Does DBG have "Class Reps"?

Discussion in 'Melee' started by Poyzen Frawg, Dec 13, 2016.

  1. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    As the subject line reads: How do we discuss class issues with them?
    Id like to know how the class roll is envisioned in all cases. Its just not the same anymore as how described.

    Do they feel classes are balanced? If not, is this an active job for them? Can we give feedback or suggestions?

    Just one example .... if a Rogue is "King of Mele DPS", in what situation is this statement true? When should a Monk or Zerker, or Beast .. etc be the "King of DPS"?

    I think we know what class is "King of Healing". Cleric... then Druid... then Shaman... in that order.

    Anyway .... where is the discussion room for these kinds of questions?
  2. Reval Augur

    Your old pal Reval knows where this is going. Monks deserve better, we know. Maybe berserkers should have a mandatory minimum of non discing time vs just discing forever. But life goes on friend.
  3. Critts Augur

    This is typicaly reserved for people that can pin point issues relevant to the class. I.e. This disc should do X but instead it's doing Y. Generally they want people that understand the back end of the game vs people that can state the obvious Zerkers are better then every other DPS.
  4. fransisco Augur

    I always felt like class reps didn't really accomplish anything.
    They brought issues to sony, but the sony development team was soo disorganized/behind that they never did anything about the issues. Plus you had the case of dev favorites. Some reps got alot more attention than others.
    The whole idea of class reps was a massive fail.
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  5. Sancus Augur

    The CRT program is still active, but it doesn't seem to illicit the same communication it used to. My understanding is the CRT's are all under NDA, and I haven't seen a dev post even mention the CRT program in years.

    It isn't a very transparent system, and it especially sucks when all your class's CRTs have been inactive for years....
  6. Dropfast Augur

    Yea we've needed a new real CRT for a long time now. Over the past 5 years or so the amount of useless crap or stuff we really didn't need for each class has grown. That's not to say that we haven't got anything good of the past years, but sometimes it's just like wtf. Theirs nothing more disappointing than finding out each year that out of the whopping 3 abilities my class gets, 2 are worthless.

    I love the devs and they really have been doing a pretty good job in most areas but they desperately need help with what each class really does or does not need anymore. How is someone who doesn't even play the game, let alone play my class, suppose to know what we really need. Every year it's the same crap over and over. Literally, 50-75% of all things they have made for monks is trash. I don't mean just it was a lousy upgrade, I mean TRASH. Crap that has never been used and will never be. It's getting really frustrating.

    They need a veteran from each class to work with during ALPHA of each expansion. Not Beta. Most everything is in design lock by beta. Yea, they can tweak some things a bit but you can't fix broke from the start. What's the saying? "You can polish a turd, but it's still a turd." It's become blatantly obvious that who ever is making monk abilities has no clue what the class needs or could really use.

    A perfect example of this was just year ago I think (maybe 2 now) they tried to give monks a new version of Drunken Monkey Style. Of which we have been asking for a long time now. It was great idea! However, who ever designed it didn't even know the basics of the monk class. It was so broke from the get go that their was no way to save it. So they just trashed it during beta and we never even got anything in it's place. What should have been and could have been a great upgrade was just trashed. If a Dev had taken 10 seconds to ask me(during ALPHA) "Hey, will this work?" I could have told them no but if you change it to this or that, it would be great. Or something like this would work.

    I may be wrong but it sure seems like a few classes / people have the Devs ear and get awesome upgrades every year while others don't get squat. Their are even many small changes that could be done to each class that would really make them happy and make useless crap, useful. Something as simple as moving this ability to this timer can be the difference between worthless and awesome.

    A perfect example of that, Monks "Step" line of attacks. These have been 100% trash from day 1 they were introduced. Why? All because it's on the same timer as a much better ability. Literally all they have to do is put this attack on a new timer and it becomes a great ability. Not only do we not use it, have never used it, they still think we are using it! Even giving us AA's for it even though we have told them for 3+ years, it's worthless. No monk in their right mind would ever use this over the Synergy line.

