Does Anyone Recommend Everquest Anymore?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Bobokin, Mar 8, 2024.

  1. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I got into eq because my friend was playing it and before that he was playing ultima online. Back in the day were you could only play one account per computer.
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  2. Iven the Lunatic

    I would recommend it to some degree, but it is super hard to find people that would play such a niche game today. Either they are married... with children, to old or to young, or not interested in virtual gaming and MMOs. EQ is definitely not a game for the masses and more a game for geeks and nerds. To complicated, top heavy, and not having a working concept for new players and populating lower level zones.
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  3. uberkingkong Augur

    Did you read the OP?

    Basically what you doing is reviewing EQ with a review how it was 20+ years ago, rather than reviewing EQ of how it is today. Hence EQ is like 4.6 google reviews, every review about how it was 20+ years ago. Today EQ is nowhere near 4.6 google review.

    EQ not like Runescape? Its MMORPG sense, Runescape dominates EQ.
    Its like EQ is compared to UO?
    UO is basically like Runescape.

    So how can you say EQ is like UO but not like Runescape.
    When Runescape is basically UO but better.
    See UO, exactly like Runescape, so if EQ is similar UO, that means it similar Runescape too.


    WoW is 2004, EQ2, not EQ1 is 2004. like a PS2 game.
    EQ is 1999, its like a PS1 game.

    Runecape dominated UO just like how WoW dominated EQ.
    This probably reason why Runescape and WoW doing so well.
    Runescape still has its core game, true to itself, and it was good.
    EQ had good core game, changed it, greedy approach to changing it. Half assing approach too. Its like EQ and EQ2 support both games kinda half approach, but also to the updates and expansions and how it progresses. Too much of the nostalgia gone. Too much focus on greed, and things not really crucial. Too much listening to the wrong people/ideas, since 2010.
    So agreed, shell of what it once was.

    So EQ is not really WoW either, but if you compare it, go ahead.

    When people do MMORPG reviews, basically they mention EQ while mentioning WoW.
    Basically letting know back then WoW vs EQ, WoW dominated EQ back in the days and still dominates EQ. Thats the only reason why EQ is even mentioned, because the community mainly WoW players, gotta pound the chest, and inform those after that time, did you know was a game before WoW, which is EQ, WoW took over. WoW dominated. Just like how EQ likes to do with UO.

    You think its good EQ is getting mentioned, but its in a bad way. Basically WoW dominated them.
    You gotta read the context.
    EQ is 49/140 if it was the game WoW proudly dominated there wouldn't be mention of EQ in MMORPG reviews if not for WoW.

    Do I recommend EQ today? Nope.
    I played EQ2 and they do not listen to the community either. Still old map system, still old way of thinking.
    EQ and EQ2 just doesn't do the right things, staying up to date.
    They both just push expansions with same old stuff since 2010.
    New zones, new levels, new AAs. 30 expansions, expansion bloat.

    WoW doesn't have 10 expansions
    GW2 doesn't have 10 expansions
    FFXIV doesn't have 10 expansions
    yet they are vastly improved games with such little expansions compared to game with 30 expansions.

    yet EQ 30 expansions, expansion bloat.
    You'd think with 30 expansions this game would have a lot improvements.
    Nope, just more zones and more bloat.
    Every year is a bloat of data, nothing exciting, just bloat.
    30 expansions and feels way behind WoW, GW2 FFXIV, and even Runescape, Runescape is doing things in the right direction.
    Its not just new zones, new raids.

    Who cares about
    new zones
    new raids
    Who cares.
    Hello email person that played EQ back in 2006. Come enjoy EQ again, 31st expansion will offer new zones, new raids. Come enjoy.
    2006 person, I'm only lvl 65, no one LFG, levels take forever, LevelQuest? No thanks. Already invested in 5 different MMORPGs not EQ though.
    Exactly why 49/140 and why I do not recommend, nor EQ2.
    EQ2 is better shape, I'd recommend EQ2 over EQ1.
    Both games LFG system is bad so don't recommend either but if they gonna play one, go play EQ2.

    Sad truth.
    I play a lot of MMORPGs, EQ isn't one I frequent that much.
    Other MMORPGs its fine to come and go and its easy to come and go
    EQ, gotta download map pack. Gotta look boxing again. Gotta do all this hard work. gotta figure where left off at. Gotta figure what zone to goto. Gotta levelquest again. Still leveling again. No one LFG. Yeah this game isn't what I remember, lets go back to GW2, ESO, FFXIV, WoW, Runescape, New World.

