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Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Hissteria, May 22, 2019.

  1. Hissteria Lorekeeper

    Wending Ways needs to be changed. The achievement Don't Trip is prone to failures beyond the control of the player. The failures arise from the badly coded port jumps that do not work reliably at all.

    I don't complain about things being hard. I am willing to do what it takes to win stuff. I complain when there is logic failure in the company / developers that make the game.

    Please fix the portals so they work 100% as intended or remove the Don't Trip achievement from the list of Challengers set.
  2. Ibudin Elder

    Its doable though, I've done it on three characters.
  3. Hissteria Lorekeeper

    Luck had something to do with it. It is not an achievement to win a dice roll. An achievement is earned through skill.
  4. Hissteria Lorekeeper

    noun: achievement; plural noun: achievements
    a thing done successfully, typically by effort, courage, or skill.
    "to reach this stage is a great achievement"
  5. Axxius Augur

    Minimize the number of jumps (i.e. the chance of failure). Bring an evacer or simply click the lamp.

    Earth: go right, 1 jump, kill it, evac/lamp out.
    Air: second pad on the left, 1 jump, kill it, evac/lamp out.
    Fire+Water: first pad on the left, 2 or 3 jumps total, kill them, evac/lamp out.
    Then come back and open the chest.
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  6. Mazame Augur

    I have help at least 10 groups get this /ach so it is very do able. I posted once before so I will just past my same tips from before.
    Don't Trip.

    This one is not as hard as everyone is making it out to be.

    The 1st time I got it was with 2 bst where we pet tanked it. I then went back and got it for about 6 other groups. The trick I had is simple "less people"

    Fill your group with the 6 people that need the /ach.
    Then have only 2 or 3 people zone in.
    The other can drop group but stay in the task and AFK.
    Those that zone in can then pop merc for extra DPS / Heals whatever.
    Kill the 4 named in order.
    When you killed the 4th name, have the 3 people that were killing just stay there at the 4th named and not risk falling.
    Drop merc and re add to group the other in the task.
    Have one person zone in and go open the chest.
    All 6 will get the /ach

    Yes 6 people can do it faster but the fails will drive you up the wall. With 2-3 people the pads don't seam to cause issues and you get the win even it it takes a bit longer to complete.
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  7. Hissteria Lorekeeper

    I just did it with my 2 toons. I can two box the minis easy. Shaman and SK. I know the portal patterns and click them rather than walk on them...which works better. I killed three minis and had moved one toon to the 4th mini successfully, and on the last portal the one remaining toon failed the jump for no reason at all. No reason at all.

    Don't give excuses for Daybreak's problems. They need to take care of it.
  8. Nifty Slacker Augur

    I can see how the coding/physics of the game are preventing the intended challenge of the achievement. However, I don't have a really good idea on how to fix this. You can't take the achievement away anymore. People have gotten the achievement over the last 6 months and taking away the achievement would be slapping them in the face. I don't feel that way, but you can't ask people to be understanding or mature about it.

    Daybreak has to choose the lesser of two evils. Changing it now will cause more complaints and this isn't being changed.
  9. Scorrpio Augur

    Hunter 'achievements' are ALL about dice rolls...
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  10. Zunnoab Augur

    Of course it is doable but that doesn't mean the fall mechanic firing when no one even fell isn't stupid.
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  11. Tumbler Journeyman

    Very easy achievement. I have done it on 7 different toons in different groups.

    Have a guy port, then have the next guy port. Don't port at the same time. Easiest achievement you'll ever get.

    It's when you get impatient people who have to rush that they fall. Be patient and it is easy. Nothing to fix here.
  12. Hissteria Lorekeeper

    I have all of the Challenger achievements done, except this one. You are talking out of a body part not normally used for talking.
  13. Jhenna_BB Augur

    Players shouldn't have to be IT making work-a round's for this mission. It's not defensible. The mission should just work correctly.
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  14. Tumbler Journeyman

    If you are on my server I can get you this while you afk in the guild lobby. I am not talking out my $$$. It's a very easy achievement.

    It's one of those achievements you can't buy just because you have raid gear and overpower it.
  15. Enja New Member

    What server you are on? :)
  16. Tumbler Journeyman

  17. Conq Augur

    Completed this achievement (all challengers) for two characters. I have run it 50+ times for my other 4 characters in my main group and failed it 50+ times. I've tried every trick listed on this post more than once, including but not limited to: avoiding the flying mob, only two characters in the zone - moving one at a time, shrunk, non shrunk, non levi'd, no run speed enhancement, no illusions, no pets, no mercs, clicking portals instead of walking on them, strafing into portals (from every direction), first person, third person, taking all portals (clicking and running) while ducking, hopping on one leg and while my thumb was inserted in my...well, you get the picture. Still failed by random knockbacks 50+ times. Seems as if this is somewhat broken. Please fix.
  18. Tucoh Augur

    The only thing that kept me sane when getting this achievement was recording the failures so i could make a blooper reel.

    I know i didn't really "fail" the encounter jn this one, because getting ported to the start doesnt fail you.

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  19. daBlubb Journeyman

    I wonder: whats the difference from smoke trial to static zone?
    In static zone you can do the jumps 24/7 and it always works while in the mission you suddenly fail without doing a mistake. No matter if you klick or run on porters.
  20. ShadowMan Augur

    I've done it on a few runs now without issue but by using some of the suggestions many claim don't work. So either lag or latency is coming into play for them or maybe there is some "luck" to it!
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