Dreamweaver, your silence is deafening about Aradune.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Fabieli, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Dyzalot Augur

    Well there was a tweet yesterday addressing the George Floyd incident...
  2. toasty4800 Journeyman

    Play on Rizlona.
  3. Dyzalot Augur

    No thanks. I'm already lvl 34 as a rogue which I find to be an accomplishment with how bad this launch is. Also when I have been able to play, its been great so far. Good groups and very little drama. All the drama for Aradune is contained to the forums for now.
  4. Crazzie Lorekeeper

    Buddy of mine, sent me a msg about the 2 packages of 35 dollar bags he bought for 2 characters. He can not log in without a Queue. I have to agree with him, its disgusting what is going on. You spend money ahead of time to prepare for launch.
  5. Fewmaster New Member

    If any of you want a fabulous read....Go to the Better Business Bureau, type in Daybreak Game Company, location - San Diego, CA. They have a solid F rating with many a post about their disasters.
  6. Healiez Augur

    That was an entertaining read, I loved all the people who got banned for "doing nothing wrong"...

    Personal favorite was the wife who said her husband hadnt gotten out of bed for days because his 6 accounts got banned and he said he did nothing wrong.

    Good stuff.
  7. Febb Augur

    I've logged in almost every night (skipped a night) into Aradune during primetime. All I had to do was get in the queue. I think the longest I've had to wait was 2 hours. I'm not sure what people are doing where they say they haven't been able to play yet.
  8. Derd Augur

    Pssst... a full server is exactly the opposite of a failure. Ive not even tried hard and played a couple times on this server, but i don't like tlps and i just goof off a bit. Both my sons made characters there and are mid 20 to 30.
  9. Thygrym Elder

    I know exactly what it is... but I keep seeing people say that number is accurate. It is not, not even close, at least at primetime.
  10. Goburs Augur

    It'd sure be funny if he avoided this post all-together, and sat back and watched everyone get all up in arms with eachother.
  11. That0neguy Augur

    I can't wait till DW trolls everyone and starts posting updates daily that say "not today" or something else just like he did with the thread about launch info for the new servers.
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  12. nestharus Journeyman

    Honestly, even if you do get in, it's all boxing and statics with guilds anyways. There aren't PUGs. If you're not part of any community you'll be on your own so you'll be soloing 1-50 regardless of your class : /.
  13. Dyzalot Augur

    I'm level 35 as an unguilded rogue solely from pugs. No idea what you are talking about.
  14. Scipio5 Journeyman

    It's sad that such a large, paying population are going to stop playing not because they are satisfied, but because they are discouraged from a bad experience. :(
  15. HoodenShuklak Augur

    I agree.

    Passionate fan base meet ivory tower.
  16. Moforyguy Journeyman

    What confuses me is that they said one of the reasons they didn't want to launch server in March is cuz people needed to take time off work to get ready. Get ready for queue times? Who wants to pay a service where if you manage to somehow get on with your 3 friends and now your killing mobs then one of them crashes. Well there goes our night. This has been the worst launch I can remember. I got friends who trying to catch up in level and can't cuz this login queue crap. I have been hearing if you petition about crashing sometimes you are awarded game time? The squeaky wheel shouldn't be the only one that gets grease man!
  17. Fabieli New Member


    It's amazing how many people here are such fanboys of poor customer service, that their first inclination is to bend over backwards to defend a company with an F at the BBB, and who has nearly 0 interaction with their customers the moment one topic becomes the hot topic on their forums about their game not letting paid customers in, unless they wait 2 hours.

    I'm sure you'd be ok if you went to start your car and roll out of your driveway, get on your freeway on-ramp, and have the light at the end before you get on stop you for two hours before it let's you on. I wonder how long you would last, or would you just find a way to defend the government for inaction?

    It just surprises me how many of you still defend silence. One of you even wrote "they're quite active in discord", but what they talk about is useless banter. Or when someone else wrote that they're active on Twitter, even though they haven't addressed Aradune (the current problem server) for nearly a week, and their latest tweet was about George Floyd in a fantasy video game. Well, thank God they wrote about George Floyd. Exactly what I wanted to hear from a video game company.

    The point is, a few of you are so hell bent on defending DBG, that it's nearly laughable. Yes, you got to play, but I'm sorry, if I'm paying to play a game, I should be able to play on the server I want. I came for Aradune, and so did many of my friends. Some of you tell people "Rizlona has no queue, you should play there". There's a specific reason people chose Aradune. It's like my example above with the light on your freeway on-ramp, and you're saying "you need to go South, but I hear the North ramp is empty. You should go North and stop complaining". Whaaaa!? Really!? I should go the opposite direction? (Level up a character on a server I don't want to be on?) Are you trolling or are you actually serious when you say that??

    Anyway. Some of you say "if you think they suck, then stop paying them and leave".

    Fyi, I'm nearly there. I'm not going to continue to wait through 2 hour queue times (even if they do start to get better from people like me eventually leaving), and giving a company my money when they were mostly silent when problems arose, is leaving a really bad taste in my mouth.
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  18. KimchiGoddess Augur

    That's the problem, they all pretty much ignore the forums now that there's a discord. I'm in it, but it's too spammy to even want to keep up with. At least here I can click on threads that sound interesting and take my time reading them while I'm alt tabbed out ;p
  19. Waring_McMarrin Augur

    How many posts were made saying they need to launch the servers early because more people were sitting at home wanting to play on them? Now that the server is launched and there is long wait times to play because more people are playing on it as predicted people are complaining?

    Need to remember that there are more people stuck at home with the current pandemic than under previous TLP server launches.
  20. MaestroM Augur

    Do you also complain when people text you instead of leaving a message on your answering machine?

    Updates that contain news go on the forum. If there is no news (as there has been on Aradune), DW says so on Discord.

    You don't want updates. You want a lower queue time. You can't have lower queue times (currently), so you're bullying a CS rep who cannot help you and doesn't have the information you want.

    You should get used to disappointment. Its only June. There's a lot of 2020 left.

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