    Then you have current small of amount of people compared to millions and millions other games have.
    EQ small amount, couldn't see themselves starting a new MMORPG.
    Meanwhile the MMORPG community pretty much plays 5 different MMORPGs.
    Its like the EQ MMORPG players are in the stone age. can't see doing another MMORPG
    Stone age EQ MMORPG players, EQ has 72 people raids other games don't. WRONG. other games 100+ people and its open world. and tons of people show up daily. multiple instances of 100+ people doing the same boss fight.
    EQ MMORPG players are stone age. They not advanced to know its ok to play many many MMORPGs.
    Modern MMORPG players cycling through like 5 different MMORPGs... EQ isn't one of those cycled through games though.
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  4. Iven the Lunatic

    Technically the tutorial is good but not very appealing. It should be a beautiful outdoor zone like CR instead a dark tunnel labyrinth. TSS is also ok for players until lvl 70-80, but then the problems do start. Therefore the game does need a new and easy catch-up expansion from lvl 70-80 upwards. There is a whole thread about that; see the link below. Heroic characters are not suitable for newbies without having guidance by other players.
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  5. uberkingkong Augur

    Game needs a lot more.
    Basically everything EQ2 was, EQ1 should have merged into EQ2 or EQ1 should have had a major overhaul in many things, like quest being one of many many things.

    WoW quest system is very similar to EQ2
    WoW map is very similar to EQ2

    EQ1 is outdated when WoW came out, hence they making EQ2.
    The supporting 2 games of the same thing, Everquest 2 of them, very bad idea. Should have went all in EQ2, and stop doing EQ1, like how GW2 did with GW1.

    EQ1 quests is super outdated, modern day game quests is more like WoW, EQ1 though is advancing into to quests via the chatbox, thats a very old way to do it. 1999. Thought process.

    EQ1 has had many many many opportunities to modernize, which it does but in the wrong ways. 30 expansions, 30 opportunities.
    Core game needs modernization.
    Movement, quests, the core game. Aka why they made EQ2.

    Just JUMP in EQ1. Now do it in modern games. Huge difference right? Goes to show the 1999 age of EQ1. Things like that, the core many many other things equally outdated just as jumping in EQ.
    Do it in EQ2, huge difference. Do it in WoW, huge difference.

    btw if you wanna blame EQ2 for existing as to why WoW won.
    EQ2 was basically samething as WoW, but EQ mindset, grouping and levelquest, not enjoying the game.
    Since EQ2 stayed with EQ thought process, rather than adapting and reading the industry like WoW.
    Pretty much why WoW just dominated EQ2 was left in the dust and being used an excuse.
    EQ2 core to core, mechanic wise its just like WoW. Only difference is EQ2 is EQ thought process and you have division, you did not end EQ and let everyone know goto EQ2. Instead you work on two split the playerbase, working on two splits the developer base, the developer work. Not good. Its no wonder EQ2 feels like it could be a good game, but something is off. They didn't fully commit thats the thing wrong with EQ2, it was half .
    Thought process was probably players can choose between EQ or EQ2.
    No don't have half , go all in, EQ2 is the next big thing go play, its better everything, core everything more modernized than EQ, go play it go support it. Nope didn't happen.
    WoW dominated EQ. And whenever they do MMORPG stuff and WoW is mentioned they gotta mention EQ, just for domination purposes. Like EQ was there and got conquered, pretty much the only reason why they mentioned EQ. Just to let people it was conquered.

    Just like how EQ likes to do with UO. You wouldn't know about UO if it isn't for some EQ playerbase mentioning EQ conquered it.
    UO just like EQ just a top game for a few years. WoW top game for decades. Still top game.
    WoW is like Lebron James.
    Whose the best in the NBA right now? Probably Lebron James, been the best for decades. EQ is probably Tim Duncan.
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  6. Brickhaus Augur

    Is uberkingkong a rogue AI that got an account in this forum?

    All of uber's arguments feel like an AI bot that failed at playing EQ.

