feel with hot-swapping gems between casts.
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  5. Iila Augur

    And for anyone who doesn't know what a multibind is, here's a pic of my 5 gem nuke multibind key, plus my 3 gem heal multibind, and the corresponding spells.


    Numpad 8 will cast my best available nuke, numpad 9 will cast my best available single-target heal.
    I don't actually use the numpad to cast things, my keyboard has an extra row of buttons on the left side, So the buttons I'm hitting are right next to my ~ and Tab keys. All of my keys are centered around my left hand being on WASD while playing.
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  6. porky Augur

    I don't multibind, but my burn is similar to Lilas. I have aura up which is probably her empty spot, and frosthowl(cold debuff) in place of summer suncrest. And i use remote sunfire in place of NWW(the nuke portion wont crit, our dots aren't really worth much even that one.) Remote sunfire is fast cast decent damage and procs a heal.
    I set my toon up to make the most out of HA and SD and all of those spells have a long recast which boosts SD. On ~5min Judi fights i can usually break 50k DPS.
  7. Tarrin Augur

    In a *burn* situation, not sure why you'd want frosthowl up. Without suncrest you'd probably hit an eventual dead spot, no?
  8. porky Augur

    No, not between storm strike and clickies, i want frosthowl so that the mob doesn't resist hailstorm, or anything a wizard buddy is casting.
  9. Tarrin Augur

    pretty sure remote, roar, hail, roar should def. eventually give you a dead spot. clickies/ss shouldnt really be effecting that since they are typically during during the gcd eh?
  10. porky Augur

    Crazy, you act like you don't know me or haven't grouped with me before. I do not run out of clickies:
  11. Iila Augur

    Clickies should never be used when you could be casting a spell, since they're "free" to use during gem downtime. Assuming they cast fast enough.

    I dumped using the loyalty rabbit clickie during burns, because with a 1.5s cast time, plus lag, it was cutting into time I could be casting a real spell. And the 16k from the rabbit wasn't enough to justify any loss of dps from delaying a spell by half a second. Even with a ping of 50-60, I could tell it was pushing back the start of my next spell.

    The overall quality of gem downtime damage sources goes down quickly after Storm Strike. Our BP click and Nature's Guardian come next with around 100k-200k total damage each. Then you're into things that technically add dps, but won't change any significant digits. When you're looking at 10,000,000-40,000,000 dmg parses, 50k, 30k, 15k, 4k, and 1k clicks aren't going to change your numbers enough to be worth sacrificing ANYTHING else to use them. When they cost nothing, they're fine. But if I have to move to get in range or delay a spell, I'm at a net loss of dps from using them.
  12. Tarrin Augur

    As Illa said.
    There are clickies..and there are clickies.
    Just because something can be clicked, that doesn't mean it should. I have quite a few clickies myself I banked because its just not worth losing real spell casting time for 95% of them.
  13. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    If ONLY you could edit your own posts. Then I would fix this.

    But SOE seems keen on keeping the worst board system possible going even through the new incarnation of it.

    I still cannot fathom why they think it's a good idea to allow editing for 30-60 minutes and then stopping you from editing. So stupid.
  14. tinywolf1 Journeyman

    The information was fantastic and I've had a lot of success implementing it!

    For Chill of the Visionary, do you just cast it only once at the beginning of the burn - fire and forget?

    Thanks for all the help!
  15. Iila Augur

    If it's a 3min+ fight, I'll recast it when it fades, and I try to save my Bifold twincast click for that. But for short fights, I just cast it once, then the spell gem can be switched to something else.

    You could repost it with edits. I refer people back to it because it's a good base, but a LOT has changed from our dps lineup almost completely changing, and group heal's recast dropping so much.
  16. tinywolf1 Journeyman

    Weird. I was testing out Chill on some trash mobs and every time after the first DoT faded, the DPS stopped. The Frost of the Visionary DoT icon was on the mob with the correct spell description but the log and the parse showed no DoT (or any other) damage during this time.
  17. Iila Augur

    Yeah, the stinger portion is treated as the mob casting that dot on itself. I don't even count that damage, it's still worth casting for the normal duration.
    I'm sure that bug will be fixed soon, just like the bug that stops split nukes from working with adps effects because the splits have a 0 mana cost. Any day now. (Never)
  18. Enkel Augur

    You'll get it next week, for sure.
  19. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    What she said! :)
    I'd like to add, you can make a hot key with /alt activate with Druid's First spire, Nature's Fury and Empowered focus of Arcanum to hit first before you start the burn, that is if mana/healing needs are taken care of and allows for it. I have it bound to a key on my keyboard and just hit that.
    Don't forget to have one of your Damage Aura's running too (Perferably the fire one) if your not grouped with an Enchanter or your grouped with a Necro and they insist on having their RB on and your grouped with them.
    You can also throw out Nature's Guardian and Spirit's of Nature with an /Alt Activate set up hot key as well for the swarm pets.
    And don't forget your Twincast AA to hit after the Twincast spell has faded.

    As far as the Black Wolf's, they are on there on single hotkey's not mixed with anything and I hit those as needed.

    I'm Hot-Swapping Spells All the time by the way. We need more spell gem slots!!!
  20. Siwin Nonesuch Elder

    Thats funny, your spell set up looks just like mine but reversed :) My heals are up top and DPS ones are on the bottom.

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