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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Froglok, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Deux Augur

    I wasn't insulted I agreed with everything you said and you have nothing to apologize for. There is no way you're gonna please all these rabid EQ crazies.
    People need to realize how blessed we are to have a game community where they can interact with devs and not be so bloody thin skinned it's ridiculous.

    BTW Ngreth's boss if you're reading this...you need to pay this man more.
  2. Deux Augur

    They don't someone at DB got on Ngreth's computer as he was getting grinding more gnome bones for his coffee. Don't like what an Ogre has to say? #smashandbashtime
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  3. Corydon Elder

    Thanks for this post. That clarifies some things. While my feelings weren't hurt I found your original post insulting anyway. Well, apology accepted :)

    Now the best outcome of this thread would indeed be (imho) if more stuff makes it into the calendar in the future ;)
  4. Corydon Elder

    Ladies and gentlemen, this is just one way to crawl into somebody's a$$ and call people with a valid complaint / hint / suggestion for improvement thin skinned EQ crazies.
  5. Deux Augur

    I do believe a person in this thread used the word "moron" which, yes, is thin skinned and disrespectful. If being polite is viewed "crawling into somebody's a$$" then call me Dr. Deux, Proctologist a title I will gladly wear.
    Valid complaints, hints and suggestions there's nothing wrong with that ... DB seems to welcome feedback from their customers...but how some folks interact with others on this site is pitiful.
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  6. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Toe bones. It's always toe bones. And halfling toe bones are the best.
  7. Deux Augur

    How do you get that nasty, wet sock smelling halfling hair off? Even we Iksar, who will eat anything, avoid halflings due to their stinky feet.
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  8. Ngreth Thergn Developer

    Halflings don't wear shoes! So no sock problems. Hair is "while you eat" floss
    The dirt, from bare feet on the ground, adds some extra minerals to one's diet.
  9. Imukai Augur

    (someone has a foot fetish)
  10. Angahran Augur

    Would be nice to be able to unlock the 'collectors' editions of old expansions (say, more than 3 expansions old) to get the items. There is one collection set that is 'collectors edition only'.
    Plus teleport clickies would be great to get, (yes, I have 'issues' with having as many teleport items as possible.)
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  11. Froglok Augur


    When it comes to the items, there is a clear interest and thus, a clear avenue for some level of additional revenue with zero actual costs to DarkPaw (Dev time aside... items are all ready created and time should not be that extensive to offer them -- or one-time add them -- in Marketplace, no?).

    Items included here are:

    --Beta Rewards (given free to Beta Testers, but will have to be purchased by others);

    --Individual Expansion Package Items (Collector's Premium, Family & Friends) that you could only get with the more expensive and overpriced expansions options (and often, just 1 per account, not 999... thus the additional interest to get them for alts). To be clear, the idea is to sell the non-999-per-account items, INDIVIDUALLY (not as a package) that came in non-standard expansion packs.

    --Temporary / One-Time / Seasonal awards that were granted free or only offered as some sort of promotion or only to paid accounts. Such as the past Seasonal Achievement awards (all you had to was log in during the noted period and you got an achievement that came with an item, like a familiar) (maybe players can also get this achievement, that they missed before); one was given to paid accounts when F2P was introduced. Some were granted for buying a Fan Fare ticket. Some were granted for buying a special item (i.e. a t-shirt) offered by DP. And similar. Some came from a recruit program. There is a mount that is given to ONLY Heroic Characters. Allow a non-Heroic to buy it?

    --Archived Marketplace Items that are never offered in the Marketplace anymore. Particularly Mounts, Familiars, Novelty Items, Ornamentation suits... How about adding the old Ancient Ssraeshzian set to the Marketplace?

    --And how about "You are making me choose?" items? If I had it to do all over, I would have chosen the Shard's Landing portal ring, rather than the aug! Sell the ring in Marketplace?

    Some of these items should 100% be offered as is, however (Mottled Worg, Shiny New Collapsible Roboboar, Ornate Barding, Battle Cat Statuette), due their use (players will need several in order to cover all the options of the Mounts they can make).

    Some items could be claimed to choose from more than one award (i.e Recruiter's Mount). Maybe offer the choices individually, that then the click-to-claim item.

    And so forth!

    Options on how to do this?

    1) Auto-rotating Marketplace items that have a timer (30-days, max) and / or appear in the "New & Featured" section (say, auto-rotate "X" number of novelty items, mounts, familiars, illusions, ornaments, etc.).

    2) Sell a new random-award item (priced reasonably!) that will randomly award 1 or 2 of these items when activated / claimed / converted). Make the initial item tradable, like the LoN cards. Add a Lore tag to items and have a Lore check (when activated) so Players don't get duplicate items. If the generator grants a Lore item the player all ready has, add a message, "This item is well wrapped. Try again!" -- or auto-recalculate?

