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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Mar 16, 2016.

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  1. CrazyLarth Augur

    April 13 to May 25 - 16th Anniversary Player-Designed Missions (6 weeks) moved
  2. Emarra Journeyman

    or unemployed...
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  3. Mojoslinger Elder

    Krasnok’s 16 new officers will offer a challenge for groups of level 105 adventurers. Each carries a Commemorative Coin as a reward for defeating them. If you can overpower all of them you will be able to unlock the door to Krasnok's cabin....

    Seriously ? that's all groupers get this year is farming wooden coins that are used for crappy rewards? why isn't there a group version of the captain so everyone has a chance to get those augs or something.

    this years anniversary just flat out sucks =/
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  4. kyong Augur

    If the groupers are just going to be able to get coins could you add some new awesome stuff to the vendor?
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  5. Disapointed New Member

    Competing against mass boxers with mages pre-set in all of the zones is a little much to ask, you can guarantee on Xeg that the 1st 10-15 people are actually 2 people mass boxing with FTP accounts. Nothing says anniversary like stocking your bazaar mule.

    This was really poorly planned out, it's nice to see they learned something from the last time they ran it.
  6. daranged Lorekeeper

    Yea, i went in with 2 groups of 3 in each rest mercs it is kinda sad that nothing drops from those mini nameds (what about us group geared basic guild people that dont get much time to play)
  7. Orbital101 Augur

    I run 3 waves of 5 toons.... first time my third set dint get the reward but only shirt because they did not hail Tipsy Teena at zone in... missing a check point... Second time I ran my second team they did not get because I used the same accounts so it is 1 reward per account per race. I never had any issues to get the reward ever since I started using multiple account and im not the only one running it.
  8. Orbital101 Augur

    at leest you have the choice to buy or farm the ornaments... no way around the cats, dogs and now the gnolls... I said it before and saying it again DONT share achievements that is not attainable via gameplay.

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  9. Orbital101 Augur

    Tipsy Teena doesnt seem to be on the same page. Its the second time she broadcast a race but never start it. She did the same on test once and im not always awake to assist all the race so I im guessing there was more false race.
  10. Cazmac Augur

    There is a lot of design pre-game art in the 10th Anniversary book. I do strongly recommend buying that, if you haven't already got it. It is a beauty! :)
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  11. beryon Augur

    What do you want from her? She's drunk.
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  12. Cazmac Augur

    I was very disappointed to see cheating taking place on these races for supposedly "naked" Gnomes. I was on Firiona Vie last night and saw JBoots used, Temperance cast and, apparently, CotH used to get participants (not mine!) to the finishing line in Unrest. My completely naked Gnome died goodness knows how many times in Unrest, until someone I didn't know took pity on me and killed the undead that no level 1 could have survived facing, so that I too could get to the finish.
  13. Cazmac Augur

    Or retired!
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  14. beryon Augur

    Are you sure the spells landed? I'm asking because spells didn't land on me, so they do have something in place to block spells, though it seems the effects may be spotty. (I wasn't trying to cheat; there was a nice mage in Unrest when I got there who was offering CotH, which didn't work. They claimed it had just worked on their gnome though. After coming back up to clear the path of mobs, they tried to cast levi on me, which didn't work either.)
  15. CrazyLarth Augur

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  16. kyong Augur

    Maybe it's just me. Was expecting a little more then those two items.
  17. Zazook New Member


    Daranged said it best and hit the nail right on the head about Daybreak's entire development strategy

    "Yea, i went in with 2 groups of 3 in each rest mercs it is kinda sad that nothing drops from those mini nameds (what about us group geared basic guild people that dont get much time to play)"

