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Discussion in 'The Newbie Zone' started by ibc93, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. ibc93 Lorekeeper

    Does anyone have experience they could share in doing a server transfer from an older TLP server onto a Live server like Firiona Vie? How did it go? Was leveling up to max bad? Is there help for getting older must-have pieces of gear?

    I'm starting to get worn out of mostly raid logging on the Mangler server. Guildies aren't as active for grouping anymore. I really miss playing with friends and progressing. I want to keep playing my main character but I feel like Mangler has run a lot of it's course if you will. Also getting tired of waiting 3 months for new content that is finished in maybe 2-3 weeks and back to raid logging. Thank you for the replies :)
  2. kalei New Member

    I can understand that as I feel pretty similar. However I will say some of the lower tier guilds still have lots and lots of people logging in outside of raid times. It’s the summer time and lots are vacationing etc. My advice would be look for another guild that has a lot of players on outside of raid time. It’s definately only raid logging in some of the upper tier guilds but the lower tier guilds have lots on. It just kind of dependa if you want to get super geared out or play with people outside of raid times but get loot slower.

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