Does Truebox actually solve anything?

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  1. FadedshadeTLP Lorekeeper

    I dont actually think you are entirely incorrect here, however...

    The reason you see a lot of solo players on TLPs only, because everyone and their mother boxes on live, is because of truebox - Thats not really the argument tho. You want to intentionally keep as many solo players as possible, many of whom would be boxing 2 characters if Truebox was not a thing, because... why?

    What is your logic and sound argument to prevent ordinary casual legit players, from doing a two or three box? What is the purpose for doing so? Because, so far the only thing it actually does, is help cheaters become richer. If you have another conclusion, please provide one.
  2. Ddezul Augur

    Because I played Ragefire.
  3. FadedshadeTLP Lorekeeper

    Thats not an argument, i played Ragefire too and i think Truebox is bad. Wanna try using words to explain your stance or should we just keep assuming its because you are a RMT'er that you are against it?
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  4. MileyVyrus Augur

    More single boxers have more time and desire to post on forums, thats why forums seem to tilt whinier than the actual player base. Heck, there has only been one pure box server and the only realcomplaint that ever came out of Rizolna was people weaponizing the petition process (i.e. outside involvement).

    Minimum wage in this country is almost a Krono an hour. It's fun to pretend everyone with more than 2 toons is feeding a foreign family of 5, but its simply not true. This is most people's like 5th or 6th go around on the TLP track... If you are still one-boxing a rogue for 3 raid nights a week and consider that entertainment, let's go ahead and admit the fact that you just aren't very good at the game you love.

    And thats perfectly fine! Some people never played Starcraft Brood War because the extra units were too diverse and turtling to battlecruisers and carriers didnt lead to more victory laps. EQ past POP evolved into a different game, with more scripts and events to figure out and focus needed. Lots of folks werent up to the task (or had to graduate college.. thats a lot of us lol). So they repeat the same.... one box rogue... forever.

    And thats fine! But lashing out at people who have decided each go around of tlp to add a laptop for a a cleric.. or a bard.... and suddenly realized mages really were just /assist /pet attack /cast 1....

    And each 50 dollar laptop was another one.

    And in a game with no score, where you cant get your jollies being one of 5 people on the server with a donal's bp because of AOCs.... The scorecard is plat... and eventually krono, because plat devaluates.

    Some use that krono to fund other DPG games. Some do it to stack up for their EQ2 sub.... etc.. But the vast majority of people boxing aren't doing it as a job for heavens sake. Most people boxing 3 or 4 outside of classic couldnt outpace working full time at a pizza joint.

    Yes, laugh at the botters with 5 melees in their groups and jump on each mob like a popcorn machine, they are easy to spot and annoying as hell. Just stop assuming each person out there with more than a couple toons in tow is Vee Emming because it's just not true. It'd be a royal waste to cheat to ... actually box mages.. I literally get probably 85% as much dps and utility boxing 2-3 mages with laptops people would fully automating them. and about 5% as much ability to navigate walls and doors sadly.. moving will always suck ;)
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  5. Ddezul Augur

    You must not remember how overrun the server was with box armies taking everything of any value.
    I do.

    Please never release another server without Truebox
  6. FadedshadeTLP Lorekeeper

    Again, i was there and the box armies were annoying - They were all run by cheaters however, using 3rd party software to play. As we already established tho, cheaters are going to cheat, regardless of the system. And again, we are not here to get Truebox completely removed, but it does NOT work as it stands right now and you just refuse to believe/see that. Truebox needs to change, but no one here is advocating that it gets outright removed.

    But i disgress, i'm done trying to debate this with someone like you that has his head up his . I can understand why you think it smells everywhere around you tho
  7. Ddezul Augur

    Truebox works great and has for multiple TLP now.

    They did change it. They relax it in OOW which is perfect.

    Make all the personal attacks you like but what I post is true. It's almost like you have a profit motive.
  8. Xhieron Elder

    By your own admission the game that the TLP servers represent isn't a hard game. It's not a secret, and I don't think I've ever heard anyone genuinely dispute it. The only hard thing about classic EQ is getting enough people to show up at the same time, and relaxed truebox exists entirely to address that difficulty when it arrives.

    So why do you need to be good at it? What does being good at it even mean? That you personally might not enjoy only playing one character isn't a problem with the game, and it's certainly not a problem with other players. Since passive-aggressive ad hominems are on the table, maybe you should do some soul-searching too: If you need to play two or three or six or thirty characters at a time in order to have fun with EQ, maybe you just don't like EQ that much? If EQ's too slow and too easy for you, we can all recommend dozens--hundreds either--of more challenging games you could try.

