dont invite single players to boxing groups.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by mark, May 19, 2022.

  1. mark Augur

    It’s to late to change their mind these year,and you can donate to darkpaw games if you want to be my guest.
  2. jeskola pheerie

    It's not too early to put the pressure on them for next time, though! Clearly you have piles of money since you bought six rtx 3080 crypto mining rigs to play EQ on. You should do as Haak suggested!
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  3. CokaRZ "Oh! they baited us"

    Mark will be running his own private server soon. Keeps all the peasants out and he can still argue with himself.

    Seems like everyone's a winner
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  4. Accipiter Old Timer

    Wow. One of the most rabid anti-boxers, too.
  5. Laronk Augur

    You're so ignorant, "other players who don't play multiple accounts bad because they benefit from my multiple accounts"
    I mean you're free to do what you want but if you don't want to help out your community then you're the problem in online gaming.
  6. Everdork99 Lorekeeper

    oh no! Someone on Everquest who will not group with people who do not need his grouping! Whatever will happen?
    I do not box because I suck at it. If I didn't suck and found it fun I sure would. Let this guy throw a fit if he wants's his sub fee, let em play however he wants. My wife likes to box so we normaly play with her two boxing and me with 1 and three mercs. On the new server tomorrow we will do the same thing when we can't fill the group with real peeps, but mostly I think it will be a while before there is a lack of people LFG.
  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    And in an ironic twist of fate, I will be single-boxing this time around. :p
  8. psybob New Member

    IMO and im not alone. Boxing is ok up to 3< toons, once you start boxing whole groups it ruins the game. Box groups Dominate Spawns just to make a gold so they can but their Kronos. Group + boxers are IMO greedy and unsocial , and honestly they could Care less what you think of them. Not All are totally bad i agree but on the most part they are Scum of the earth!
  9. Maph Lorekeeper

    please more mark posts
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  10. Gheed Is not reading your response

    I hate boxers
  11. RABKkehhalla Elder

    I mark out everytime mark posts.
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  12. Gheed Is not reading your response

    Have boxers been removed from the game yet?