Does no one group or am I unlucky?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Sociabear, Jun 2, 2021.

  1. Sociabear New Member

    Ive had one group sense I started playing. I usually play a few hours an evening trying out different chars.

    I assumed that 5+ would have a decent amount of groups? Or is everyone just already past this point / people playing multiple accounts?

    I never played EQ originally, started in DAOC and was really hoping to enjoy a group scene but doesn't seem like much, and IDK if I have the willpower to bash blues for hours on end by myself.
  2. Jhinx Whimsical Chinchilla

    What class/level/server are you on?

    Are you in a guild?
  3. yerm Augur

    What is the response people give when you ask them to group with you?
  4. mark Augur

    join a guild tanks are rare most times we have an earth pet or a ranger tanking,not abathphone one and you should get groups instead of a cleric you can have ashman and a druid healing in group an enchanter using a mob as a pet,i cant stress enough being part ofa guild also if you log on abit earlier if you can alot of groups form after work.
  5. MMOer Augur

    I am assuming you are on Throneblade. Move to Mischief it will be a bit better.
  6. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    I joined a guild a couple weeks before the server went live. We formed up static groups, and I've not had to /LFG.
  7. Aiona Augur

    Be social and take the initiative to form a group! A lot of players just don't want to put in the extra social effort to send out tells and form a group. The other issue is that even if you form a good group, you need a camp to go to - I get a few players that turn me down frequently if I don't already have a camp for them to go to. It sucks but I also don't blame them, haha.

    Joining a guild can help out with this a lot, as others have already suggested. But again, if you don't know anyone in the guild, you may not get many invites if you don't socialize or start your own group.

    The other option is to just play an Enchanter. You are your own group with a charmed pet (and do as much damage as a group of players with a good pet), everyone just joins you to leech XP and keep you and your pet alive/buffed. Haha. :p
  8. Mattling Elder

    It's like everything else in life.

    The good players congragate in guilds with like-minded good players. The only people left doing PUGs are the people too lazy to put their own groups together or join a guild, that or anti-social misfits who get kicked out of every guild they join.

    Haven't pugged in years, never will. Don't care if I have to level at 1/10th the speed.
  9. Sippycup The Holy Grail of Aradune

    If you created a Character on a regular Free Live server, then you will have a difficult time finding, if at all, a group at Level 1. Most players that linger on those servers are boxing or playing solo with Mercenaries. Or are at max level doing current expansions. If you want to group or find players at Level 1, the best way is to pay for the monthly subscription and join a Progression Server. The newest ones are Mischief and Throneblade. Mischief most likely being the more popular one. You will definitely find newbie zones full of Lvl 1 - 10 players all day long.
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  10. Zanarnar Augur

    So TLP servers have become extremely cliquey. If your not part of a clique, then your not going to have much fun here. Sorry, its the simple truth of how these servers have evolved.

    Yes there are still some folks who like to PUG. However they are a small group compared to the boxers or "static group" people. Basically, if you don't come prepared with your own group these days, don't expect to be able to find one. That's not to say you can't find a pug group, just that they will be few and far between.
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  11. Zarkdon Augur

    People don't like PUG. Deaths in EQ aren't as brutal as they were 20 years ago, but still take a significant amount of time to recover from. Most people join a guild and make friends. Once you have established some common ground with people it becomes much easier to find groups.

    If you are on a live server there isn't much until you level up. It doesn't take long and again, if you find a good guild there is usually someone you can group with.

    Best way to experience early EQ is try and get a friend to play. With the better hear available there isn't much a couple players can't do together.

    I've hear Firiona Vie has a better low level population than any other live server. TLPs are good for new players, particularly now where two just launched.
    If you want to play free then you will have to play on a live server.. Bertox is a good server with several guild that welcome new players and help equip them, but there just isn't a massive lower level population.
  12. Imyur New Member

    I can honestly say I have never had a problem finding a group when I'm willing to MAKE a group. I've been playing since original Kunark. Throughout all my toons, levels, TLPs, etc, I found if you're willing to invite others you don't have a problem finding a group...
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  13. Atomos Augur

    Please don't spread misinformation like this. You are only speaking to your own personal preference.

    There are a ton of people with their LFG tag on or running to zones to /ooc LFG.

    I've yet to play a TLP where finding a group is hard, and I don't join a guild until I'm max level.

    I'm not implying cliques don't exist. There are definitely people who will not play the game outside of their friends/guilds, which I think is very unfortunate. I enjoy meeting people and making friends. Only playing the game with the same people all the time seems like a very boring way to play. There are multiple ways to play and everyone wants to play their own way, so acting like PUGs are some non-existent alien force is just insulting and a lie.
  14. Atomos Augur

    Your location matters a lot when grouping. Your best chances of getting a group at that level are going to be in the Commonlands area. Orc groups in Commonlands or undead/derv groups in North Ro. I forget what level you can go to Befallen which is also in the area, although it suffers from the same problem every dungeon does: a lack of mobs.

    When you log in you should immediately type /lfg on. If you want, you can also type /lfg and add a comment to the box and click update info. If you're in the zone you want to try to level in, type /ooc level/class LFG.

    The benefit of being in the Commonlands area is if you can't find a group, you can always get buffs from a higher level player at the Commonlands tunnel and solo in the mean time.
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  15. Accipiter Old Timer

    Pat, I'd like to buy a period. And maybe a comma. And some capital letters. And real words.
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  16. Accipiter Old Timer

    That's an overly harsh take on the situation.
  17. Doranur_Aleguzzler Filthy Casual™

    I think you are being a bit disingenuous. I joined a guild before the servers launched, and found myself a static group. We lost two players, one before launch due to work and family obligations that came up, and the other took a long weekend with friends. So we've invited people that were lfg each night we've played. One became a member of our static team. And we've recruited a number of people into our guild, because they grouped with us. When we log on tonight, I have no doubt that pattern will continue.

    The best way to ensure getting regular groups is obviously joining a guild. But you have to make the effort to reach out to people and make the connections.
  18. mark Augur

    i apologies if english isent my first language in fact its my 4th.
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  19. EqHataPlaya New Member

    Ahh comma
  20. xukil of luclin Curator of a UI

    I used to ask to join a group. Then I would start asking who wanted to join me to get something going. I don't know about low level anymore because its basically trivial on live servers. On TLP it seems like it should be fairly easy to be a group leader and get followers to join you. It also help if you are killing in a place that's relatively popular. In time I found I made friends and I put their name in /note or in friends list. Those friends are only around for a week or 2 and you have to keep the list updated. I would log on and see who was around and get something going.

    Sitting around typing /ooc LFG! every two minutes doesn't net much usually unfortunately. People are much more likely to join up if they feel like you are going to take them somewhere cool with a chance to get good xp or loot. :eek:

    Long winded but I hope all LFG's get groups to get to where they want to be.