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  1. Iolus New Member

    Anyone have experience working on positive faction with Dream Delvers? I've completed 9 of the painting lizard quests which are supposed to raise faction with them but... I started out apprehensive and I'm still apprehensive, I've tried using my cha buff as well but no luck.

    I'm trying to get my 89 spell rank II set for my chanter, any suggestions would be appreciated.
  2. Brohg Augur

    Anyone? Literally everyone.

    You've gained 45 faction from doing that quest 9 times. To get to Indifferent, you'll have to move up a couple hundred more. Branch out do other tasks also, every single one in the HoT expansions adds some, or do missions, every HoT expansion mission adds like 4 tasks' worth.
  3. Iolus New Member

    okay, thanks. Wasn't sure if it was normal. I've read of others not having to do any faction quest at all for indifferent.
  4. Borek-VS Augur

    I think you get enough faction if you just do the Mercenary and Partisan quests for Feerrott and House of Thule.
  5. Dre. Altoholic

    Not that they're required, but after doing the 'Dangerous to go alone' and 'Storming the castle' achievement series, I've never had issues trading in frags for alt spells
  6. Crystilla Augur

    The way the faction worked in HoT was something like this.

    • Mercenary tasks gave a very small amount of faction boost.
    • Partisan tasks gave a greater amount of faction boost.
    • Group missions gave the most amount of faction boost.
    So for example, 10 mercenary tasks might have equaled 5 partisan tasks which might have equaled 1 group mission for faction. (I don't have the actual numbers in front of me but it was something like that.) Greater the mission/task type, greater the reward.
  7. rune00 Augur

    Dream delver faction is the most re-tarded faction of them all if you are doing it just to get the spells...
    I always tell people to just skip it and level instead and you will be able to do cantrips in shorter time than the time wasted building faction with these guys...
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  8. Quatr Augur

    It is my understanding that you need about 100 faction point to get to indifferent. That's roughly how many it took my last character.

    If all you want is faction, the "snakes and dogs" quest in HOT is perfect. There is no timer, the mobs do not run and you can kill non-stop.
  9. Endless Augur

    What Quatr said and also all the quest from Researcher Breoro' just inside the building. All the quest items can be pre-looted. I just went through the house and looted a ton of all the quest items for all the quest Researcher Breoro' gives. Only problem is there is a lock out, so you'll only be able to do turn in every 6 hours or whatever it was. I just did a turn in for each quest when I logged on and then went about my business.

    It took one (maybe two.....) clearing and looting of the whole house to have enough turn-in quest items to get me all the faction I needed...think I hit ally. Although it took a few days to actually be able to turn all the items in.
  10. Crystilla Augur

    One note on the lockout; it's based on getting the quest (not completing the quest) unless they changed it. So you could (for example) grab the quest today, then run around and get all the prelootables for 2 turn ins. Then right at the 6 hour mark, get the quest and turn in, then immediately get the quest again and do a 2nd round of turn ins.
  11. Melodya Journeyman

    What i did was to do the quests inside the House of Thule.

    First all the Killquests from Ruppoc (rotdogs, bone golems etc) and "Find my Brudders" from Groot the Ogre,

    Then i talked to Researcher Breoro inside and did all his Potion Quests (Beast of Rot, Beast of Unknown etc), which unlocked the instanced Mission "Welcome to my Nightmare".

    Then i did that instanced mission and got the achievement.

    After that i think i was indifferent. :)

    Good luck!
  12. Fanra https://everquest.fanra.info

  13. Iolus New Member

    So I've still been working on my dream delvers faction and I'm amiable, been doing the fall of the Tae Ew given by Rupker for nearly two weeks every chance I get.

    But oddly now I am only given the 86 spell rank II turn in quest which I've completed for all my 86 rank II spells.

    Is the spell turn in quest broken, any one else having this problem? according to the link above (thanks) I should be able to turn in for all my rank II spells through 90 with the amiable con I have with Kaelynn the spell quest giver.

    When I was apprehensive I think I was given the two levels of spell turn in options and now only for 86 spells. Any idea what I should do? I'm trying to get my 89 & 90 spells and this is really becoming annoying.
  14. Iolus New Member

    I should mention I'm a level 90 enchanter now.
  15. Uuvin Augur

    Brought a level 85 never been in zone before heroic toon there. was able to get task for level 86 , 87, 88 (minor lesser median) dream frags at apprehensive. I then brought in my level 105, already done ally wizard to see what I could figure out for you. even when Invis ( she sees invis) I could not work out a way a simple hail and saying [ spell ] would not get me all 5 spell hand in tasks. I cannot actually agro them or damage them, so you didn't lose faction. You are an enchanter, so SOS as a rogue isn't an option. Do you use that mage summoned cloak for invis? I was told that is sos-like. I do not see any other NPC's nearby for you to mistarget and misread what task you are being given. I went to Spensur in Gardens and he gives me all 5 spell tasks as well.

    I cannot figure out what is going on with your toon. Did you somehow squeeze the quest window so closed you cant see the other tasks? Even if I have the glowing task, she still offers me the glowing task ( I just cant get it again). so its not like you have the tasks already in the queue and forgot.
  16. Iolus New Member

    I ran back to check with my enchanter to hoping to see the quest window wasn't opened enough as you suggested but that wasn't the problem. I decided to run my shaman over and see what spell turn in he could get, the 86,87 and 88 spells with an apprehensive con were available.

    I'm at a loss. according to everything I've read my 89 & 90 spells should be given with an amiable con.
  17. Crystilla Augur

    How high on amiable are you? There might be "high" amiable needed.
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  18. Brohg Augur

    In ages past, I had a friend who had this problem on her computer. She had to log on the same character on another computer to get the tasks np. Try deleting the Feerrott files from your computer so that the patcher replaces them