Does Truebox actually solve anything?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Varyk, Mar 13, 2024.

  1. FadedshadeTLP Lorekeeper

    Pretty sure that his entire MO here, just making it up as he goes along
  2. Ddezul Augur

  3. CdeezNotes Augur

    There's only two reasons to be so anti boxing:

    1. Nobody will group with you (probable)
    2. It'll affect your rent money (also, probable)

    So which is it?
  4. Larsen Augur

    It's kind of impressive how unhinged you are. Are you aware that you sound like an absolute lunatic?
  5. Intercept Augur

    I'm fine with one guy playing 2-6 box's on 2-6 CPU's, they aren't the problem.

    The guy clearly cheating while running 30+ accounts with multiple groups in multiple picks when he is locked out of DZ's is a very real problem and if it isn't solved fewer people will sub to this game and once they stop so do the guys playing 30+ subs to make RL money.

    Those people need to be banned immediately once found, it's obvious visually they are cheating so ban them immediately, delete all there krono/plat/toons/items/everything.

    The current testing methods are too easily fooled, so either GM's update them or use there eyes and ban accordingly

    Delete everything they had including names so they know for a fact that they were punished for cheating, make it so it's not worth it monetarily
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  6. Ddezul Augur

    Silly argument

    I play to group and always have one (even when i Rogue).
    I own my home with no payments. Yay for old age!
  7. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    I think most people running 30+ crews are probably cheating, but there is no proof they are cheating.

    Assumption is not good enough.

    But I will make it easy for you...The company that now manages EQ is not going to ban the single individual paying for 30+ subscriptions, they will lose subscription revenue and they will lose krono sales as players will buy krono with cash to trade for items or plat and then buy items.

    In a 25 year old game that probably makes more money than all their other games COMBINED.

    At the end of the day with /pick and AOC's no one really cares anymore about the crews.
  8. Ddezul Augur

    Evidently many care about the crews.

    You not being one.

    True box for life.
    No true box server is DOA . Ask Rizlona if you can get past the wails for merge into Aradune.
  9. Vewdue Elder

    They made some good moves allowing the "relaxed" true box as servers get to certain expansions. The only thing I would modify is maybe allowing 2 chars from the start. Not a huge change or help to big box crews, but still allows people to easily box 2 chars if they want. After that, keep the same unlocks or revisit what expansions they unlock at.

    I don't think fully removing it right from the start would be a good thing, but 2 chars at start would be a reasonable compromise. Maybe even 3 at the start, but I probably wouldn't support anything over 3 at the start, with 2 at start probably being the better move.
  10. CdeezNotes Augur

    So a a nearly 4 year old server wanting a merge = DOA? You know that makes absolutely no sense, correct? Rizlona had a good population for quite a awhile.

    Aradune was the most restrictive boxing server ever and also probably the highest peak server ever. You know what? DPG won't ever release another Aradune ruleset because the early eras were some of the most toxic, exploit filled populations to date. I wonder why :rolleyes:? Maybe because the toxic cheaters knew it was better exploiting the restrictive rulesets with their bot armies than Rizlona, perhaps? Forcing the casuals who think GEBs are end game to blow those kronos on them because they couldn't compete with the automated 6 botters. But I guess that's what you want, huh? To exploit the casual playerbase?
  11. NuffanTuit Nuffan Tuit on Innoruuk Server

    True Box does not prevent the bot crews....and you seem to just want to ignore that. Speaks volumes about who you really are...True Box helps you maintain an it....
  12. Xhieron Elder

    Metrics? The game has changed, but it sure looks like some things certainly haven't. Serious Business is alive and well in 2024, and it's just as lame now as it was in 99. Far be it from me to tell anybody they're playing the game wrong, but both of your examples involve somebody playing multiple characters at once. I mean, if you really want to get the most out of a class, wouldn't the solution be to just... play one character?

    The point is that the game just isn't difficult. It doesn't really matter; if you prefer sober mates, you do you. [Also who is taking 15 minute smoke breaks when they're not on the clock?]

    All of this is to say, if you're optimizing EQ, that's fine for you. But it isn't a good argument for boxing, not boxing, or anything else, because it's completely unnecessary to play the game and succeed. Gatekeeping EQ because someone isn't "good enough", no matter your agenda, is as ridiculous now as it was 25 years ago.
  13. Ddezul Augur

    Nobody says it eliminates them
    It slows them down though.

    Nobody wants another Ragefire.
  14. Ddezul Augur

    Rizlona been crying for a long time for more population.

    Aradune was toxic at first like any other server. FTE would have fixed that.
    Thanks for playing!
  15. CdeezNotes Augur

    Rizlona has not been crying for a long time.

    FTE would've fixed Aradune? LOL talk about head in sand syndrome. There wasn't a single zone where you saw someone breaking Aradune's boxing rules. If you deny that you're deluded. Truebox did nothing to stop them.

    You know what fixed Aradune? The botters and recyclers leaving. The server is 100x better than it ever was during Classic-OOW. Good thing too, enjoyed the best expansions in peace and harmony.
  16. Beeshma New Member

    To answer the question: resounding NO.
  17. Muramx Augur

    It definitely doesn't slow them down. Well it doesn't slow down the ones that want to play 2+groups. It only effects the average Joe who really wasn't a problem to begin with. I would speculate, that FTE does more damage to the people boxing while running bots and scrips then truebox ever did. It's one of the reasons their aren't a whole lot of them on Oakwynd, because they couldn't just bully people out of camps and is why there are 100 posts on "get rid of it!"
  18. jeskola pheerie

    If they released two servers this year both with no truebox does anyone really think all the people and guilds gearing up for them will be like "oh no thanks then"? Maybe in years past but it's 2024.
  19. CdeezNotes Augur

    If you have one iota of computer knowledge you know this isn't true. It's pretty apparent you are one of the most computer illiterate people in this thread.

    News flash: Bot crews don't use multiple PCs. They install easy to acquire software. Anyone can acquire it.

    The only thing truebox does is slow down normal boxers who don't want to risk their accounts. It actively gives botters more power over people like you. But then again, I still think you are one based on your responses.
  20. Efr3 Lorekeeper

    it would allow the game to be played in the best way and the way it was designed to be played. that's with other players. playing solo is fine but playing multiple characters at once isn't. it's what ruins the game and always has. in the current situation true box does nothing because it actually doesn't exist. all of the tlp servers have true box removed after some time passes. that's why i don't play this game anymore. i've asked for an actual true box server multiple times in the past and they've never made one. i have no idea why this blind stumbling development process continues to stumble along with no idea what fans want. we want the same game that existed in the past. that's why so many people like p99. i just want to play true box. i'm ok with the newer expansions as long as there's a true box restriction that never goes away but that doesn't exist. for some reason the devs prefer to setup each TLP server for failure by making them all boxing krono farmer servers. boxing is the plague of the game and until we can play on a server with no boxing there is no game.