Does beastlord molo better than mage?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Tinolien, Mar 28, 2019.

  1. strongbus Augur

    there are to many ways to look at it.

    for example if your looking for fast kills the mage can is best.

    if you looking at opitions when it comes to fighting the bst has it as a bst can play 1 of 2 ways.

    1st cleric merc and tank dps the mob them self with pet doing extra dps.
    2nd get a dps merc let the pet tank and heal the pet themself as with max healing aa a bst can heal their pets better then a merc can.
  2. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    raid geared a bst can burn down quite a few of the Tier 1 named molo. Tier 2 probably not w/o a second person. but 2 merc healers can keep a bst or a mage pet up pretty reliably while you burn a named down, raid earring or not.
  3. Yendar Augur

    I usually swap to earth pet for named and I have a Muhbis em ear.. I wouldn’t call 2 merc healers reliably tanking the namers. The pet gets ***** & I maxed my pet AA’s first couple days of realease (usually do those first)

    There have been plenty of times I tried to kill namers while boxing my monk and went thru 2 pets and whiped, this is while I’m using pet blocks and spot healing with fort up etc. my mercs are maxed. I often would have to run my chanter over and sure charm a mob to tank (he’s on the same account as the monk) I’m now going back through hunters on the monk and generally ask someone to help when a namer pops because it’s actually very unreliable.
  4. Sylence New Member

    Mage is better is stronger and mage has better pet buffs and heals, as well as burst dps.

    Slow is not really relevant 85+.
  5. Cicelee Augur

    Beastlords can molo better than magicians. However magicians can summon a mod rod, which apparently on raids is the most greatest important thing in the history of EQ raids based on 37 people sending me a tell right after I hit my burn hotkey and after I hit the AA hotkey 19 times in a row immediately before aforementioned 37 tells.
  6. Sancus Augur

    Mages and Beastlords have different strengths, and as such the better class depends on the situation. That said, this post is fairly uninformed.

    Mages have stronger pets, and that's a big advantage. That said, the other things you list - heals, pet buffs, and burst dps - are the strengths of beastlords. Slows may not be crucial for normal tanks, but they are very effective when used in conjunction with pets. A number of defensive pet abilities defend against a set # of hits. The slower a mob swings, the longer those last. There is a significant difference in the # of absorbed hits for pets between slowed and unslowed mobs.
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  7. Yimin Augur

    I have played both Mage and Bst in groups , solo and raiding , I feel I am an expert on this here topic , both Mage and Bst are DPS class but Bst has the edge in DPS at this time , as for stronger pet that is Mage and always has been ! Mage is more lazy to play compared to the other two pet class in game , so if you don't like melle pick the Mage , if you want more to do pick Bst, I played a Rogue in the past so I missed that part of game , so I made the Bst cause it has a pet and you get to melle :)


    PS both are a lot of fun to play , but I do perfer BSt class now .....
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  8. a_librarian Augur

    rod bless
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  9. IblisTheMage Augur

    Erhm, good question... the mage is very squishy, my guess is that the BL will wipe less, also considering FD...
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  10. Mehdisin Mahn Augur

    fair enough, but I would point out that I've yet to run into a named my mage's pet CANT tank with 2 merc healers, and that most of the time 2 mercs are still < 1 live cleric. there's a few that get away from my bst's pet, but I think that's more my own play rather than the pet's fault.
  11. Tinolien Journeyman

    the question was not how do the two differ in play style but rather which is more successful in late game Molo environments. so far only one response out of all the responses has addressed the actual question:

  12. Tinolien Journeyman

    anyone happen to know anything about:

    -late game everquest

    and can speak to NOT how the play style differs between the two classes, not make mention about how player skill matters(duh), but rather speak to how each class performs in the Molo environment in late game.

    I have played sk, mage, and beast at 85 as those are the top contenders for competent solo/molo boxes and as fresh heroic toons the SK seems to out perform both. I need someone who can speak to how things change over the next 25 levels as I know they certainly do change in favor of one or the other of the above mentioned classes.
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  13. Cicelee Augur

    You are looking for a 100% answer on a 50/50 question. Half the people will say a beastlord is better, the other half will say a magician. Your question is completely opinion based, yet you seek a factual answer.

    Both classes can molo current expansion trash mobs and some named. They both accomplish this in different ways based on class abilities, of which have been explained in this thread. There is no right answer, nor is there a wrong answer to such a generalized question as you are asking.
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  14. ptah Augur

    adding my thoughts to bst vs magi molo
    Both do well in molo content across the board of cons, they do well for light blues, evens reds, named etc. Assuming gearing AA etc is equal. Mages is more pure dps and has fewer tools.. so its kill or be killed world. Fewer tools and shorter recipe of death.. learning curve maybe more simple.

    The bst starts out a little slower.. but with all them AA and tools, via slow, buffs, heals etc.. learning how get the most out of every keystroke takes a bit more focus to play.

    Assume the both classes are play by a same skill and focus player I said they pretty equal. Seen some nice talent on both classes. Feels like you see more mages due the simple nature of them.. vs bst.

    Mega bst I see are not in molo world but raid setup with ADPS edges and simple Alliance proc great DPS. Mages do well here too.. but small edge to peak of bst world.

    Reaction wise.. as the bst peak gears more and more.. feels like small edge to him.. only due Hstat are helpful to melee dudes more so than casters. Very small edges. Mages rarely does postion matter.. get LoS and mash that nuke bind.. repeat. Runes over heals.. and pray the merc will heal you even AE heals. Bst going live a bit better with more hps.. bst can heal himself and pray for merc.. FD is a added tool.. we all potion.. but a tool without potion is nice.

    As noted.. its really a player choice here. Play the style you enjoy.. you will win in the end.
  15. Tinolien Journeyman

    well there's been some observation that the beast has some leverage over the mage in having slow and better heals.

    yes the mage pet is better when compared 1-to-1. however after slow and better healing is factored in does that change? beasts have more or less DPS? I feel like those who say it can go either way are really saying they just don't know the two classes well enough in that state of the game to be able to say one way or the other
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  16. ptah Augur

    Adding again..
    Both classes are busy.. maxing cast attempt is huge both classes.. if we are talking peak play.
  17. IblisTheMage Augur

    They know the game well enough to understand that the premis of the question is flawed. I don’t believe you can be told the path, you will have to walk it.
  18. menown Augur

    The answer to your original question of which is better at solo/molo is SK. You said you played an SK at level 85 and it out performed the other 2. The same is still true at level 110. A bit more gear dependent though.
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  19. Derka Augur

    In terms of molo and survivability if merc dies I would lean towards beastlord. You can cast heals, have a pretty nice short duration damage reduction, and can also force proc heal. All else fails you FD. Can't speak much for mages as I dont play one or know any good ones but just play what you want they are almost the same. If you want to melee, go beastlord. Stand at range and cast ...mage.
  20. Tinolien Journeyman

    Rumor has it sk dps becomes insufficient after 95ish. I’ve never been that high so i can’t say

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