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  1. Hatsee Augur

    We're fine, last time numbers came up though I recall some guilds saying they had 20 or so. Kind of ridiculous.
  2. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Those seem to be some of the best and easiest fixes.
    SOE themselves might well want to limit the 19 delay weapons to Raid only gear. In a raid the Ranger's role is mostly all about DPS. Our "utility" comes more into play in the group game. And the Dev's know this.
  3. Shang Augur

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  4. Ratbo Peep Augur

    I've had my Ranger since 99 - long before the "headshot explosion" of the Ranger population.
    It's real easy to tell a "faux-Ranger" - they put the bow on autofire most all the time and think they are doing their share of the DPS.
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  5. SaderakhBertox Augur

    I picture them just busy eating a biscuit or something and hoping they finish soon.
  6. Ruven_BB Augur

    There were clueless rangers in 99 as well.

    Recap. Give rangers 19 delay weapons, focused storm of blades upgrade, and hasten empowered blades aa's.

    And on a side note, really annoying to see my ferocious kicks resisted, can I miss instead?

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  7. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Don't forget some sort of upgrade to Auspice.
    It's one of our "selling points" on raids - and it's been getting further behind for a few expansions now.

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  8. Povarmonk Elder

    The bottom line is changes need to be made all melee and hybrid melee are suffering badly and nothing is getting done casters are blowing everyone out of the water and used to be there was some kind of balance but not anymore!
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  9. Sheex Augur

    Not sure I'd go that far but the big difference to me is fight duration, and recovery tools. Casters now have so many options available for mana that their original concept of burst and medding has been long mia, since it's not "fun" to med. With the little content we get, marathon events aren't appearing too often, either. In a raid setting positioning and rampage are tough at times, too. And melee adps and the perfect raid group seems to be rather rare in practice for most forces. And finally a lot of folks judge purely by the boss parse and not the overall event. Doing 500kdps for 60 seconds on a 60 minute raid and then poor/lazy dps for the other 59 minutes paints the wrong picture. But omg burnzorz OP!

    Melee really need to be sturdier and endurance changed a bit, the Rest band aid isn't a good solution. And I mean really...do Rangers *ever* get a proper group with good adps balance? For us the majority of the time the answer is no, and bet we're not alone in this.
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  10. Loratex Augur

  11. A-Quad Augur

  12. Kezik Lorekeeper

    Melee do fine when they pay attention, and have a little luck. Just like everyone else.
  13. sojuu Augur

    You realize the support melee need compared to a caster? Complicated by the fact majority of in game mechanics are anti melee on raids? There are some anti caster dont get me wrong but raids are more anti melee than anti caster.
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  14. Kezik Lorekeeper

    6 and 1 in the grand scheme of things. Balance is better then ever. It will never be "perfect" for anyone.
  15. Hatsee Augur


  16. Brogett Augur

    Completely agree on rest band aid. However the proper group with good adps thing is a double edged sword.

    For sure melee ADPS is too powerful. It needs dialing back a bit and some of that raw power being given back to the melee in the form of AAs. This would make melee less crippled if they don't happen to have just the right perfect combo of classes in their raid group, and also gives melee a better chance vs casters in general XP group scenarios. In a typical XP group I find it hard to break 100k for a burn. In a raid I'm peaking over 300 dps on an *optimal* burn. That's how significant that ADPS really is!

    The other problem is hinted above in this post, but also by others in this thread. Ranger's don't often get proper ADPS. Rangers don't parse too well vs melee in some events. Conclusion lots post here is Rangers need a boost. WRONG! Or at least highly misleading. If you boost rangers without adps to match the melee with ADPS (or not match, but be "in balance with" which means a shade behind realistically) then they become massively overpowered when they do get the ADPS. Clearly we need to filter out all the parses with different group setups and concentrate only on the ones that have comparable support. The issue of support being lacking or support being too strong is an orthoganol issue.

    We had this before once where a warrior (albeit briefly) in the full ADPS melee group could burn some superb numbers. Now it's gone the other way and warriors plain suck on dps.
  17. Brogett Augur

    I truely *hate* damage shields. They're insanely strong.

    The latest change to Argin Hiz imps is one example. I quite literaly died in 1sec when I engaged one the other night, because I wasn't aware the DS now works again. (It always worked if someone did a reverse damage shield on them, but wasn't active otherwise.) It's somewhere around 12k per hit.

    Yes I hit fast, even discounting the offhand, and sometimes a backstab round can do 5+ due to luck with Massive Strikes (most I saw was 11 or so I think). It's not hard to see how 1 round of attack could do 100k+ damage in DS. After rez and rebuff I tried backstab only. Sometimes a single backstab round was taking off 80k hp, so I just gave up and waited for casters to kill these instead (as did every other melee). Totally NOT FUN. This is massively massively anti-melee, and it's not unique to this event. Several group named mobs in TDS are similarly anti-melee. Yet the anti-caster stuff is few and far between and also much much slower acting so it doesn't need twitch game play to react to. Melee deserve a better deal.
  18. Shang Augur

    Melee adps is too strong?

    Have you seen what bards, druids, and enchanters do to casters?
  19. Taiqwon Augur

    Platitudes get me hot!
  20. Koryu Augur

    I'm not going to come in here and complain about Warrior DPS since the thread is about balancing true DPS classes around each other, but I at least wanted to say thanks for the "honorable mention." heh

    Even when I am tanking these imps, receiving constant heals and buffed with Thorn Wilting, I cannot melee against that DS. It melts me faster than the mob does, by a long shot. I have to pretend to club these things with my Brewing trophy to avoid ripostes. Trophy tanking is boring, and all the melee are standing around /autofire waiting to do something useful again. Massive DS is already not fun, and even worse when it is random.

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