    Uber - you should try using the tutorial first.
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  7. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    There's a reason people ignore uber because he's like hanita on fv instant ignore! Btw i wouldnt recommended eq to someone new i tell people ive been playing eq since 2000 and they just give me a really weird look.
  8. Bilderov Augur

    No. This game with its white knights, poor developers and nefarious ownership isn't something I'd recommend to anyone.

    I still play the game barely, yet everytime I log out and jump on the forums and see what's happening, I feel dumber for it.

    Why would I wish this on someone else?

    Had this not been a game I have been playing on and off for 25 years, it would have dropped off my radar and never been heard of again.
  9. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I no longer recommend it. Sometimes I have gotten people to try it. It's laughable trying to get new people to see the value in it.

    Complexity, knowledge, timesinks, relationships, and gearing/AA are all seen, not as virtues, but as roadblocks to nearly everyone. What's more, I spent my social capital on EQ and now no one trusts me when I ask them to try something else.

    EverQuest is a unicorn. In today's market, people want quick dopamine hits from games they can jump in for one or two rounds and jump into something else.
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  10. Jhenna_BB Proudly Prestigious Pointed Purveyor of Pincusions

    I would argue the gaming industry being mainstream is more a symptom to all of that. The masses are @sses and the majority want games with only so much time commitment. Games like EQ will always be niche, and to change formula this late in production would isolate the players most loyal to the franchise.
  11. Tyranthraxus Grognard

    EQ is a life damaging addiction. The only people who would recommend it at this point are the same people who would invite their friends to smoke some crack...
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  12. Andarriel Everquest player since 2000

    I tried getting my brother to play eq many years ago he went bout a week then went back to WoW lol. But i definately wouldnt recommended someone new to eq. They had a poll on the forums about recommending the game i never answered it.
  13. I_Love_My_Bandwidth Mercslayer

    I disagree. EQ is more palatable than ever. There are days where all I do is a quick Final Fugue and Overseer, then log off.

    The issue isn't that EQ is addicting. One of the many issues: EQ cannot draw new players because, to most people, it's not worth the time investment required to catch up.
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  14. Iven the Lunatic

    Today the forums can be more addictive than the game. :D All games can be life damaging as they do get constructed to trigger dopamine (brain reward system) and adrenaline in very short intervals. Both are natural drugs. From that point of view nobody should play games and if so, only to a very limited amount.
  15. Marton Augur

    I don't recommend EQ anymore.

    - Time investment to get 125/max AA because that's where the action is.

    - Need 3+ accounts to accomplish anything.

    - devs/players = major disconnect.

    - a lot of people using 'helping' software (try selling in baz these days, do Hunter with people having a crew there 24/7 etc)

    - Economy on most servers destroyed/affected by various ... uhhh... events (go watch Zaide's stream.)
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  16. Sakuraba Augur

    The only time I bring it up is if I'm thinking of going back and want to see if anyone wants to start fresh with me. Because good god, playing this game alone is a chore. It's really not recommendable. EQ with friends will always be a more interesting experience with the current state of the game because a group of friends will have close to (albeit it not exactly) the experience we had when we started.

    I also don't recommend EQ2 either. Even though it's easier to catch up, when you catch up you realize there was very little along the way (compared to when things were new) to experience, and nothing new at the top worth experiencing.
  17. mercury890 Old Timer from the days of karana.

    Not after that last debacle... I meant patch,,,:eek:
    Spend too much money and time trying to correct the bird nest, DX issues,
  18. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    OSRS can be played for free without the game going "oh, guess you dont get to wear this gear" or "oh, you need to 3-6box because there is nobody at your level on the server you're playing on".

    EQ is a terrible game to play solo, and unless you're going to only be playing it with friends, you're going to be solo a whole lot thee days.

    Things that make a fantastic second game? Not having to pay MORE than your primary game to be able to keep up. I spent more on buying LS expansions than I have spent in 10 years on GW2.

    There was a time I'd recommend people play it on test and see if they liked it before even thinking about TLP or Live, since test has several bonus layers of convenience baked in, but I cant even do that these days, I dont hate my friends enough to get anyone who doesnt already still play every now and then to ever play.
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  19. Lodestar The Undefeated

    You didn't have to remind us that you never play EQ.

    How do you rate forumquest? Is a 4.6 today, or a 1.0 compared to 1999?
  20. Corwyhn Lionheart Guild Leader, Lions of the Heart

    Maybe if they stopped messing with leveling.
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