Does Your Loot Reside with the Legend of the Oathbound?

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Roshen, Apr 21, 2015.

  1. beryon Augur

  2. PlayNice New Member

    I bought one of the 7 packs and scored a Bridle of the Shadow Panther. Fastest mount speed. Yay ;)
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  3. Tnexus Journeyman

    Stuff that's in there that shouldn't be:
    Familiar of the Hooded Scrykin (Set 5)
    Familiar of the Armored Worg (Set 5)
    Visage of the Siren Enticer (Set 4)
    Visage of the Hooded Scrykin (Set 5)

    Stuff that should be in there that isn't:
    Ping's Peaceful Potion Package (Set 3)
    Ping's Pinning Potion Package (Set 3)
    Ping's Propagating Potion Package (Set 3)
    Ping's Punctuality Potion Package (Set 3)
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  4. Tnexus Journeyman

  5. Devildawg Elder

    And for those that are crashing when inspecting prizes: it's because of your UI. You'll have to update it, or switch to default in order to properly inspect/claim a prize (added a check box to the inspect window for those items that lets you preview the reward/claim the prize).
  6. Tiqou Elder

    Any plans to convert regular LoN non locked loot cards into these new tradable prizes items instead of the loot directly?
  7. Pinecone Journeyman

    Not likely
  8. Ratbo Peep Augur

    Agreed, and I personally find that kind of "commerce" predatory re people with gambling proclivities.
    Up until now, SC was only used to buy items, not chances at items.
    I personally what to know exactly what I'm buying before I'll spend my money.
  9. Kegwell Augur

    Got my Kiss with the triple cash I bought a few years ago :) Took 11 packs...
  10. sojero Augur

    Not that I care either way about predatory commerce or your views, but SC has always been available to buy packs, and people used to spend a ton, and still do, to get items, and care nothing about the card game. Nothing has changed except for the method, behavior is still the same.
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  11. SpamFactory Augur

    what's the point of the jester card? In the OP it says its tradable unlike the legend of oathbound packs, but the packs are also tradable, so I'm not understanding their purpose.
  12. sojero Augur

    its a bonus item, you get 3 for the price of 2.
  13. Roshen Brand Manager

    Just a reminder, Legend of the Oathbound packs go into the Norrathian Vault at 12:00PM PDT on Wednesday, July 22, 2015!

    We'll have a new Marketplace item to replace Legend of the Oathbound that will have loot items from loot from Oathbreaker, Ethernauts and Against The Void. More details on this will be available after the July 22, 2015 patch!
  14. Motherlee Augur

  15. Benito Augur

    Are there plans to rotate Legends of the Oathbound back in the future?
  16. Roshen Brand Manager

    While we reserve the right to return any item to the Marketplace, there are no immediate plans to offer Legends of the Oathbound packs again.
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