Fixed Internally DoT damage reporting/filtering

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Duder, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. Duder Augur

    Currently to see incoming DoT damage I have to filter Spells>DoT (Others), unfortunately that shows the damage everyone elses DoTs are doing to mobs in the same place. Can we get this separated?
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  2. niente Developer

    You're right, this should be changed to be consistent with DD filters.
    Will ask to do this in the future - may not be for a while due to expansion work.
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  3. Celephane Augur

    this is a great idea and YAY the new expansion is out now, GO TEAM
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  4. Duder Augur

    I would like to bring this back up so that we can get this addressed before/with the next expansion.
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  5. smash Augur

    When you looking at this, could you consider to add a new filter to things ?

    The filter should be to alliance.
    Make so you can show all, show your own class, show none.

    Reason I often turn off so I dont see any spells at all. But would like so I can still see when others of my own class cast their alliance.
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