Dont like 2022 TLPs? What do you want in 2023?

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  1. UltrawideGameGuy New Member

    Standard ruleset, but with balancing of classes. Tone down enchanter charming, as it ruins the entire group experience on TLPs in my opinion. Help underpowered and underplayed classes in classic (rogues, rangers, paladins?) and give beastlord and berserker from launch. Anything to help balancing in classic would be nice, but I'm guessing that will never happen. Enchanter charm...ugg.
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    No relish. Extra mayo. 1/8th of a pickle. Tomato on the side. 2 rings of onion. 172 degrees fareinheit.
  3. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    They already did it for Gnome Knights & Halfling Rangers at some point prior to 2015, then reversed it on Ragefire.

    So I still think it is not as hard as you are making it out to be.
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  4. Manafasto Augur

    Agree with Skuz, also please release all race/class combo's from the start of Classic.
  5. Captain Video Augur

    These are combinations of things that were in the game at Classic, so the amount of additional coding would have been a lot less. Furthermore, all that work was done as part of Luclin, so there has never been any programming issue against including them in Classic on a TLP. The only reason they were removed was because they became one of Prathun's fits about everything having to rigidly follow in-era history.

    The B's are a completely different situation, coding-wise.
  6. Manafasto Augur

    He is gone and can try to remain on that mole hill at Blizzard. Those at Blizzard had this similar mindset and are beginning to walk back those arguments for implementation.
  7. Wurl New Member

    +1, some small changes could go a loooooooong way.

    1. Do something to fix enchanter pets with cheal being both the best tanks and best DPS in XP groups. I'm fine if enchanter pets are the best tank or the best DPS, but being both is ridiculous.
    2. Change the kill credit formula so DoT damage no longer counts for its full damage in DPS races so that DoT classes can't steal kills from full groups.
    3. Do something to make rogues more playable.
    4. Hybrid gnomes in at launch.

    This is all I want, a more balanced and fleshed out TLP experience. No major changes needed.
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  8. EQEnzo New Member

    The original (not current, extended) expansion unlock schedule of Vaniki.
    No level locking beyond that dictated by currently available expansions.
    Double xp, triple loot.
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  10. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I disagree.

    And at this point I would love clarification from a Dev to clear up this point not just for mine & your benefit but for everyone else's too.
    I believe you have invented a lot of your justifications without understanding the actual processes involved, because I do not think it works the way that you think it does, however neither of us knows the code or coding in general well enough to say for certain though.
    My understanding is that most of the changes would just involve "flags" in the a database or the code in same way that other flags dictate when NPC's appear in the game.
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  11. Captain Video Augur

    On this point we definitely agree.

    Umm... I'm a retired IT professional with 35+ years of software development experience, the vast majority of that in commercial database applications. I've worked for a couple of US Fortune 500 companies and also in academia. That's my frame of reference. If the coding for early EQ had been done following the standards I've been used to, then yes, it would be down to a few simple database changes to make this happen. But my mental image of the actual coding work in that era is one of Brad sleeping under his desk and Smed driving around the San Diego waterfront in a very fast car. We can't have the old Freeport because they don't have working code for it anymore, merely some snippets of art and zone geometry; it's not exactly a stretch to speculate there is something like that which they're not telling us when it comes to adding these classes to Classic era content.

    I don't play the classes, but I have no traditionalist objection to the change. I don't think they do either. The advantages from a business standpoint are fairly obvious. So, if it was that easy to do, they would have done it by now. If I'm wrong about that, I'll be happy to admit it, but we need more dev info than we've been getting.
  12. Aenoan Augur

    Technically Ladder servers existed, Sleeper, Combine and I think Fippy Darkpaw ( I don't remember the Fippy rulesets so I am probably wrong)
    The below screenshot still kinda haunts me. Always checking to see who might have finished what and when while you slept.
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    No, these were never ladder servers like the concept I referred to.
  14. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    The obstacle to doing it is 100% ideological where those classes are conceptually believed to be "expansion content" by the dev team.
    I have tried to find the relevant posts but they are so buried by now I have this far been unable to coax them out of either google or the forum search tool. Devs have basically said this is why they wont do it, and that;s why I have argued against that stance specifically.

    I do not think or say that the process of disconnecting these two classes from their expansions is easy, certainly it involves time, a resource the team always have to manage.
    But it is far from the manned voyage to mars level of difficulty some portray it to be.
    It can be done, that should not be disputed.

    Its all about the why they do not want to.
  15. Aenoan Augur

    No true but the unlock speeds were basically up to the players with only a default "pause" in between each expansion but we could take a month or a day to unlock an expansion especially the early content. I think pop took IV about a week iirc with flagging. But the unlock was bugged at the end.

    But in a loose sense like d3/d2/poe ladders or seasons. In that aspect I think S/C TLPs were a lot like that now its more seasonal-esque for sure.
  16. TheAgenda Augur

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  17. Haak Augur

    I'm curious how a TSS start would fare. I imagine those who experienced that content view it favorably, while recyclers who leave after PoP have no interest. As a recycler myself, I find nothing attractive about the content between GoD and current live. I logically know there's likely been some interesting expansions, and that if I gave it a try I may be pleasantly surprised. Despite that, I probably wouldn't even sub for something I don't have a nostalgic tether to. I wonder if I'm in the minority, and if a TSS start would thrive, or if the reason we don't see TLPs begin that late is because the devs fear the support isn't there.
  18. c313 Augur

    Red and Blue server.

    Traditional TLP, one being PvP and the other being PvE. Exp adjustments for the PvP
  19. TheAgenda Augur

    Understandable. It's very common for people to not want to leave their comfort zones and to fear what they aren't familiar with. That's why the average person never leaves their hometown.
  20. Massimo_Bertoxx Augur

    "Ideological" lol

    Ideologies are subjective standpoints based on belief. It is an objective fact that some races and classes entered the game as DLC content. It ceased to be "conceptual" when it was implemented at the time. It is simple reality that most of the game, after two decades, is DLC content and undeniably tied to the DLC timeline.

    They don't start the game with classic and include Vah Shir and berserkers because it there is no reason to do so. Any more than epics being available before kunark, AA to be available before luclin, or any other arbitrary wish people manage to mentally rub out.

    One day you remove corpse runs and, after enough years of koolade getting passed around about that, people delude themselves into thinking absolutely any arbitrary change that occurs to them isn't just acceptable, but that simple objective fact and logic contrary to it is "ideological."

    These forums get more hysterical every year.