Does Daybreak even care about hacking?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Gnomie, Jan 1, 2019.

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  1. Gnomie New Member

    On Coirnav there's been a 30 box group of obvious hackers who warp pull bosses, use the program that shall not be named, and are just rampant with their scripting and hacking, not even afraid to do it in front of other people.

    I know this isn't typically the forum for this, but my god I know at least 10 people have reported these same people, including videos, screen shots, and everything else.

    I reported them while they were in the act of hacking, and was told by a GM that they were actively looking into it..

    That all being said, the next day the same group is back in the same spots, doing the same thing, warp pulling, afk scripting, with zero repercussion.

    I just want to know at this point if daybreak even cares anymore. Should everyone just start hacking to get on the same playing field, or are you guys actually going to start policing this?
  2. taliefer Augur

    short answer: not really, unless they are doing "afk stuff" when the GMs actually check. seems to be if you are at your keyboard, you can pretty much do whatever you want.

    just cause someone doesnt respond to you, doesnt mean they are afk
  3. That0neguy Augur

    How do you tell the difference between scripting and not?
  4. Gnomie New Member

    If you haven't seen the video posted on youtube of these guys, you should. It's pretty blatantly obvious when someone is scripting. I've seen it several times here.

    All melee characters immediately run to a mob when in range, stagger awkwardly behind it, then when the mob dies, all instantly go back to the exact pixel they were on previously, and stagger turn back to face the exact direction they were facing prior to the pull. They also have a very specific range of aggro, where they will not move until the mob crosses that threshold, then all immediately start their script.
  5. That One Guy Augur

    When their script gets broken and they dont notice, when a normal person would clearly be making new actions, a script cant account for things that happen. It's very easy to tell the AFK scripters. They have it set to engage mobs in a specific radius or assist a specific toon. There's a video of people intercepting pulls and they do nothing till they bring the mobs over an invise line and then boom all the toons shoot out from a pile of toons and surround the mob and then mob dies and they stagger turn and move back to the pile.
  6. Getonethingright New Member

  7. Getonethingright New Member

  8. Aegir Augur

    I think the devs has written a zillion times that the team that works with customers using 3rd party cheats etc. doesn't read these forums. you need to report them using their petition system.

    secondly, I remember bans coming in waves. So even though you see rampant use of the so called program, doesn't mean it hasn't been noticed and the guilty users have been flagged for a Ban. They do so, as the ones banned, can't lock down a specific date or time where their exploit was compromised.
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  9. a_librarian Augur

    I believe you're right. When I reported a bot army with videos the response was a link to the AFK Gameplay rules. I read through that and it doesn't mention botting or automation programs specifically, beyond AFK gameplay not being allowed. I asked for clarification on if attending botting was against the rules but did not get an answer.
  10. Getonethingright New Member

    Have we been playing the same game? I know you have been playing since rage at least. What all got fixed since rage and what did it take for it to get fixed? Look how long certain public software has been present in eq. They even said they don't fix things unless enuff people complain about it, upvotes ect. Stop giving them the benefit out of doubt, they lie to much and let things go on for too long to claim that, bonlgon taught you better. Everything major that has been fixed was posted and riled up on these forums. that hacker crew has been around since Kunark, they have been reported and even stream video'd and they are still around. when is the appropriate time to take action?
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  11. Aegir Augur

    If it's the exact same characters that's been doing it since Kunark, then I would surprised. I'm guessing they use the exact same text for auctioning Plevel and Krono, but that doesn't mean the staff aren't doing what they can within their legal rights to ban.

    I'm guessing the gang that's using this "program" is rather large with multiple IP's and accounts with max lv characters in bank to get back into business faster than support staff is to ban them again.

    If we really want an end to this it's two things. The Virtual Machine software that people are using and the "program" itself. It wasn't an issue on Phinigel due to some restrictions in the program itself - but it seems now that on these later TLP's that people either are using a totally new and unknown client to my knowledge or the people hosting this known "program" has unlocked all its features for Coirnav and Agnarr...

    Yeah, my first TLP was Ragefire and experienced these hacking programs first hand many times on that server.... either with an enchanter stealing pulls from rangers/bards as mobs popped on track in Plane of Hate or 6box monks bots sticking to a raid mob the moment it was pulled or spawned - I understand your frustration and don't get me wrong, I'm on your side in this matter.
  12. Bolten_DA Augur

    Nothing a bad pull couldn't fix ;)
  13. code-zero Augur

    I've seen the video's and noted that they always have characters away from the main group in strategic spots likely just to deal with "bad pulls". I'm also guessing that if you do give them a bad pull they will have a nice video of you doing that to send in with their ticket so you get a nice vacation.

    Training is just so last millennium.....
  14. Bolten_DA Augur

    That's like the drug dealer calling the police on the buyer.
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  15. Roxas MM Elder

    it took DBG on Phinny a lot of time( believe more then a year since the start of the server ), but then they prob had the time to investigate, and then banned hundreds of accounts of people being involved with all kinds of rule violations. As far as i know they perma banned both people being involved in afk farming, as people rmting, as also people buying krono's from other websites.

    So yes, they, care, but people need to understand it takes both time and effort, and there's only so many people at DBG working on this game. Besides, just banning 1 afk farmer does have about no effect, they want to ban all the accounts of the farmer, including the accounts where he stacks his krono's and his customers. Just keep reporting.
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  16. Spayce Elder

    That group of 30 scripted boxes are paying for 30 subs per month, as well as driving the krono (which must ultimately be bought from DBG for cash) economy for all the stuff they farm.

    Your group of 10 players who complained are paying for 10 subs per month, and are still paying even after complaining.

    You do the math, and then come to your own conclusion as to why DBG does nothing about these people. What makes them more money? Those 30 scripted accounts plus the 10 complainer accounts, or banning 30 scripting accounts and only having the 10 complainer accounts remaining?
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  17. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    It's more like 30 boxer that pays for 0 micro transactions is chasing away 200+ people that buy 40 slot bags and cosmetic items.

    There is a reason why Phinny was the most popular TLP and it wasn't just AoCs and 3 month unlocks.
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  18. a_librarian Augur

    I appreciate your optimism. You reminded me that they had a dev post about this last July:
  19. WaitingforMoreEQ Augur

    It takes no effort at all, instead of kicking valdmort users offline for AFK boxing they should just instant perma ban.

    Nah people that AFK farm rarely get suspended let alone perma banned. But claim one out of era Lamp post and RIP the K at the end of your name.
  20. Watchitplx New Member

    there are people who afk farm with a mage or necro with autofire mats for TS's 24/7, they just sit in EK, CS, OtherZones, ect. They keep doing it bc they do not get perma banned and even if they do very rarely get suspended they make 10x in krono what the account is worth so there is no reason for them to not keep doing it.

    DBG does not care. When they act, it is like for 2 days then they stop putting man power in it. Look at the hack programs online, all of them are open source and free to the public. All there for them to code against. for YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARS

    Hell, remember when it was announced these servers were anti those programs? all the live people just about rioted bc they thought they were finally going to do it to all the servers.

    Spayce is right, that dude 36 boxing has more pull right now bc of the amount of krono he consumes.

    if not enuff people complain nothing will be done.
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