    Daybreak seems to want EQ to fail, they are developing our beloved game to target the top raid guilds only and seem to either not care or can't remember what a normal group geared toon is like. This is highly evident in the entire TBM expac and now their so called " group portion" of the Hate's Fury anni expedition. I tried it last night with some well raid geared friends, we couldn't get past the first named. Just 1 group with me a full TDS raid geared warrior and all the others mixed TDS and CoTF T1&T2 raid geared, monk, necro, enchanter, cleric and 1 healer merc. Dipshit Capt. whatever his name is seems to use the Shady Swashbuckler's SoS abilities from the black pearl mission but does it about every 10 seconds and also charms and does a huge dmg seemingly backstab but yet no dmg msg stating it, also his charm debuff has no name when hovering pointer over it and no descritption either...apparently there is a new class in EQ....a chantyrogue or something. Debuffs every buff on you..and I mean every buff. leashes and 100% summons. Being that we only seen him for around 10 seconds each time he dropped his SoS like ability, we couldn't damage him enough to even get him to 90% because he regens during his SoS and seems to drop all debuffs and dot's etc during also.
    Being that this event sucks donkey%^#@s I would think that maybe 1 developer spent maybe all of about 6 hours to bring us this wonderful GROUP event that celebrates our 17th wonderful year of EQ..and we get such great rewards for finishing the " GROUP" portion of it too :)

    I was really only just a fuzz mad about the whole fiasco tho, I'm beyond that now and all I could do was shake my head in disgust. /smh

    A big portion of my point in this post is the fact that we were raid geared, imagine how much " fun" the event would be for a normal group geared group. It's all about the game being fun if you read their lame a^$ excuse of why they dropped EQNext like a bad habit. So when is EQ going to get back to being fun for everyone that plays Daybreak? Normal casual group players would come back to this game if you would quit develpoping for the top 1% of the player population and get back to remembering that this game was all about the group play when it launched and for many years after that.
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  18. Orbital101 Augur

  19. Orbital101 Augur

    I saved up my almost 2k from last years thinking they would add something more expansive then 1k but nope... maybe next year np lol... Buying food and drink that now stack with FoE and Ward been shadowed which wasnt stacking last year.
  20. Stormrider New Member

    I had a lot of fun doing the quest and eventually managed to do it often enough to finish out a set of armor augments for my main. However, I think that this is a very ill-conceived and conducted quest, particularly put forward as a primary anniversary quest. As a guide event it might have worked, but from past experience the guides put more into those events than were put into this.

    I failed the first time finding out that it was timed, the second just trying to work out how to do the last leg, which would have been fun if it was even possible as the quest was described. At the time I assumed it was an instanced quest, which did not turn out to be the case when higher level characters showed up to buff and help. (Which in itself was nice harkening back to the early days of buff stations and people helping others achieve the impossible). Since everyone that had started with me got an ornament I assumed it was part of the quest reward (after all that Hafling shirt is useless for anything but getting flagged for the achievement) and was surprised when people didn't get the ornament later.
    Rage quit best describes the majority of people that attempted this once they got to the Estate of Unrest even before the ornament question came up. Hard to tell what they were saying since it was in drunkese, but the sheer frustration and anger wasn't...particularly when accompanied by fast disappearances. I wasn't too happy with the first two attempts either, there is no way a naked of level one is going to make it to the last npc waypoint without help or exploits. It wasn't clear there was a timer and that you suddenly found yourself in Unrest being told to stay close to the npc at the starting point, but no way to get back there. Fail and wait for a very limited time slot to try again is another strike against it. How did I make it through to finish up a set of armor? I accepted the offers of CoTH's and followed high levels in. If that's an exploit I would VERY much like to hear an explanation of how that last run through to the very deepest npc in the basement could be done without one. The closest anyone came that I saw was using a merc, a instant cast mount, DA and a LOT of buffs from higher levels including DS.

    There's also all the people (and alts) that won't have to do the quest at all since the quest piece is totally tradeable and can be parceled off to whoever. Ok, you'd have to do that in order to justify making a new character and running it through for a flag on your main, but it's really unbelievable in broader terms. An instanced expedition/monster mission would have been great and gotten the same end results without the rage or total indifference to the entire thing by people who just don't see the point of making a gnome because they'd have to open a free account or delete a character they've already put effort into.

    I'm not doing the quest any further since I realized that it's limited in prizes. I love the armor sets, and spend way to much on them, but even I am not insane enough to buy those sets at the prices that they're listed at gorgeous or not.
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