Don't allow guild leaders or officers to talk down to people.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Candystore, Jul 26, 2021.

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    The sad thing is, modern MMO's cater to this kind of request. In FFXIV, there is a zero tolerance policy on critiquing performance in instance dungeons via SE's version of a dungeon finder. If a critique you typed is reported, you are suspended and repeated offenses leads to permanent banning of accounts. It happens all the time that people that are just trying to help someone improve their play are given an involuntary vacation from the game.

    Snowflakes, all of them.
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    Technically it wasnt the critique, but the use of a parser to critique someone. Parsers are against the rules, but they look the other way if you dont abuse it.
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    Is there a reason the only gender you think can yell at people in a guild is a 'him'?
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    Over the years I've seen various threads on various guilds / leaders / officers behaving like this and...Wondered how or why it happened.

    I wouldn't let anyone talk to me like that and wouldn't stay in any guild that did this or allowed it.

    What price dignity?

    I have played in all manner of guilds in Everquest, including server first top end raid guilds and nobody ever did this to, or in front of me.

    I'm careful to parse reputation before considering anyone else's guild tag. I treat their reputation as MY reputation. I have a life, a self affirming life, and don't need to tryhard in a game to the point of abuse.

    The raiding guilds I have been in have been made up of real life professionals who function at high levels in real life. I avoid poopsocker tryhard guilds.

    Take your untreated bipolar disorder somewhere else!
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    It's all over on the TLPs. There are 3-4 of these types on every new TLP. You probably know their names. I'm not saying that group of leaders is abusive, just serious tryhards.

    This isn't TLP bashing. TLP is where I'm currently playing.
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    Aye, I play on several TLPs and have been on TLPs a long time, only recently coming back to live, mostly bacause after a certain point in TLP server population, things stagnate, a new TLP pops and most of the Kronolords move on.

    I don't mind drive and intensity, but draw a hard line in the sand at verbal abuse. Likewise, constructive criticism is just a part of teamwork, but not shaming or abusing people. There is nothing in this world, much less a game that would make that an OK thing.
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