Dont like 2022 TLPs? What do you want in 2023?

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  1. Smak Augur

    Heres what i want for 2023:
    server opens with all expansions available.
    at character creation you can select level, aa, and gear worn and inventory of self and bank.

    All items no drop at creation.

    SO you can pick any class, level, aa, gear, and content you want to solo group or raid.

    And make all DROPS free trade. Only no drop items would be what you start with and some exceptions like epics.
  2. mikey87 New Member

    A heavy flagging server with all expansions open. You, individually, cannot go to kunark until you have killed x y z raid mobs in classic, and cannot go to velious until you have killed x y z raid mobs in kunark, etc etc. I've always felt that expansions kill earlier content for no reason. Make me go through all of the game, not just zoom into the latest stuff. The concept of grandfathering somebody into PoTime to get their key so they don't have to actually play the expansion is absolute clown shoes. Though I don't know how well the population would hold up if they are scattered through expansions due to getting stuck. On E'ci back in the day in PoP if guilds needed people they would do backflagging and the upper class would push the lower class through in hopes of getting more numbers. I miss public raiding and Ashorty.
  3. Tucoh Augur

    • Mischief loot
    • Level-locked
    • Luclin start
    • Everything no-drop
    • Corpses lock on death
  4. Omani Journeyman

    Fippy clone, bring back the old feuds.
  5. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.


    An ideology is a set of beliefs or philosophies attributed to a person or group of persons, especially as held for reasons that are not purely epistemic, in which "practical elements are as prominent as theoretical ones.

    I never disputed the fact that Beastlord & Berserker were DLC at their introduction, what I think is that they should not remain so and presented reasons why I think it would be better for the players to make that change.

    The opposition to having them change from DLC to "core game" is however idealogical because the devs believe they should remain so, they have never presented any reasoning to not change this besides it being work they would have to do & that they consider these classes to still be expansion content 20 &17 years after the expansion they were introduced in.

    I hope that explains why I used that term better for you, ideologies are not purposely devoid of factual elements they are simply not restricted to them.
  6. Oreilly123 New Member

    The original Discord permadeath PVP server. They turned this server on for a while as a promotion for the Gates of Discord.

    If I remember correctly you become PVP at level 4. Any death for any reason sets you back to a level one and naked. This was a lot of fun to mess around on lol.

    For the folks who miss the "scary" part of trying not to die, this server will bring that back quickly. Dying doesn't mean much in the game now but on this server it would mean everything.
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  7. Treeconix Elder

    This would be DOA considering half the old raid mobs have the most mindless mechanic aka random unavoidable DTs.
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  8. Player1321 New Member

    Only 1 thing I need to get the urge to do it all over again, and thats normal timeline with free trade. Mischief was perfect with the epic pieces being about the only things no trade.

    Optional things I wouldnt mind:
    Randomized loot - I enjoyed this from Classic to Luclin once they fixed things each expac (30+ items from fear minis, AoW loot from WW dragons), and then GoD and on seemed fine as well. Pop tier lists were awful imo. How they thought Grummus and P4 time were on the same tier, I'll never understand. That on top of the extra month they still think we want in PoP made it a rough time in mischief land... I would like a small edit in the mischief loot system if that is what they run. With picks and dzs and all that there is already so much loot. A single loot table on each corpse is plenty.
    Relaxed Truebox - I personally dont box much, but I dont mind people that do. I think 3 box on one comp seems like a great compromise. I hope it works well on Yeli and becomes something from the start on the next server(s)

    New things?
    Kunark Start - I've seen it asked for every year, is the profit of race change tokens the reason we havent seen it? I dont know. Classic is just so quick with the planes being open the whole time (basically). If they do stay with the normal 2 months of classic, it would be cool if planes/hole didnt open til after the first month. This would make a bunch of classic quests actually worth while, but would also leave a real lack of end game content for a month with only phinny/naggy/vox so not sure what other people think here.
    Beastlords and Berserkers in from the start - Classic or Kunark start it would be cool to have both classes in at the start. Caveat that they cant finish there epic til the class wouldve come out I guess? Not sure anyone would really care about that too much.
  9. Gnomie Denser than most

    Honestly besides the Krono farming, there's absolutely nothing better about Classic to Pop than any other Era. Having played in all eras, I think Classic -> Pop is one of the weaker eras. The only reason I go to new TLPs is to farm platinum and to make Krono to take back to my server.

    Personally, TSS -> SoD is the best era in EQ, and it's not even close. The problem is that GoD -> PoR is the absolute worst era in EQ by a huge margin, so most people bail before ever getting to TSS. It's hard to struggle through like 9 months of garbage to get to the good stuff.
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  10. Erekai Journeyman

    I saw this idea suggested once and I absolutely loved it. I would immediately play on a server that did something along these lines (might need to be tweaked from this idea, but the base is here):

    A server with a "standard" TLP ruleset like Aradune or Yelinak, but the twist is that a grand majority of your experience gain comes from achievement hunting, like 90% or more. You would still get exp from killing mobs, but it is greatly reduced. Imagine people actually visiting dungeons like Permafrost, Paw, and Kedge Keep, doing the Hunter achievements in all zones and tracking down those rare named mobs because getting those Hunter achievements would be big exp boosts, or exploring the world, visiting the various zones to complete their traveler achievements, or working earnestly (aka grinding lol) out the slayer achievements because they result in achievements and therefore big exp gains. Or raising factions so that they could go the cities and do those newbie quests that are related to achievements, so that they could get more experience.