    Every year, probably half the time the Devs spend making new stuff is just wasted making stuff that will never be used. With just a little better communication between Dev and Vets could solve 90% of that. This is great for everyone. The Devs time won't get wasted and people will be much happier receiving something that actually works or has a use. Anyway, sorry for the rant but this has been bugging me for long time.
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  7. Minato Augur

    Monk pet hold ftw!

    Honestly tho if any other monks are using this id love to know but from my stand point you waste more time not dps'ing to position swarm pets then you get from actually using them by a lot lol.
  8. Qbert Augur

    It's been pretty bad since we lost visible individual class representatives. We didn't always get what we asked for but at least we got an answer as to why not, which led to discussion about other things that would not infringe upon the forbidden areas.

    I still don't have level 101-5 versions of a bunch of spells/discs I use regularly because they got left out in favor of spell lines no one ever uses (new and old). And now with the new focus system it is just exacerbated. The focus lines cover a ton of spells/discs that never get used, but don't cover spells/discs that always get used.
  9. Sarcogian Augur

    I'll be the monk CRT. I just retired so it's perfect.
  10. Behelit Augur

    Behelit's Class Lobbying services are available for a nominal fee. You too can enjoy the feeling that you're better than everyone just for being the "right" class. Don't hesitate, this is a limited time offer!
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  11. Minato Augur

    I thought you retired like last year o_O
  12. Sarcogian Augur

    I did some guild juggling, name juggling, personal things. But I legitimately retired this time
  13. Minato Augur

    i hear ya man i'v retired.... i dont remember =P

    Shoot a tell on your new zerk when you get a chance! =P
  14. Beimeith Augur

    This. All of This.
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  15. Sarcogian Augur

    *Looks at character select* what zerker?
  16. Picard Journeyman

    Ditto! Thank you that is all!
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  17. Poyzen Frawg Augur

    It would not suck if a DBG employee of some level would add to this thread. What do you say about CRT?
  18. Nedrom Augur

    I was never officially a class rep but I got a lot done for our class back in the days before Rashere, Rytan and Zajeer left.

    Now I'm not so sure how DBG views class balance. It would be beneficial to any company to involve the community.

    I agree with some though. CRT was a circus. Mostly people who had an angle and never got anything done. Just wasted opportunity and just wanted a social title. Those who helped make real change didn't need a title and know who they are.
  19. Brogett Augur

    I've been retired for well over a year, but I was in the CRT program for a few years. I was a rogue, but CRT was specifically stated not to be a class correspondant. That said it was obvious to all that you want to have a broad knowledge of all classes in your CRT program, and it was something that wasn't adequately done for years (including monks at the time I was there - I did pass on a few messages from monks, but suprisingly many were vehemently against going via a non-monk). On occasion we were asked to poll the classes about ideas (eg what new AAs would you like) and collate the responses, and in those periods it was just someone from another class covering the absent ones.

    In theory CRT was set up to be a sounding board. Devs have ideas, they bounce them around a bit and see what some community representatives think (as they're all under NDA anyway) and avoid making total howlers or things which are universally disliked. In practice though it rarely worked that way and information just wasn't really forthcoming. We did get daily access to chat with the devs, but they're busy people and generally there weren't many occasions that it felt that we were changing much beyond the periphery so looking back I have to say it was a lost opportunity.

    What I will say though is that you don't need to be in the CRT program to engage with the devs. What you need is to be *reasonable*, having a strong coherent argument and evidence to back up any claims. Numerous bugs were fixed this way and sometimes adjustments made to classes too. If a specific class feels it's not getting much leeway, then discuss things between yourselves and nominate one person to PM the consensus to the devs (with fair warning that the dev reply will be publically disseminated back). Not being a CRT means there won't be chance for a live chat discussing it (unless the dev is sufficiently curious to seek you out - unlikely I'd guess!), but it doesn't mean you have no voice.

    A case in point was the whole analysis done a couple years back around AC and mitigation; various classes vs each other and pets. On the back of that a variety of changes were made (much to the complaint of the pet classes), but it was evidence driven and with a specific intention.
  20. fransisco Augur

    This was the largest case of class nerfing driven by players in the history of the game.
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