Don't allow guild leaders or officers to talk down to people.

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Candystore, Jul 26, 2021.

  1. Candystore Augur

    With the recent drama surrounding FoH's guild leader "Furor" under investigation by California for abuse at Blizzard, it made me realize something.

    This macho behavior and culture where guild leaders and officers rule their guild with an iron fist, is something I have seen many times in EQ.

    If you see a guild leader, or an officer, curse at fellow guildies, or be disrespectful towards them, call him out on it, or leave the guild.

    Guild leaders nor officers should be talking down to people, you have no idea who is behind that screen or what impact your words have on that person. It is scary to think that former guild leaders of Everquest that were known to be abusive, end up being mentioned in criminal investigations for abuse by the state of California.

    If a leader is abusive to you, call him out on it, and leave. There are plenty of guild leaders and officers who do treat people with respect.
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  2. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    I had little to no Interaction with Furor or most of the "celebrity jerks" that ran some of the more notorious guilds in days gone by.
    I've been very fortunate to have Guild Leaders that were by and large level headed, or at least were when I was guilded with them. (e.g. Bramblebeard, Ratzap, Deillusional, Madlez, Vandilizer, Bonlgon, Dima/Satoshi - all decent leaders in my book).

    But EverQuest would be boring if every Guild Leader was a down to earth and humble person just trying to make it easier for players to have fun, sometimes you want a leader with a bit of an ego, some over-inflated sense of self worth, because sometimes it makes life interesting if they aren't too worried about stepping on some overly sensitive snowflake's toes or if they can sometimes be a bit outrageous.

    That said nobody needs a toxic jerk that treats everyone like crap as a Leader either, there's being a little grandiose, egotistical and taking the piss and then there's being needlessly nasty, spiteful and cruel, or just plain creepy and weird.

    But it depends on the guild and the officers/players and what they enjoy/will tolerate too.
    Birds of a feather & all that jazz.
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  3. Svann2 The Magnificent

    Yea no one should stick with a guild they dont like. There are plenty of guilds that would love to have new people that wont treat you like crap.
  4. Tarvas Augur

    I am more concerned with people needing to be told it's okay to leave a crappy guilds than I am about guild officers being crap.
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  5. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    One of the best guilds on a server was run by a kind respective, fair and humble person.
    I disagree with you Skuz.

    It was very dificult to keep and hold that way of game play throughout the evolution of the game.

    This behavior changed. That is what is wrong with todays game of EQ IMHO

    Kind of like good vs evil in the game.

    Ogres and Trolls are creepy and weird!
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  6. Stymie Pendragon

    What I find funny is that Blizzard's game director is in a guild called "Elitist Jerks". :) I don't know if Furor was in it as some point or not though.
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  7. Nennius Curmudgeon

    Truth in advertising laws compelled them to change their name to that. EU laws can be tough.
  8. Tucoh Augur

    I don't disagree and have never tolerated mistreatment of people in my guilds from leadership, but those who pursue excellence often find solace in trusting that if someone isn't putting in effort they will be held accountable through social pressure.

    In other words, for many there are few things more relieving than a good chewing out after watching a potato botch an event five times in a row.

    People might get upset at the hurtful words, but will tolerate it because they know it might take a power tripping weirdo to keep all the chickens pecking the right seed.

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  9. Drink water New Member

    Had the worst experience going back into full time raiding on a guild that will not be named on another server. The necro leader was almost comical as much as he was cussing,whining, and acting like he could micromanage the necro team. Toxic to the point of driving out every app. I have no doubt about the Blizzard accusations. Gaming today is a very toxic environment.
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  10. RABKkehhalla Elder

    Gaming was always toxic. Anonymity has it's side effects.
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  11. Svann2 The Magnificent

    That boob had an ego that couldnt stand to be talked down to so he opened his big mouth and gave himself up and was arrested for his crimes. He was 100% wrong. His actions got a man killed and then he tried to let his men take the fall for it. No honor, no loyalty. I hope no one is fooled by that macho speech. He was wrong.
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  12. Bigstomp Augur

    The OP seems to be dealing with a social problem.

    There are some very pleasant guilds out there. Pick a new home if your home is filled with ******'s (not sure how many *'s to add)
  13. Flatchy Court Jester

    HEY HEY NOW, we got feelings too.....Ok not really.
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  14. Randel Flag Elder

    lol smh

    people are people, if you don't like your guild leave, simple.
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  15. Rauven Augur

    The same thing can be said about toxic guildmembers. Case in point, when I was playing on Agnarr a few years back, we had probably one of the nicest guild leaders you could ask for. He was down to earth, pleasant to chat with, and was in no way confrontational.

    When we started doing Hate and Fear in the classic era of that TLP server. We had a few people get ticked off over our loot system. We simply used a Need before Greed system because at the time, we were not downing dragons or gods, and only doing five or six islands in Sky. It was a pretty casual guild that never advertised itself as a raiding guild. Mostly a couple of vets hanging out and a few other chill people we met along the way. We just did raids periodically with our high level toons.

    And when I say people were arguing over our loot system. I mean they were arguing over trash loot. The stuff that commonly dropped off of non-named mobs. At the time I had my full planar gear that I literally had looted off the ground that no one wanted during normal hours in the OW. They could have done the same if they felt they were falling behind.

    We had a great thing going and they wanted to bring loot drama into the fold. And the leader didn't really want to raid or even play much anymore. I didn't either and found another game to play for a bit. Thinking back on it, we should have held our ground a bit firmly and told those individuals to buzz off.
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  16. The real Sandaormo Augur

    I have been in guilds that had leadership that would talk down to people and the overall environment was toxic with cursing and people trying to demean each other to make themselves look better.
    I would admit I played into it, as class leader type and officer you better not mess up or you'd have heard about it in an open channel, in addition to tells lol.

    Swapping servers and a couple guilds later if someone were to try and be rude to someone else, I would step in and correct bad behavior. Seeing it as bad as it got, I hope has made me a better person to be around. I try to be constructive now in all my dealings with people if there is an issue.

    I'm like a cute fuzzy bunny now.
  17. Windance Augur

    As with all things there is a balance.

    With the raids all having various emotes that force players to do things, it *IS* critical for the raids success to get members to do those emotes.

    Some people get it the first time its pointed out that they missed an emote. Others are repeat offenders. Sometimes it DOES take publically calling them out or benching them to get their attention.

    I disagree with this statement. There are a lot of good people who just want to hang out and do stuff. Sadly there are the few bad apples that draw others into drama.
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  18. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    OK, some Trolls and some Ogres

    : )
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  19. Veteran_BetaTester PIZZA!

    OP can always server transfer.
  20. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    I expect guild leaders to hold people accountable.

    If that requires benching them and talking it out later, or yelling at them, or something else, as a player and long time officer of top end guilds in multiple games, I expect that to be done.

    Everyone makes mistakes. Or sneezes at a bad time. Or has to pee 6 hours into holding a rathe council member. Some people get it, and you dont actually have to say much if anything to them. Others wonder why you're mad that they made the same mistake in the same place after weeks of making that mistake.

    Nobodys in-the-moment feelings are more important than everyone elses time.
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