Don't Nerf Mearatas (yet)

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by gotwar, Feb 12, 2019.

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  1. Whulfgar Augur

  2. Critts Augur

    Machin who?
  3. Bahdah Augur

    RoI wins cause they raid lockouts... we'll slap all that hate out your voice #j.cole
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  4. Maedhros Augur

    blame Metallica. We could have wonderful free music right now, but no. Zaknaffein plays music that is copyrighted. It even says so on the twitch replays that portions of the audio are muted because of copyrighted content. You did not think it was all my ranting that was trademarked did you? If I had a dollar for everytime someone used any of my signature phrases I would be a rich man.
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  5. Xinny Journeyman

    While I do agree with leaving the event in its current state and how much fun the challenge is....

    Is there anything that can be done about the innate zone lag in the meantime? I have a pretty beefy machine and nearly zero connection lag but some of the mechanics in the event seem to be causing some server side lag. IE: Global refresh is much longer than 1 sec AND if you're running from one spot to another and have clearly stopped to cast, in most cases you can still be interrupted by perceived movement even though you have stopped moving. Everything seems to be behind by about 1 second which adds an unnecessary annoyance to the event. It would be nice to know what is causing this.


    For reference, General Machine Specs:

    Asus Maximus VIII Hero Alpha MB
    i7 6700 Skylake
    Samsung 950 Pro M.2 SSD
    64 GB DDR4 3200mhz G-skill Ram
    Asus Rog Strix 1080 8 GB Overclocked Vid Card

    Should not have any lag.... especially with AFK players turned off....
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  6. Raccoo Augur

    I have experienced similar problems when running and then stopping to cast. Seems I always have to hit the spell twice. Now I know why.
  7. Drogba Augur

    things you could try: lower graphics settings in options, /shownames off, you could go into options > filters and remove it showing various things like others hits and misses, delete any ingame audio triggers, alt + J to make sure journal is turned off.

    I play with 200+ms from my country but its not usually noticeable in an extreme way. occasionally when everyone is going ham on an event i will lag anyway though, alot of it is serverside
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  8. Drogba Augur

    for stop and move i'm waiting a half second upon stopping before casting or it tries and fails

    seperate issue: crucial things like shield flash/deflect i do 3 presses 'just incase' it decides not to activate because lag.

    seperate issue: then there's that bug where your spellgems lock up and only an FD appears to fix it so you can cast again.
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  9. Xinny Journeyman

    While I do agree with you on this and already operate with most of these adjustments, this seems to only be an issue in the Mearatas raid event. All other zones / events are fine for me. It almost seems to be the particles with all the flames appearing on people in the center. For that to display for me it must be in the Aura setting needed to see very important event mechanics and CAN NOT be turned off or other past / current / future events would see failure. IE: Get into this aura fast !..... That is just a guess though. I am not exactly sure what is causing the lag in this specific event. It is horrible though.


    Edit: I would like to make sure that this issue is understood to be isolated with only the Mearatas raid event. I don't want this to cause a debate about xxx settings need to be adjusted for Everquest to operate properly. The latter not the issue here as I do not experience this lag anywhere except for inside the Mearatas event with my current settings.
  10. gotwar Augur

    Spend an evening on FV, where the mild lag you're describing is multiplied by 3.

    It's probably a server-side thing, and will vary from evening to evening, raid composition to raid composition, server to server, and current abilities being used. It's been reported on countless occasions with video evidence and time-specific reports.

    It's just kinda something you gotta roll with.

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  11. Xinny Journeyman


    I understand what you're saying and don't disagree with that statement in general. However, this is not a serverwide issue. This is only occurring inside the Mearatas raid event. All other events operate completely fine everyday / same day / except when entering into the Mearatas event….


    Edit: The global refresh / interrupts is just the main issue. Everything inside the event feels like it is sluggish or at half speed. Even the full spell cast time takes longer than it should...
  12. Maedhros Augur

    We had terrible lag on Conflagrant Generals last week, but last night it was fine. Everything outside the instance was fine at the time. Pretty bad one to have lag on with less than 2% balance req and walking the Generals.
  13. Thrillho Augur

    I've noticed lag in the Mearatas raid as well, and it's always at a certain time. To the point where none of my gina triggers will fire until maybe 25 seconds after they should. When they do, they just go off in sequence without pause. When this mechanic comes up again, the triggers work fine. It's always at this part of the raid, and only (I think?) at this part.

    Preempting 'git gud' and 'don't rely on triggers' - I'm still at a personal 100% compliance for this mechanic.

    If a dev needs more details on which mechanic this is and the exact timing of it, pm me.
  14. Pano Elder

    Yet, you still balance stuff so much better than we do. Kudos on that.
  15. Maedhros Augur

    It's a lot easier to keep them balance when you're missing over a group of people because they are weird and doing Valentine's day crap.
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  16. NameAlreadyInUse Augur

    Do I understand latency and it's impacts correctly?
    • A 250ms ping time would mean a minimum of half of a second for a round trip to the server and back (500ms).
    • The effects of any action/keypress you take are guaranteed to be at least half a second behind the actual keypress.
    • That is before any server processing at all, so realistically, you are going to be considerably slower than half a second.
    Just want to be sure I understand its effects correctly. It's amazing how well we adapt to latency on the fly, without even noticing it. It also highlights how we are all always out of sync with the actual server, and how subjective the effects are (some claim they don't notice, most adapt naturally, different standards for what is expected or bad, etc.).
  17. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    I hate you =P
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  18. gotwar Augur

    Ping time is already round-trip.
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  19. sojero Augur

    I get this so much, usually it says "you are already casting a spell" or something along those lines. I have tried narrowing it down, and almost thought we had it narrowed down to casting items during gcd on spells, but that didnt seem to be either.
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  20. menown Augur

    My spell gems always lock up after I go unconscious while casting.
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