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  1. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    You are misremembering things a bit, likely because you didn't like the service. Yes, at the start, EQ Players was buggy and was up and down at times, and then after they ended support for it but had not yet shuttered the service (but still allowed use of it for free) it did have long periods of being down, but while it was an actively supported service after the initial start up, it was relatively bug free and worked well.

    They had all the bugs in the EQ service squashed fairly quickly; it did not have a lot of the flasher options that were in the EQII version, so the bugs were a lot less complex. The reason why the support was ended was because, as I stated previously, that they were pooling resources for EQ Next, all of the services they put in were such that they still exist, it was just providing access to the public for them that was stopped as the resources were not put forward. EQPlayers could never use the big money making features, so its support was dropped earlier than its EQ2 counterpart. But we still had about 6 or so years where it ran pretty flawlessly. But there was a lot of people who told stories of how it was in the first few months and treated it like it was that way the entire time, which simply was not true.

    With regard to the API, you are partially incorrect. The API to which I am referring was created and in use before EQPlayers even existed. The API is mentioned throughout the introduction of EQPlayers. It was only after the launch of EQPlayers that most people learned that it would not work for EQ due to the nature of EQ's databases. EQ2Players however, used it predating the release of the EQPlayers. The API was rebuilt several times. The final major version of it was referred to as something like Census, whose development continued for years after EQPlayers support was stopped. It had been 80% done for several years at the point the person who was working on it left. They just kept adding things to what it was going to do instead of just finishing what it had to start with. Census was actively used by the EQ2 community for a number of years, and is still used today in all the games to some degree. For example, the population views of the EQ servers from the Launchpad is via the Census API.
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  2. Astral64 Augur

    A few still do, most do not.

    Magelo fell behind the times a few years back and has next to no support at this point. Stats have been incorrect for a while, luck isn't even a listed etc etc.

    It's been more or less in maintenance mode for years milking the few subscribers it has left.
  3. IblisTheMage Augur

    Not a good idea IMO.

    DPG benefits from player-driven apps supporting the game. It provides not only features, but also a sense of community.

    Starting to poach minor revenue streams from a guy running some tool “con amore” would be lowering the incentive for people to do app stuff for the community.
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  4. The real Sandaormo Augur

    What I remember of EQ Players was it would take its readings at weird times. So you might end up with your power source off or you were clicking something for a quest or changing an aug out or something.
  5. Nennius Curmudgeon

    I had that experience as well. Lots of failures to update too. When it worked, it was great.
  6. Demandred Elder

    I use chromes remote desktop and do my overseers and fishing
  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    Perhaps, but I find it well worth the $60 per year price ($30 base, plus $30 for extra slots). There are some things Magelo does better than other sites.

    • Character inventory search
    • Collections (spells, really). Can tell you if you have or are missing Rank II and III spells.
    • Profiles. Did I ever get T2 gloves on my rogue alt? Look at his profile rather than camping out and logging the him in just to answer that question.
    • A quick look at loot for a mob, with drop percentages. What is my best chance of looting T2 arms in RoS? Magelo can tell you what the history is on that item.
    And that's just the basic stuff. To each his own.
    Granted, there are issues with Magelo but I have learned to accept them.
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  8. Elyssanda Bardbrain

    I can't stress how vital this is to me. I do tradeskills on 2 accounts on 2 servers with countless alts, and I try to help as many others as I can. I need to know who has which supplies where.
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  9. Greymantle Augur

    EQ players was a nice feature. It had the advantage of direct access to the item database, so more accurate info was available including interesting stats on when the items were first discovered on the server etc. MAGELO has a few thing they never did incorperate but since it was 'free' it was a great tool.
    I am a long time supporter of MAGELO and reccomend it as a handy tool for chosing gear upgrades and suggestions. As well the drop info and other options are very handy.