Droprates on questarmor Velius?

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  1. Siluett New Member

    How is the droprate on armorparts in say Kael on RF?
    Havent done it myself since original velius came out back in the days, not sure if it has changed over the years.
  2. Obsessed Journeyman

    Kael/SS quest drops in in ToV are pretty good and when streaky it is normally for the good of the players. (there is plenty of plate)

    Thurg droprates in Kael improve dramatically as the level of the mobs increase, the temple guards and armor of zeks drop much more frequently then the adjutants outside. BPs have dropped from the light blue mobs in arena, just very infrequently.

    Note also that KT area mobs drop Armour as well.

    Farming armour in ToV is going to be slow going on Phinny/Lockjaw, the lack of zone balancing and instances really reduces the amount of available mobs on the south side of the zone. I doubt people would be silly enough to waste ToV expeditions to clear armour dropping mobs when the zones difficulty has been greatly reduced. (Though the resist change has improved playability, you no longer resist everything at 500 MR/CR/FR/DR)
  3. Tieyla Elder

    No Velious armor is dropping on Lockjaw, devs please fix asap. Thanks.
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