    I think it would be so neat to see people spread all around the world hunting down these achievements to do the majority of their leveling. Or I guess they could just all congregate in Unrest, Lower Guk, The Hole, Chardok, etc for the 25th TLP in a row and grind out their levels there.... but it would be like 10% effective from a kill-mobs-for-exp-gain perspective.

    I really enjoy "standard" TLPs as a whole, but I would love to see this twist on experience gain and see players spread out all over the world hunting down these achievements. I think it would be magical.
  11. Vicus Augur

    A Vaniki style server from devs that understand what raiders (hardcore or casuals) want. We want to be able to kill the current content that is released but with a REAL challenge. If PoP is released for example, we dont want to be able to kill Quarm in 24 hours or less like you can do on every other TLP, but we also don't want to wait until Omens of War is released to be able to kill Quarm. This is a horrible feeling. Hey everyone, I killed quarm but it only happen because the group gear worn was better then the in era raid gear.

    Vaniki 2.0 needs to be tuned so that players CAN beat the content as it is released, its just going to take effort and time. Beating an in era end boss 2-3 weeks before the next expansions come out is the PERFECT pace for a server, not one where the bosses are impossible and you have to wait for 10 levels to accomplish it. That is a crappy feeling. Even worse when the entire server provides detail feedback (6+ guilds) and you do nothing. But that goes both ways. I am sure the devs who devoted making this server and coming up with the great idea, but then watching the powers that be just allow the server to die with no shred of help, that has to not be fulfilling as an employee.

    Vaniki 2.0...with devs actually talking to the player base and testing the server before launch would be my first pick.

    If not, TSS start I would be interested as well.

    But second perfect server outside of Vaniki 2.0 would be a Miragul server with boxing enabled. I ran the prelaunch discord for that server and there was over 800 members in that discord prior to launch because the devs had "hinted" that it would be a non-truebox server. The 10 days prior to launch and the devs announced it was going to be truebox, the discord server had less then 200 people. It reflected the server. There was one raiding guild on that server, and outside of them, it was dead withing 30 days.

    The two biggest flop servers, Vaniki (the only progression guild just quit) and Miragul (truebox killed the server out the box) have detailed roadmaps on how to perfect them to be successful, but my guess is the devs just move onto something else or drop a cookie cutter server. We will see.
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  12. mark Augur

    classic,3 months unlocks for all expansions up to time(loy and ldon should be included with pop),unlimited boxing on 1 pc,totally random tradeable loot from the nameds and if you have completead an epic on that account buy one for 50$
    these his a crazy idea as soon as god unlocks launch new tlps these should maximise subs and krono sales for daybreak.
  13. mark Augur

    Make us recyclers happy every year with a new fun tlp.
  14. 3rdconix Elder

    This doesn't make sense. Why would DON - a level 70 expansion- be included with POP?

    Epics for $50? Lol they are relevant for like 1 month.

    3 month unlocks of classic, Kunark, and Velious?...DOA.
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  15. Dre. Altoholic

    Luclin launch
    Full private instancing
    2 week level cap unlocks
    1 week non-level-cap expansion unlocks
    Free trade/double/random loot
    Auto dumps to a live server 1 month after max level reached and resets.
  16. Runes Augur

    PoP locked server with FV rules and all classes available from start for fun and flavor and then option to transfer out from server after year to another server farther along in expansion locks
  17. mark Augur

    I meanty ldon not don and some monk and other classes epics go for a lot of kronos so 50$ his a bargain and the money goes to daybreak.
  18. Xeris Augur

    Oow or POR locked TLP :) let's go.
  19. psybob Journeyman

    To be honest , Krono is ruining the game but i know too many are making RL money off of them and DB is supplying the drug so that means it wont go away even for a server. Next fun ruining part is no One wants to lvl their own toons anymore, PL PL PL , spammed all day by 15 different people at different times. Lets find a way to Limit the ability of PLing ,But i know it falls under my first point, PL = Krono + DB is the supplier and not gonna give up that revenue. Level your own toons your just making this a Pay to win game. An Idea Non raid drops , Dungeons and OW stuff is super Common ( aka Frenzy is a regular spawn and always drops FBSS) , Raid content the only way to get Hard to get loot. Make trade skills worthy of doing again.
    I know what im saying is gonna get me flamed because it takes away from your Bread and butter Krono making skills but this game isnt about making krono to a lot of us. We enjoy meeting friends everyday, playing with them. Making new friends. Its not fun when you have KSers trying to steal camps so they can earn a few More plat in the bazaar, So Box armies don't own a certain camp everyday just to sell something so they can buy rice for their family.

    Also Make 1 server where GMs are a thing and can actually take care of Cheaters and Toxic trash
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  20. Dre. Altoholic

    I like this idea and I'd take it further. For a few choice items (FBSS, GEB's, ykesha, etc) with broad multiclass demand it'd be great if there was a second itemID that was no trade, i.e. when the mob is killed it drops the tradeable + 2 nontrade versions. Really reward players to go get things themselves.
    I'm certainly not a tradeskill guru, but it seems I never see anyone wearing fine plate or using forged weapons. While I can see a market for HQ skins, banded armor and basic jewelry on day 1, things seem dry after that until like.... Earring of the Solstice. This topic probably deserves its own thread.
    It's probably just a double edged sword at this point for open zones that facilitate player interaction and have desirable loot to end up being overrun with bottom feeding farmers/bots. Only thing I can imagine is level-capping open zones and forcing high levels into private instances. They'd probably need to be locked on creation to avoid the whole 'sell looting rights' thing also.
    The line separating good and evil passes (...) through all human hearts.”

    A great start would be a simple script that cleans up General chat. The script would block common WTS/WTB messages and auto-connect you to a 'Bazaar' channel. Something similar for LFG's and buff beggars.