    3) Repeatable Nostalgic Quest(s) that allow you to claim one such item as a reward.

    4) Add additional Overseer Vendor(s) that sells them.

    5) In-game tradeable rare drop that works like #2, above (that drop in, say, from SoF forward? Or specific Expansion related tradable rares that drop in the related expansion and only award such items connected to that expansion?).

    6) Add some to Marcia Attamilgad, if they qualify as items no longer in game (such as the past Seasonal Bonus Achievement Awards, Ancient Ssraeshzian Ornament suits)
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  12. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Ngreth any chance we can either get the rotations added to the calendar or wake Dreamweaver up and give him some work to do and have him make a post (he has said himself he is always sleeping) :D

    Without knowing the market place has rotated no one will check, the last rotation I can remember was months and months ago when we had the centor illusion return along with 4 or 5 others.

    i know we had the pride rabbits return, but I have no interested in turning myself or my pet into something which is not a model in game and available to kill!
  13. Corydon Elder

    Pitiful. I agree.
  14. Sobmre Augur

    did i just read that illusions on the market place don't make money?

    if that's true its a matter of marketing/finding them in the marketplace......in eq if someone collects something its usually illusions for player and pet.
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  15. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Ideally Appearance needs to be broken down into
    pet Illusions
    Hero's Forge

    There is far too much under that 1 catagory, I normally only go through around 20 items before giving up.
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  16. Pawtato Augur

    No, illusions make money. They don't make as much money being sold as individual items than being part of a "loot box" (heritage crate or LoN pack). It's why they don't add them to the stores anymore.
  17. Sokki Augur

    The Appearance category is actually already split up like that. If you click the + next to Appearances it has sub-categories for each of the Hero's Forge types (Chain, Cloth, Leather, Plate, Robes). Then Illusions, Nimbuses, Pet Illusions, and Weapon Ornaments. The Weapon Ornaments are also further broke down by weapon types as well.

    Currently there are still 19 different illusions available and that's after they took just as many if not more out of the marketplace. I can see how people would get stuck in a choice lock with 40+ illusion options available at all times. It would be nice to see those rotated around on a schedule similar to the LoN Prize Packs.
  18. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Can't say I noticed the +, will have to check that out when I log in tomorrow. :)

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  19. SirNaves New Member

    I’m just throwing my two cents into the conversation related to pricing and how it has tempered my marketplace spending up until now and especially going forward:

    I’m new to EQ since Jan 2020. Previously I had been opposed to the proliferation of RMT and marketplaces in games that carry a monthly subscription and paid annual content expansions. EverQuest has since softened my stance 1) because I have genuinely fallen in love with the game and 2) because generally I consider it implemented well as it relates to the balance of the game (not P2W, etc)

    As my love for the game has grown I have spent a lot of money on EQ: a second account, adventure packs, HoT revival pack, about $10 additional DBC on each account per month, hero forges, key rings, etc

    I can nitpick about seeing no new mounts since January which I would have definitely spent some money on in the past 8 months, but my big gripe is the VoA collectors bundle. 8000 DBC is steep. I think to myself House of Thule revival pack is the same thing (albeit two smaller bags) and half the price - no way can I justify that purchase. Well here I am a few months later, in CotF and feeling nostalgic about Alaris and say “$&@! it, I love EQ and VoA, take my $80 you grifter. Well, come to find out after I purchase it that you get ONE COPY of each item; it doesn’t go into /claim like HoT revival did (999 copies for alts etc). So not only did you juice me for DOUBLE you delivered SUBSTANTIALLY LESS product. Y’all got it twisted. If anything make the revivals $80 and the VoA like pack $40. You took someone who would have gladly bought collectors items for EVERY expansion on BOTH accounts to someone who doesn’t even wanna check the marketplace to collect my monthly DBC

    Like I can go to the main page right now, and upgrade my account to the collectors ToV, get two expansions of CONTENT, bags, mounts, mercs, paintings, potions, augmentation distillers, for close to the same price as the VoA bundle which will deliver comparable COSMETIC offerings to ONE character on an account

    Like I said, I love EQ, have come to appreciate the team that puts it together (along with their judgement and vision for the game) but I really think this was not thought out properly
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  20. Deux Augur

    In honor of EQ"s first new customer in 8 years, SirNaves, we should have a double xp double faction double trouble labor day weekend!
    BTW SirNaves I would encourage you to race change both of your characters to Iksar. They will look better, Dark Elf babes will chase after you and mobs everywhere will fear you. When an Iksar enters a zone, mobs drop their loot and camp out...saves time for both of us.

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