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  1. Draego Augur

    While this is technically NOT a BUG, it definitely is an issue needing to be addressed and fixed. By fixing and addressing this issue it will benefit both the Progression and Live Servers.

    In the Drakkin breath quest there are several "bottle neck points" for completing the quest. Even of these the last 3 are more of a you just have to Endure the Spawnings, these being the 65, 70 and 75 quest mobs. However there are TWO SEVERE "bottle neck creatures" at the 45 and 55 level.

    Level 45: Refugiu in Goru'kar Mesa - 1 Spawn/PlaceHolder on a 72 minute respawn with less than a 10% chance of spawning.
    • This mob needs to either be made to spawn "all the time" or have more placeholders in the same general location added.
    • On one of my 20 some odd Drakkin (some conversions from their original race through Transmogrification Scrolls) it literally took me 2 weeks 3 days 19 hours 47 minutes and 12 seconds of non stop camping (auto loot filter set for when I was napping/sleeping), in order to obtain his "Branch of Refugiu " for just one character.
    Level 55: Ionella in Goru'kar Mesa - 1 Spawn/PlaceHolder on a 72 minute respawn with closer to a 5% chance of spawning.
    • This mob also needs to either be made to spawn "all the time" or have more placeholders in the same general location added.
    • While it did not take nearly as long the longest I have had to camp this mob for a single "Ionella's Wing" was 6 days 12 hours 57 minutes and 37 seconds.
    In comparisson to the 65, 70 and 75 mobs:
    Level 65: Seravok of the Plague Wind in Sunderock Springs has 5 known placeholders on a 15-20 minute respawn timer, with around a 24% chance of spawning.
    Level 70: Velosk in Vergalid Mines - 4 known placeholders on a 15-20 minute respawn with an approximate 17% chance of spawning.
    Level 75: Royal Guard Captain, Kellet in Valdeholm 4 (that I personally know of) placeholders on a 20-25 respawn timer, with around a 13% chance of spawning - OK this guy I can understand a low spawn rate on because HE IS the FINAL Quest Mob.

    As an "Independent" Game and Sim Programmer/Developer having Graduated Suma Laude Status - I am hoping the Dev's will take what I have said into consideration. This is an older issue that is sorely in need of attention. After 15 years (since the launch of the Serpent Spine Expansion) EQ now has Instance Mobs for Epic 1.0 items, massively reduced spawn timers on many "Old School" Raid Mobs.

    So isn't about time to fix this broken quest by simply adding a few more place holders, raising the spawn chance or making Refugiu and Ionella just like Nestor in Goru'kar Mesa which has a 100% spawn chance and respawns every 15 minutes?

    With Respect,
    Draego "Fyrecaster"
    Summa C-um Laude Graduate - University of Utah 2012, Masters Degree Computer Science, Game/Simulation Programming and Development
    C-um Laude Graduate - Devry University 2010, Bachelors Degree Computer Science, Game/Simulation Programming and Development
    (Please forgive the spacing in order to get the correct wording in for my credentials)

    I would also ask the Dev's to consider the Argument made in the following thread I started years ago:
    19-Sep-06 SSE Release Date (almost 15 Years)
    A little over 210 years

    With Constant exposure to ALL the Races and Classes of Norrath, and being the Default Starting City on Live Servers - I renew my argument that Drakkin Should have Access to every Class Combination now as they have been constantly exposed to all the Training techniques, in the Master Hall.

    Plus, I would most definitely pay to convert my renaming toons by use of Transmogrification Scrolls and Renaming Scrolls - which is a Win/Win for DBG on the Market Place for extra revenue.
    (Edit fixed misspellings)
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  2. Dythan Ban Lev in Plane of Fire guy


    Closed, locked, doomed to obscurity.
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  3. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    This guy is looking for a ban for unattended game play.
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  4. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

  5. Draego Augur

    And yet I have never been banned for unattended game play, why??

    Oh let me see, I may have forgot to mention that the specific toon that it took forever on was POST MERCS, POST ADV LOOTING, and I play with AUDIO TRIGGERS ON ALWAYS for mobs I am hunting.

    Oh yeah and the biggest and best benefit is that I don't have to worry about leaving my system unattended or going into work, because, I work from home due to disability.

