Double Station Cash is the New Black (Friday)

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Nov 26, 2014.

  1. MasterMagnus The Oracle of AllHigh

    Just purchased through the account management page, shows right there $10 grants 2000 SC etc. No codes to enter or anything.
  2. Stickietoes Augur

    Yeah, mine shows 5 = 500, 10 = 1000, etc.

    But I ended up risking it and bought some... it doubled just fine.
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  3. Peltier Elder

  4. Jonny Panic Augur

    Heh cute... yet another reason I'm leaving (don't worry, trolls... my sub expires soon)... I check back to see if SOE has made any real progress in addressing concerns I have, and instead there's a Black Friday sale... when I worked Thursday from 5 PM to 1 AM, then had to turn around and work another 10 hour shift eight hours later, from 9 AM to 7 PM. If I haven't been working, I've been unconscious... and I just now woke up.

    Even better, the SC is still irrelevant. Spend real cash for stuff!... unless the stuff costs real cash, and then you're out of luck! You guys so rarely run 2x or higher SC events anymore that there's just no real excuse to not have subscriptions and expansions in the SC store again.
  5. Croak Augur

    ... and then someone's head would probably roll at SoE

    Do the math

    After a 2x SC event and then say they gave 25% discount on Monday

    Players would get to buy a $40 product for effectively $15... or in many cases would get it for free with the balance they get for just maintaining all access... which already costs $5 less than it did before.

    As it is they have to be really careful, because of Player Studio - I wouldn't be surprised there are also accounting divisions within SoE which prevent cross pollination of items between virtual/real currencies.
  6. Jonny Panic Augur

    Aye, it'd be terrible if they did something shockingly generous for the holidays and cause former players and potential new players to consider playing EQ anew.

    Think about it, what if former boxers, players, and people on the edge of "maybe" taking a look at EQ hear that this $40 expansion is available for one day (which still irks me... I don't work, but I've already missed the 2x SC event because I worked, so others will work HARD straight through Cyber Monday) for $15, all expansions included. Boxers rush to stock their tertiary boxes, former players and boxers are MUCH more likely to come back and stock most or all of their accounts, new players can check out EQ for the cost of a used XBox game.

    If they made the effort to advertise it ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute, like they just did, it could cause a considerable fresh rush of players, and paying $15 instead of $40 SOUNDS like enough of a difference that it'd even encourage them to be more likely to pony up for subscriptions!

    The positive exposure would be devastating.
  7. Croak Augur

    They did it by mistake in 2012 and I am sure there was some of the effect you suggest.

    I took advantage of it at the time, in exactly the way you suggest - 3 accounts gained VoA which hadn't had them before, 3 accounts gained 1 year of subscription.

    But there was more of the effect that the deal was posted on forums frequented by hardcore players who would have paid anyway, who scooped up expansions they would have bought anyway, and years of subscriptions they would have paid for anyway as well.
    I am sure they have since looked at the numbers which is why they don't do the promotions as often, though they did give 1 day notice of the x2 SC which is more than they have done in the past, more if you count it being open for 24hrs, and you already know upfront there will be discounts on some stuff Monday and how much.

    The situation in 2012 was so bad they switched off buying expansions for SC, then it was brought back just for 1 week iirc after an outcry - maybe the buying gametime was brought back then too, but the exact details are now a little foggy.

    SoE should certainly do some very detailed cohort analysis, and selective split testing of offers, but part of their problem is that people run multiple accounts under different logins, often without any credit card attached. I run 6 accounts, they may not even have enough data to tell I own them all.