Dozens of Illusions Missing from Market

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tutankamen, Aug 2, 2019.

  1. Tutankamen Elder

    There are dozens of illusions (well and ornaments for that matter) that seem to have been missing from market for well over a year or more, maybe multiple years now? Is there supposed to be some kind of cycling? The same stuff has been languishing in that market for eons. Can a Dev or- Community resource respond to this with some kind of timeline or otherwise advise?

    Stuff that is MISSING that used to be available for DB cash:

    Polymorph Wand: Armored Shiliskin
    Polymorph Wand: Bixie Soldier
    Polymorph Wand: Centaur Warrior
    Polymorph Wand: Dark Elf Pirate
    Polymorph Wand: Dark Elf Pirate
    Polymorph Wand: Erudite Pirate
    Polymorph Wand: Erudite Pirate
    Polymorph Wand: Fallen Soldier
    Polymorph Wand: Flood Telmira
    Polymorph Wand: Human Pirate
    Polymorph Wand: Human Pirate
    Polymorph Wand: Junkyard Gnomework
    Polymorph Wand: Polar Bear
    Polymorph Wand: Twisted Gnomework
    Polymorph Wand: Undead Gnoll
    Polymorph Wand: Warped Chetari
  2. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Hi, so I wouldn’t call those items “missing”, I think the term “unavailable” would be better but let me explain. The Devs do ocassaionally pull items from the marketplace back into the “vault”. Sometimes they do pull them out for special events (e.g. the heritage crates all were temporarily re-listed during the recent Winter/Summer sales).

    I’m the past they have announced when more popular items might be going to the vault.

    However, I wouldn’t say the Devs are cycling or rotating illusions, mounts, etc like the LoN card packs (the card packs do have a rotation schedule).
  3. Aurastrider Augur

    There was a mass sunset of items several years ago. They made an announcement, put the timer on the items and even ran a sale I believe. It is annoying but I imagine it was a sales strategy to get players to spend money. It would be nice if they pulled them out once a year so those who missed out can get some of them. The work is already done creating them they just have to rerelease them and take people's money.
  4. Sokki Augur

    I remember when they pulled all the illusions, I grabbed a couple I liked but I think for the most part they were the ones that didn't sell very well. I agree though, it wouldn't hurt them any to pull em out once or twice a year for those who might not of been around when they were last available.
  5. KermittheFroglok Augur

    I think it’d be cool if they made a new loot crate where the possibilities came from a list of retired items and the older expansions’ claim items.

    It could be called the “vault heister’s sack” .

    It’d help DBG re-sell the less popular illusions and also let people have a shot at the older expansion claims without making the people that bought retail boxes or collector/premium editions feel cheated (expansion items would be unique/rare depending on what tier the item was and what it was).

    Seems like the best year to roll something like that out since it’s the 20th anniversary.
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  6. Benito Augur

    I haven't seen those old marketplace items (including Mechanical Skystrider Saddle and Stillmoon ornaments) since they were pulled and I've never missed checking the Marketplace every month. I am glad I bought the Polar Bear illusion when it was around.

  7. bigpapa Augur

    same for me about the RAPTOR SADDLE mount , I wanted to buy 3 for my alts .

    that raptor mount is not the greenish mount like the heroic char have, the raptor saddle much better looking imo. I got tells asking me where I got that mount, I need to tell them that they took it away from marketplace since a long time,
  8. Tutankamen Elder

    So many people want the same things but there is some kind of disconnect between the player base and the marketplace.
  9. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Well, the tiger raptor saddle is a LoN prize, I’ve seen it occasionally up on Vox’s bazaar. I’m not sure if that helps your scenario.
  10. Nniki Augur

    Raptor saddle is pretty sweet. Looks great and has great animations.
  11. Goburs Journeyman

    This, why on earth there is such a distance between implementing easy to do things, and actually doing them is beyond me...

    Stillmoon ornaments? Anyone have pictures?
  12. Maedhros Augur

    I'm looking forward to Disney opening up the vault so I can finally score a copy of Alladin on VHS.
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  13. Yinla Augur

    I still have mine!
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  14. Bobokin Elder

    DBG would do well to rotate items into the DB Store from time to time. It adds to the flavor of the game.

    On a side note, they should allow for the purchase of older expacs at the 50% rate for players that may want claim items that were part of those.
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  15. CRAZO New Member

    would love to see a answer for this. I made a post and have posted under a few others before. But i thought the point of marketplace items were made to make extra money out side subs ect. hard to buy theses items when u never see them anymore.
  16. Kirab Journeyman

    They should really take a page from gw2 when it comes to keeping the market fresh.
  17. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Scarcity (whether by chance or limited time) is a key “value modifier” for digital-item sales and distribution.

    I think rotating items would be good because it creates more perceived value by creating a perceived scarcity on the existing marketplace items because they’d get taken down at a point.

    However, in the Fall they already offer the outgoing expac at a 50% discount. I think the expacs are a trickier scenario because the perceived much higher value of the key items is rooted in extreme scarcity (from perm. limited time offer). They’ll take a hit in current expac collector/premium sales if people know the option to buy will predictably be out there again in the future. In other words, I’m not sure if they’d really net expansion revenue with this tactic because a temporary scarcity still probably won’t cause typical users to pay so much for one if they haven’t already, whereas there are tons of whales (myself included) that just can’t miss a premium edition.
  18. KermittheFroglok Augur

    Although to clarify, I think your idea would make money if it were a one time catchup promo. EQ 2 has done similar things with old expansion items that were popular, so something similar.
  19. MasterMagnus Augur

    As far as 'vaulted/orphaned' items go...
    They don't analyze sales metrics of the marketplace. Nor do they think of strategies to improve the marketplace.

    They don't have any employee to gather or analyze such data.

    IF they have a single employee who even knows how to find 'vaulted/orphaned' items in the database, and then re-enable them, that person has way too much work on their plate (in their primary role) to ever try this on their 'free time'.

    It doesn't matter how much money they might be able to make, there isn't a single person at DBG with the authority and desire to make that happen.

    Re-selling old expansions for the exclusive items...
    I don't see it happening. When we're talking about money to be made, wouldn't they be better off selling the old expansion exclusive items individually? We already have the old expansion, why would they sell that?

    But again, they lack a 'marketplace person' to make the idea of selling items individually work.

    I'm thinking NO and NO for those ideas. Because DBG is too lame at this point to maintain their own marketplace properly.
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  20. CatsPaws Augur

    "They sell horribly. Including ones specifically asked for.
    Adam "Ngreth" Bell
    Senior Designer, EverQuest
    Ngreth Thergn, Jun 24, 2019 "


    "In the end there is another reason.
    Each additional illusion is another chunk of memory used.

    We feel that having some new illusions is vital to each expansion.
    We have prioritized our memory use towards expansion illusions, and the illusions within heritage packs, as both of these are proven sellers."

    can see the whole thread here

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