DPS Racing VS Camping Courtesy - Which is it?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Blason, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Pawtato Augur

  2. Kiaro Augur

    Its actually more like when that short guy at the store was waiting for a store clerk to come and help him reach the last container of Clorox wipes off of the top shelf when I ran by grabbed it slammed it into my cart and did the touchdown dance with my Mithril Vambraces cleaning supplies in hand. Then waiting in the parking lot offering to sell it to him for 5 krono $50.00.
  3. Leifer Augur

    You could probably grab the last container of wipes with one hand, as you sprint by, and use your other hand to give the short guy an atomic wedgie humiliating shout out in the zone to "l2play and get gud"

    The short guy slouches his shoulders, stares at the ground and in a hair-lipped, Elmer Fud voice sighs, "ahh, not again."
  4. Mercanyin Elder

    Here is an example that goes with this RPG element.

    I am an erudite necromancer. I have in my group a troll shaman, ogre warrior, dark elf enchanter, dark elf wizard and a dark elf magician.

    We are an Evil based group. We come across a group of dwarves and high elves. We attack their mobs and force them from "their" camp area.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    Tbh this kind of roleplay would be hilarious. It's too bad DPG would start blindly banning anyone trying to add emergent character to their game.
  6. Mercanyin Elder

    Alright, who is on Aradumb. Lets get train on teh tracks.
  7. Laronk Augur

    The best thing to do is to try to work it out with the other players as you've tried.

    Sometimes you just have to dps race and understand that other people are just going to default to DPS race sometimes.
  8. Mercanyin Elder

    I was in Royals the other night. Pick 49 or whatever it was. I had a ranger and a druid with me. I am a cleric.

    A monk comes from another pick to check on Targin. I ask if he wants to join. He says yes and joins. We clear the spawn, 6 or 7 times and then all the sudden mid fight. "Loading Please Wait"

    He pickzoned us over because Targin had spawned in a pick he had his cleric sitting in waiting for.

    So I'm like ok cool. We start fighting. We fight and kill the mob. During all of this commotion he had left the group mid fight. So we ended up getting the xp and the kill and of course the Code of Zan Fi.

    Before I had even realized what all had happened I had 5 or 6 messages from him in my tell window calling me all the bad words in the book and that I am a kill stealer.

    Even after all of this I still invited him back into my group and gave him the code of zan fi. People need to just relax and explain what plans they have before they explode.
  9. Thalliius Augur

    ok sociopath
  10. Mercanyin Elder

  11. Arog Augur

    That is hilarious
  12. Maze Elder


    If you has nice mob and I want nice mob, see my ebolts.

    Thanks for elf Sim 20yr old loots.

    Get bent child.
  13. Captain Video Augur


    Two EQ players walk into a redneck bar. Big fight breaks out. Cops show up and ask the two crumpled masses on the floor what happened. One of them lifts up his head and says, "We were DPS racing for that pitcher of beer."
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  14. Iyacc Augur

    You DPS race another family at Chili's? What do you do, walk up and push the kids out of their chairs and start eating their fries?

    Or you just walk up to the front of the line and skip everyone who has been waiting when you get somewhere?

    Come on man.
  15. Accipiter Augur

    I know, right? I skip every post that starts with "It's like..."
  16. Loze Elder

    It's like Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

    Do you even Shaka when the walls fell bro?
  17. Kittany Augur

    All of these analogies and they all fall short.

    Here is the best analogy:
    You and your guild are mobilized, ready and about to engage in an open world raid boss. During this time there is a few odd people in the zone. You and your guild engage the raid mob, and the health bar is steadily going down. People are pacing their mana for this long fight.

    About 80%, there is a sudden influx of players in the zone. Whether they logged in or zoned in, within a very short time, another raid force is engaged with the raid target. They use every burn tactic available(And some only found inside of well programmed responses). Shadowknight brigades HT, Mage armies (Back before MotM) bringing an unending supply of pets, monk squads etc. Whatever it took.

    When all is said and over with, the invading guild gets the kill while tossing out vehement "Git gud" style of insults leaving the original demoralized and hurt.

    This is but one of many examples of those who seek to bully and prop themselves up on the misfortune of others under the guise of the "DPS race". It is not a competition to them, it is simply keeping 'everybody' else in line.
  18. yerm Augur

    I remember playing on fippy and the camping pnp rules got applied to a raid mob. So a guild immediately planted a force on the literally-just-died raid mob and kept it there 24/7 for 3 straight days until it respawned, at which point they held the camp and got it uncontested. Do you have any idea just how absolutely ridiculous and awful a 3 day long constant poopsock is? I'm guessing no, you don't, you didn't do top end competitive raid content in original, fresh starts (eg stromm), or the earliest 2 sets of tlps, where camps and fnf type rules were enforced.

    These forums are just chock full of folks who romanticize the good ol days of early eq and server communities and kindness without realizing why that was the case. The old pnp resulted in most servers having ONE top guild that ran a near complete monopoly on the best camps and later best raids, would lock all others out of places like VT and then Elementals/time, and these loving and polite server's >90% of casual nonraiding players didn't now or care - but on tlps they want all this content and suddenly it matters.

    Ask yourself seriously - do you think a guild like that's eq baby would EVER let up on a camp like efreeti if the old camp rules were in place and they could just rotate friends there 24/7? Do you think these people, many of them experienced sockers from past tlps, wouldn't leave a sufficient force to constitute fnf on open world raid mobs if FNF was back in as the rule?

    Things like dps racing feel awful compared to some utopian ideal or nostalgic (ignorant) memory of the past, but it is SO much better than the garbage from past tlps.
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  19. Febb Augur

    I prefer camping because it's just nice to get outside away from the house from time to time.
  20. Kittany Augur

    I unfortunately don't have a proposed solution and my romanticized version of the past is filled with a PvP background with it's own honor code.

    But the entire idea of a DPS race just irks me to the entire core and (Just my opinion of course) it leaves a whole lot of room for abuse.

    My own experience with the "DPS race" stems from ragefire during it's early days and it felt like an arms war. Every raid felt like a PvP battle without the actual ability to kill other players directly and when you had the bigger guilds come in, the smaller guilds simply couldn't compete with what seemed like sheer determination to reduce the guild scene to as few as possible while simultaneously driving people off the server.

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