    So unless you KNOW ALL the FACTS, kindly take your FAILED trolling elsewhere!!!
    You wanted agro, you nuked, you got agro!!!
    I won't be your enemy, simply because you are just too far beneath my ability to be concerned or care about.

    So you can take the advice given by Captain Video.
    Thanks for the link Skuz, I really like using stuff that people who "LIKE" to try to Blow Up a posting against the person they supported.

    Also, Yinla, no worries as I have already made sure to add you to Ignore.

    Ahh peace and quiet!!!
  6. Jumbur Improved Familiar

    I haven't tried that quest, but I agree that excessive timesinks is a low-point of the game, and that the longest ones should be reduced somewhat.
    Im fine with really long questlines, but the quest-length should be proportional to the content of the quest, and not because of timesinks.

    That is just just my general opinion. :)

    There is a tipping point where "patience-tests" stops being entertaining.
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  7. Captain Video Augur

    I don't know how my name go dragged into this, but since you asked...

    Drakkin Breath hasn't been updated since it was introduced in TSS, so it remains capped at level 75, and as such is worthless in the modern game. The whole thing is a novelty quest you can work on if you're playing a Drakkin toon and taking your time to level, such as by working through the Hero's Journey questline; all of the things you need for the Drakkin Breath quest are found along the way as you do the Journey. In that context, a few PH's with hour-long respawn timers is not that big a deal. You check the one you're working on whenever you login in or out, if the PH is up then you kill it and come back later. It's not worth camping.

    You're wasting dev time by posting this nonsense in the Bug Reports forum. There are no bugs here.
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  8. Draego Augur

    Sorry Captain Video, simply to explain how you got drug into this discussion, it was because of Skuz's posting quoting you. To which I in turn used the extended quote, to make my point to someone who tried to intentionally flame the subject for no reason other than to cause unnecessary drama.

    However I will disagree on the breath quest being worthless or a waste of Dev time for the following reasons; it is highly dependent upon the Class and Color of the Drakkin - for example:

    A Black Drakkin SK can utilize their Breath Attack just prior to using Any of their 3 Touch abilities and weaken a Mob's resistance to those specific attacks.

    Gold Drakkin Wizards, Enchanters, or Bards can utilize the Polychromatic breath of the Gold to weaken ALL the resistances, making it easier to Nuke, Land Mezzes etc..

    So while I respect that people, like you, have the right to think the quest serves no purpose, other than as a novelty questline; to players like myself who think strategy for their Class/Race combinations, there are distinct advantages.

    Some specific examples, thanks to the Dev explaining how to make it possible:
    1. A Red Drakkin Druid can specialize in FIRE based attacks
    2. Whereas, a White Drakkin Druid can specialize in ICE based attacks.
    3. A Green Drakkin Necro can specialize in POISON based attacks.
    Now before ANYONE claims that I have cheated or done something not possible, I filed a petition against my own self and reported everything. I explained in great detail, which Dev explained how to make these unusual and unique Color/Class options possible and where the knowledge had been granted; because of my open honesty, I was allowed to keep the characters. I pointed that it was basically a UI situation, which the Dev explained meticulously and so it was ruled in my favor. I will not share the exact knowledge of how it is done; however, I will simply say anyone wanting to do this only needs to research; because the answer is posted on a Daybreak site by the Dev who answered a ticket.

    While these may not be standard Drakkin Class/Color combinations because the Dev explained how to create them, and because they are capable of not only obtaining the Breath Quest via Correct Phrase trigger, they are able to obtain the correct breath attacks for their unique Color/Class combination, therefore, they are capable of existing.

    Most importantly IF the Devs have the time to Shorten the spawn timers "Old School Raid Mobs" from 3 - 5 days down to once every 24 hours; or create Mobs that allow you to Instance Zone Raid "Old School Raid Mobs" then surely adjusting 3 or 4 timers or adding additional PHer's is a very simple task!

    What I see as a total WASTE of Dev Time is all these unnecessary revamps of old expansions - give us something NEW like when they created TSS, SoF, HoT, VoA, anything before content started being regurgitated more powerful versions of previous expansions. But that's just my two cents on that issue. Or truly FIX the known issues in existing quests, finish out old quests that are still unable to be completed etc., these are the things I see as being useful purposes of a Dev's time!
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