DPS Racing VS Camping Courtesy - Which is it?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Blason, Jun 20, 2020.

  1. Mr Blue Sky Lorekeeper

    Heh a weak minded player is one who believes camps exist?? o_O

    For me the weak minded player or group/guild is the one who uses force to KS a named or take an already broken camp. It's a bit like those cowards who gang up and sucker punch in a 1v1 fight.
    Lacking in moral fibre, and you can even spot it in a 20 year old video game.
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  2. Skuz Augur

    DPS Racing VS Camping Courtesy - Which is it?
    Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Blason, Today at 10:59 AM.

    Well, it all depends on what the community on any individual server collectively decide to use.
    Camps were a "player convention" from the get go, they were never part of the expected conduct of players.
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  3. Redgnome1 Lorekeeper

    ive had several exp groups in MM Castle and when names spawn druids from Toxic Few seem to appear and ks it even if we are fighting it

    The named mobs are crappy and drop mostly garbagio minus dhampie but still, really trashy
  4. Komodon Lorekeeper

    Was this actually serious? If so I'm guessing the whole "I'm in the top guild!" thing must be new to you this go round, and/or that you must rank pretty low on the combat the que zergling importance chain at that if you honestly don't see the silliness aspect in flexing nonsense like this on what's pretty much the least flex worthy server in EQ history up to this point given the surrounding train wreck going in to it.

    That said, most of the EQ Baby crew out there getting their pixels have seemed pretty chill and haven't come across all kiddy ego like that. I mean obviously there is always a 2 different perspectives and time to race for some super high priority stuff, but for the most part the majority I've seen seem to respect most camps I've been at.
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  5. wade_watts Augur

    Lol at this. Every time I've had a tryhard from 'Thats EQ Baby' or 'Toxic Few' come and try to take a camp, they lost in a surprisingly sad and pathetic way. If you're gonna try to come in and race someone for their camp - at least win. Having 1000 members and zerging raid targets != quality.
  6. Gremin Augur

    In my mind, Kharma is a ...
  7. Xeris Augur

    There is no hard and fast rule... It's up individuals to determine how they wanna play.

    If I see 1-2 characters at a named camp only, I don't feel bad taking their mobs. If it's a group of normal players leveling, I won't take their mobs, unless as other poster said, the group is leaving mobs up for an extended period.

    The only zone that I just pull anything I can find is in the hole, because there's so many mobs and most of the camps are close to each other.
  8. Duality Augur

    Just curious, but are it's EQ babe players mostly from amtrak? Asking because I know they ruined the integrity of the Rusty Newb weapon line of guilds.
  9. kizant Augur

    From what I've seen. If you kill a named someone else spawned and your DPS is impressive enough you usually receive praise admiration from everyone around you.
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  10. Hadesborne Augur

    The guildeline I follow is: If the named/mob is outdoor and roams? It isn't "campable" and is free game. If it is outside and the mob doesn't roam, then i respect the camp. If it's inside, I generally respect the camps that spring up. Now, that doesn't mean that I expect other to follow this rule. If they step up to me while I am camping something, I am going to DPS race them, WIN, and then talk trash to them afterward.
  11. Blason New Member

    I just wanted to reply and say that I've been reading the replies; it seems like most people who have responded have a similar mindset to myself. Thank you everyone for your thoughts on this!
  12. Gio1999 Elder

    Essentially if you're not willing to fight for a camp, you'll have it taken from you.
  13. HicksAradune Augur

    What is a rusty new weapon line of guilds? never heard of it.
  14. Accipiter Augur

    Not even close. If you approach life the way you approach EQ, you are in for a lot of disappointment.
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  15. Accipiter Augur

    Pathetic. You are what is wrong with this game.
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  16. Tucoh Augur

    I respect people's camps because I'm just here to have fun with people and not looking to ruin people's fun, but I do enjoy that people accept spawn/named competition as part of the game and not the end of the world.

    Live is pretty nasty about adhering to camps and some people act like rabid dogs when you get close to their camp.
  17. Cydonia Elder

    And probably more than a few beat downs.
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  18. Weebles101 Journeyman

    If your self worth is obtained from accumulating pixels, and you dedicate a lot of resources toward winning dps races, then you will use DBG’s hands off approach as justification for doing whatever you want.

    The rest of us will respect camps because we acknowledge that there is a human behind the keyboard, and it is the respectful thing to do.

    If there was no one at Best Buy to keep you from jumping to the front of the line, that doesn’t make it ok to do so. It’s basic human decency.
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  19. Tucoh Augur

    I'm not a kill stealer, but I think this line of thought misses the point of resource contention.

    It's not that spawn competition lets people cheat at a game, it's that for many people it IS the game. In other words, win or lose, the highlight of many people's evening is when they compete for spawns.
  20. code-zero Augur

    I have frequently wondered how much differently the game would have grown had Studio 99/Verant had kept true to the game mechanics and told everyone that it was a DPS race and then enforced the anti-training rules. DPS racing is more of a true form of PvP than actual PvP because it's dictated by how well you're playing the game.

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