    No one is good at TLP EQ because there's nothing to be good at. Boxing a bunch of characters manually isn't a flex, and denigrating those who don't isn't much of an insult.

    I'll let you in on a secret since you might not know. That guy showing up to raid on his one rogue three nights a week every single TLP? It's not because he's bad at the game. It's because he's high as a kite and he loves raiding with his buddies. Everybody wants to play with that guy. Could he play more characters at once? Maybe. Who cares? He certainly doesn't, so why should you or I? I know that guy, and he's awesome. Everybody knows that guy, and they'd much rather play with him than with the guy who thinks anybody who doesn't box is bad at EQ, whatever that means.

    Have whatever opinion about truebox you want, but once you've decided people aren't good at EQ because they play it the way it was designed in 99, you've already lost the thread.
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  9. FadedshadeTLP Lorekeeper

    I love how you have no arguments and then you decide to accuse me of the opposite of what i want to do. Its fine tho, you are clearly still in the wrong and not a single other person here, would think im here because of a "profit motive"
  10. Ddezul Augur

    Truebox is fine. Relaxed is fine in OOW. Maybe move it to GoD when the serial rerollers jet.

    If we don't have truebox on a server in classic it is DOA. Too much krono to be made for the boxers.

    You seem to taking this very personally. It's ok man. It's a 25 year old game.

    You've been begging for relaxed truebox for 3 TLPs now.

    Maybe you're wrong?
  11. FadedshadeTLP Lorekeeper

    Maybe i am, but we wont know, because people like you are trying to stop the progress the game might benefit from. Cheerio, you arent worth my while any more
  12. Vlahkmaak Augur

    Boxers like to group with other people too.
  13. Vlahkmaak Augur

    No, we are not. Running 4-6 boxes is easy enough. Multiple num pads can control box toons just fine. For instance, set in game macros and use numpads. common commands are follow target, heal target, dps key, aoe key, debuff key.etc. The hardest part about 6 boxing is setting up all the keys on the different laptops (read as time intensive - not hard at all) and occasionally resetting them, etc. Outside of my Shamans laptop, and sometimes a dps laptop I rarely need to touch a mouse for a different toon outside of my main PC. Once I set up a camp pretty much everything is just hitting a key on the correct num pad or laptop for assist, slow etc. Third party software is not needed. It seems like it would take the fun out of boxing tbh.
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  14. Muramx Augur

    While the game has evolved over the last 25 years, and the metrics may have changed. Their absolutely is a difference between being good and being bad. I don't know who your trying to convince, but a person tabbing through characters keeping up on rotations with a minimal loss to a classes potential is a good player. Vs one who hits a key for 5 boxes assist and then another to heal and so forth, and loses 50% of the classes potential. That's a bad player. I can't count how many times someone has tried to bully me out of a camp with their group of script ran/3rd party software and my 4 box groups lowest DPS still out performs better then their whole group.

    So yeah it is a flex to be able to manually play each character and still perform better then some bad player that needs assistance and still can't keep up.
  15. Ddezul Augur

    a big % of the boxers are using a program that's pretty effective at playing the boxes to potential.
  16. Muramx Augur

    Like I said, from TLPs to live I have pushed a lot of these so called "boxers" out when they try to take named and such. The only time I ever get beat, is when it's my 4 box team vs their 12. The point still stands, it is and should be seen as a flex if your manually beating someone with less. It is a skill level issue if you have to cheat or run scripts and zerg content to win.
  17. 25thAnniBaby Lorekeeper

    Go sit in CL -- I would wager that 90% of those players are boxed for sales purposes.
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  18. itiswhatitis Elder

    Then you have no experience playing because atleast 50% of people on truebox severs box. If you go to live or servers that have no truebox everyone boxes. I swear you truebox or die fanatics are just weird little people. Non stop complaining or lying
  19. CdeezNotes Augur

    Do you always make up facts or just when trying to shove anti boxing propaganda down everyone's throat?
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  20. jeskola pheerie

    Wtf haha. That guy is probably also the guy that crap posts here, and cries when he logs in lfg and blames boxers for not getting a group within 5 min and rage quits. Also why is he high as a kite? No one likes to group with the dude taking smoke breaks every 15 min