DPS Racing VS Camping Courtesy - Which is it?

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  1. Weebles101 Journeyman

    The problem is that not everyone has this approach. This is like me showing up to the bball court to shoot around and get exercise and someone coming up and "Mutombo-ing" my ball across the court and saying "GET BODIED." Like yeah... you got me.

    The resource contention is only interesting if everyone approaches the game that way, which they clearly don’t. If that were the case, People would never roll paladins, bards, etc. This game is not designed around that mentality.
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  2. Weebles101 Journeyman

    It’s way less about “how well you are playing” and way more about numbers and group/raid composition. Bringing a group of mages to ks effeeti is not a skill game, lol.
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  3. code-zero Augur

    Whatever, I had an acquaintance who ran a 6 wizard murder squad that he used to farm valuable drops to sell on eBay. Had a cafeteria table with 6 computers all set up and a KVM switches to control them all. He was using his university internet connection and it was fast.

    So yeah, I'm aware of what you're talking about. My point was that quite possibly the entire MMO gaming scene may have been much different had Brad & Co not tried to enforce any sort of "play nice policy". What they got for their troubles was a lot of grief with the biggest EQ guilds jumping ship on them when WoW came out
  4. yerm Augur

    That mentality mostly only comes out at the prime loot camps and open world raid mobs. If you go for stuff like efreeti and fire giant named, sure, people may give you a rough time. If you're killing isle goblins or permafrost bears you're unlikely to see much grief. Even leveling you may face this if you go to unrest or sola, the highest ZEM spots. Basically Lebron is dunking on people who try to ball at a stadium sometimes but doesn't touch the hoop in your driveway. This becomes a problem when you want to play recreationally and not be competitive but you also want to go places where the competitive xp and loot are.

    The alternative to dps racing and "grief" is lists and camps. Which often meant in game queues (p99 had days-long lines for camps) or outright monopolies (foh on combine would rotate guildmates and hold a camp 24/7 for example). I'm someone who generally doesn't push too hard for these, doesn't train, doesn't like to box, and can play a ton - yet I still STRONGLY prefer the current dps race meta which totally flies against all my advantages. Camps were awful. Even if the motivation was just to cut down on CS work I still consider removing camp enforcement one of the better changes that Sony made to the game policy.
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  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Great point.

    Camps and lines on TLP would be far, far more toxic than a DPS race. In a DPS race you have a shot at all times. Numbers almost always trump all, so if you get enough people you can push out a toxic player. But now imagine a toxic single player or two locking something down for weeks and you have no recourse?

    Fortunately, p99 did this recently with lists and the proof was right there to see.... the system was both cheated through account sharing, and also very unenjoyable gameplay with players literally waiting days for camps.

    DPS race can suck sometimes but the advice to avoid high RMT camps is typically a great way to avoid the drama. Otherwise, I'm not sure any alternatives are better than dps race right now.
  6. Ronluwen Elder

    I would hope that you are saying the guy who wished aids and death is what's wrong with this game lol. People and their backwards thinking.
  7. Bard2019 Elder

    Modern day EQ has no such thing as camps. In fact, in most games "camping" in one spot is an absolutely hated practice. You can pretend and try to follow some outdated etiquette, but official policy is that there's no such thing as recognized camps and DPS is all that matters. So when someone does show up at your camp and your polite attempts to dissuade them don't work, don't be upset at the other player because they're not actually doing anything wrong other than having a different opinion than you about what's acceptable. Fortunately on the TLPs you will find a lot of us that have been around since beta, who don't take the game as seriously as people that never quite made it to end-game. We've done everything there is to do, hundreds of times and we really don't care if we get things like our 150th Dark Elf masks the first week of the server or the 12th week of the server. So it's not all bad out there. It's mostly just the "hard core casuals" that play every TLP and burn out before Velious that are the most aggressively trying to attain 20+ year old items as if they matter.
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  8. Weebles101 Journeyman

    The problem with the above mentality is that it rewards things that are not at all skill based - zerging, class selection, boxing, etc. As it stands, someone with more time and more desire to push people out of camps (sometimes violating rules to circumvent truebox, etc) can do as they please, simply because they selected magician instead of paladin, and there is nothing the paladin can do (all other things being equal) except not play a paladin.

    I do agree that lists are pretty terrible and prone to manipulation. Thankfully pickzones mitigate the bottlenecks in most cases.
  9. Accipiter Old Timer

    No, I meant you.

    I won't condone the other player's choice of words (assuming it happened the way you say), but your dotting mobs he was actively kiting is a deck move.
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  10. Accipiter Old Timer

    I'd be willing to bet both of you are in the "top guild".
  11. Bard2019 Elder

    I've been in and I've lead, several top guilds. From as far back as launch, on through the "Play Nice Policy" years and into the "dark"(paw) ages of EQ. You can certainly have your own opinion about the right way to play EverQuest, but the only truly correct way is to follow the rules set by the developers and those presently only recognize DPS, not camps.
  12. Accipiter Old Timer

    What a load of crap. People like you hide behind "the rules set" to justify your bad social behavior. You do you, though.
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  13. Ronluwen Elder

    Thank jebus the morality police doesn't condone our behavior. Mine for killing mobs that I have equal right to. And him for hoping i get aids.

    Without your moral guidance I would certainly end up in EQ hell.
  14. Ronluwen Elder

    That's a ridiculous assumption.
  15. yerm Augur

    Who decides what is and is not good social behavior? You? Me?

    I consider having a bunch of unemployed, euros, and then east coasters fill up all the camp spots and the west coast and/or late night people can get Fd until they go to bed to be bad social behavior. I consider having a group of people cycling their friends and guildmates through and keeping a monopoly on a good location so nobody else can enjoy it to be awful social behavior. In fact I'm a real jerk and actually think that people who roll weak classes and then expect equality of outcome anyway are showing some seriously wretched social behavior.
  16. Sethisto Journeyman

    I like to roll with guk rules.

    I'd never steal someone's named unless it has been sitting there for a long time. Case in point there was a reanimated hand earlier that sat for 20 minutes, so I went and dragged it back to exe.

    Trash is fair game though. If my group is out of trash and your group is leaving trash up, I'm pulling your trash. The zone is limited to how much EXP it can give out per hour based on mob spawn times and I want to maximize that. Pull faster. Even bad groups can DPS down most camps and loads of stuff around them in just about any zone in classic.
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  17. Loze Elder

    So, lets say I'm eating a sammich and you walk by and think you can eat my sammich faster than me. You decide that it is now your sammich, and you try to take it from me.

    I'm real hungry, and now some clown has tried to steal my sammich, for no other reason than because he wants it.

    Now, aforementioned clown is laying in a pile of his Chiclets, and I have his sammich too. Shoulda minded your own business.

    Real life is a DPS race ROFL...
  18. Loze Elder

  19. Tucoh Augur

    This happens with some regularity with me and my wife. If she's dragging on eating some food it becomes fair game at some point. I know that wasn't the interpretation of your post, but you misinterpreted the post you quoted too, so also fair game!
  20. Loze Elder

    I'm sure your wife has devious methods for revenge!

    It was a humorous (to me anyway) depiction of what I imagine a "real life DPS race" would look like.

    I would hope he was referring to business and not stealing my sammich, because I frown upon such activities. I'm a large man. Don't steal food from large men. It's dangerous, you could lose a finger lol