Don't Nerf Mearatas (yet)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by gotwar, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Whulfgar Augur

    Well admitted.
  2. feeltheburn Augur

    Listen .... I m in one of "those" guilds vying for the next spot, ranking, finish etc, whatever you wanna call it. We are close, but on that event....heck close don't get it. Mad props to RoI on that hell event, we can talk lockouts all you want and whatever, THEY BEAT IT...that event 25% to end is INSANE, and again I give them mad props for beating. Lockouts had nothing to do with it or when they did it. Now just time for the rest of us to put up or shut up. Nuff said. Drama queens go home really and lets just play.
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  3. Bamboompow Augur

    Ultimately, apart from those number 2,3 etc one cares. If you join one of those other guilds than you have to subscribe to the absurdity and fight for the title of 2nd best. If you join RoI...well, you don't. For mid tier guilds, you will spend the next year just trying to get to the last raid. Then there is that small detail of actually winning. RoI will now spend the next 8 months with nothing new to look forward to other than farming farming farming....

    The thing is, if this was sport then the game itself would be given harsh scrutiny if the same team won the championship EVERY YEAR for 10 years straight. It would be the death knell of the sport in time as everyone knows the ending. Why root for your favorite team when you know some version of Brady/Kraft/Belichick is going to crush your hopes and dreams EVERY SEASON? Human beings get bored of the same old and crave a new story now and again.THAT is why people talk smack. Some remote hope of something different and fresh for once.

    This isn't sport, though. Its a dying video game.
  4. Maedhros Augur

    The first "Everquest is dying" posts are probably older than The New England Patriots first Lombardi trophy. Maybe relax with the dying game crap.
    You are also 100% wrong that noone cares who ends up 2-5 or 2-10. The higher you finish, the better average quality of recruits you get. That's a fact.
  5. recaztec New Member

    It is a dying game. I know of 0 new players to this game. Guilds recruit from a pool of nothing. The only recruits that are left that are worth a damn in the end game raiding community are the ones who leave one of the top 5 guilds because they are upset about something or someone in the guild. At this point, players just shuffle around every few years.
  6. Forcallen Augur

    So necro I think we can all agree is Morulak in CT!
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  7. Whulfgar Augur

    Or to leave a top 3 ranked server wide guild to raid with friends.. I've myself done this.
  8. Maedhros Augur

    The BS is pretty deep in this post.
    Yes players may shuffle around to a very minor degree, but for the most part, new recruits to top guilds are mostly found outside the top 10. Even ROI will take talented recruits from outside the top 10.
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  9. Ryino Elder

    This. The majority of our recruits come up through our casual ranks or are friends of members from former guilds.
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  10. Coagagin Augur

    Though rare I have meet relatively new players from 0-2 years of EQ experience in game. Maybe two or three, who knows but always worth having an extended conversation.


    - Coag
  11. Allayna Augur

    This year is the first year raiding lockouts had LESS to do with guild “rankings”. But to say it has 0 to do with it is absurd. The sooner you break into the content, the more runs before the other guy.

    For example:

    Tell me, who would have won TBM if not for a 9 day instead of 4.5 day raid lockout?
  12. recaztec New Member

    The pile of BS your standing in Maedhros is pretty deep..
  13. Maedhros Augur

    Youre right, there are no new recruits, only players shuffling between the top 5 guilds. My bad.
  14. Axxius Augur

    Our sun is dying. We have only about 4 billion years left! :(
  15. Atvar Augur

    Last year 20 guilds beat RoS while it was current.
    When RoI and the original progression server caught up to live servers in SoD, 59 guilds beat the expansion while it was current.

    It may not affect the top guilds yet, but the game very much is dying. When my old raiding guild essentially folded on the Combine progression server in Depths of Darkhollow, about a dozen of us joined RoI, who had hit a wall in demi-plane Redfang event. After that point, there were no more "raiding guilds" to steal players from, and a few expansions later, there were no more casual guilds to steal players from either. Seeds of Destruction unlocked a year after I joined, and by that point, RoI was raiding with 40 players on a good night. What saved the guild was the merge with Druzzil Ro server, where RoI was able to absorb the good players from everyone else. Another year or two later and we were merged again into Xegony, which has proven to remain relatively healthy.

    Basically everything I witnessed during the original progression server is playing out again on live servers, albeit at a slower place. There is no longer any "separate" player base to merge with (unless they merge EQ2 into EQ1???). I come across a truly new player every few years, yet watch maybe a dozen top notch players retire from my own guild every year. It's simply not sustainable.

    The real question is what can be done to change that at this point. Promoting the game might help, but we really haven't seen it. I saw the Everquest Show just started on youtube and thought, finally Daybreak is doing some PR. Turns out it was fan-made content, but really well done. Without bringing more people in, I could easily see having the raiding player-base cut in half again in another few years. At what point does the game remain profitable?
  16. Jondalar Augur

    How many runs so far?

  17. yepmetoo Augur

    That's cute. The irony is astounding. The only reason ANY GUILD raids lockouts now is because Machin Shin decided during TBM that because the content was so and it was entirely about lockouts, to actually raid in the morning during the work week. But then your guild leaked out about it because they were so sure they were going to beat ROI, some people just had to gloat.

    Thus began the era of raiding lockouts no matter when they fall (note for everyone, you raided at 6 in the morning the day after xmas, for example, during TBM).

    Funny thing though, even with your dumb mistake of ignoring patch notes, ignoring the beta comments about lack of flags, you just had to do your own thing and kill the named in the wrong order to get that timer with no flags. So even with that, you still had like a 10 hour edge.

    Then what happened? Damsel of decay, and you wasted half a day failing to it, and then we go in and beat in in a couple hours.

    And that meant we won again.

    TLDR: after a series of expansions meant that the only reason ROI beat guilds like CT or MS was because we beat the stuff FASTER, so we ended up with a few hours lead (many of the 1-3 day final leads were due to those guilds giving up and not raiding when they could because they knew they had lost, so why waste life on morning raids?), MS decided to bone everyone by starting to raid lockouts.

    And then, when they STILL lose, they start blaming us raiding lockouts, which we do now in preventative fashion after that fiasco. Allayna even goes around claiming they don't raid lockouts, when every single raider knows MS raids lockouts, or attempts to.

    The irony, really, is fantastic.
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  18. Jondalar Augur

    What about morning raids?
  19. Scornfire Augur

    They're awesome (Especially if still drunk)
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  20. Bamboompow Augur

    Just a mention: RoI worked hard and they won. It wasn't a freebie. They have their system and it works. The year that someone else beats them, however, might be a bit more noteworthy. Just for the sake seeing someone else, somehow, put in just that little additional effort......or luck.

    Also, don't confuse "dying" with "dead".

    EQ is basically now a sleepy small town that was once booming. The place still has its charms as well as nostalgia but few new families are moving in and most of the kids do not stay. The population is somewhat stable but still a net loss. The place is insular, conservative and stubbornly stuck in it ways. Change is small and incremental if it happens at all. Which is maybe something to be capitalized on (progression servers!) but in all likelihood the old folks who remember the glory days will die off and those who are left won't have the enthusiasm the old folks did in order to keep things going.

    For now though, we still have the annual log rolling contest and the same people just seem to know how to roll logs that much better.
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