Does anybody actually LIKE permacamped 3 day spawns?

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Risiko, Mar 3, 2015.

  1. Silv Augur

    You're talking to the people who revamped all of the POK merchants after half of their staff was let go and ninja changed the forums. I don't think logic works here anymore.

    So, the spawn versions only drop the epic piece and not normal loot. It's a non-issue... you still have the "normal" 3 day spawn so you're not removing all the other stuff from the game or anything.
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  2. Yinnie the Pink Elder

    Or adding additional loot other than epic pieces. :)
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  3. Leex Augur

    Just as long as they "WORK", we're all happy :p.
  4. Dibab Augur

    who cares if nothing was said until now. Its a possible solution to this hellatious problem. be happy we got a dev response in some kind of positive light lol
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  5. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    The team wasn't the same last year as it is now.

    That said, the Epic 1.0s really don't have a way to easily say that you are at the right step as they generally don't have a strict order to do in which you must do the quest.
  6. Silv Augur

    The epic 1.0s had lots of invisible flags, it probably wouldn't be too difficult to determine if you were at an appropriate step even if you could do the parts in random order.

    There really are only a few mobs that even need to change, not every epic quest is cblocked as bad as the others. These are of course my opinion but having done most of them, I recall where I had the most issues:

    -Bard: *Maybe* dragon scales... you can buy all 3 colors for super cheap in the bazaar though (prices ranged from 1-10k max on Bristle tonight). Phinny is only 12 hours but the backbone doesn't always drop; just change it to always drop.
    -Enchanter: Wraith of a Shissar... maybe... it doesn't drop any loot of value but anyone slaughtering PoFear for other reasons will likely kill this inadvertently
    -Magician: Maybe Phinny again; make it always drop
    -Necro: CT and Fear golems. These probably could use an epic-only version that would spawn if you're ready
    -Paladin: All of it. Just give paladins their epic for free. It's one of the worst quests I've ever done :confused:
    -Rogue: Phinny again
    -SK: Same as necro
    -Shaman: Again, fear golems
    -Warrior: Golems still!
    -Wiz: Phinny and maybe Venril Sathir

    I may have missed one or two that could be considered questionably hard but the PoHate minis are easy to spawn and PoSky is on a relatively fast repop (and is fully spawned most of the time). City of Mist, same deal. So really it would be Cazic Thule, the Fear Golems, and Phinny; the latter only because he drops so many items you have a very high chance of getting exactly what you DON'T need.

    I know this is a rather subjective post but not every epic needs to be touched and just because some mobs are on a longer repop does not mean they are permacamped. It took me all of 5 minutes to glance over the quests and pinpoint stupid mobs and there is also a ton of player feedback on which spawns are problematic.
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  7. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Only the beastlord and berserker 1.0s had a lot of invisible flags. The original Epic 1.0 quests used hand ins and faction to manage where you were at in the quest; and a year or two ago they added a level check on the final turn ins. Any invisible flags either have been added recently or would need to be added still.
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  8. Iila Augur

    Like Xianzu said, most epics have few/none flags. Most epics can be done by any class with enough work and creativity. About half of them just use Truespirit faction level as the tracking method, with some adjustments so that the other classes won't have a high enough starting or max faction to be able to get/finish off-class epics. (There are still ways around that, I have a shm epic in illa's house, and others have more off-class epics to show off).

    Multi-questing wasn't well known when epics were made, so a lot still had parts that were easy to multi-quest in with someone who had high enough faction. A few required no drop items combined in boxes to prevent MQing, but that was more of an exception.
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  9. Silv Augur

    Ah, thanks for clarifying - maybe I was thinking of 1.5/2.0s or something else. :confused: Given that,... triggered spawn mobs would probably take a bit more work but I still don't think the number of changes would be very overwhelming. I'm sure the devs can come up with something (if they really wanted - and given we got a response (!) that gives me some hope even though this has 0 effect on me) :p

    Once they change/fix epic bottlenecks we can jump start the recurring threads on changing old raid instance requirements again! Have to find something to crusade about for a couple years now that Geomantra is fixed!
  10. Iila Augur

    1.5s and 2.0s have tons of flags. Afair, the 1.5 even gives you the "You have received a character flag!" message, the part I remember most from my 1.5/20 was spamming a hotkey with a song while standing by the zone to Paineel for 20 minutes. And foraging, which was also standing in one spot and pushing a button over and over.
  11. Silv Augur

    OMG, stop permacamping my forages!
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  12. Lighteningrod Augur

    If Dev is going to go to the effort, I would propose adding DRU and RNG to VS and VSR. Even if the kill triggers a minimum hardcoded 24 hour lockout on VSR, and least you'd know when the next step was available to you.
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  13. Warpeace Augur

    I would say go back and look again, this would apply also with class epic 1.5's and 2,0's. There are so many steps if you have not completed and skip you might get the dialog but you will not progress in the epic quest.

    Can some parts of epics can be done out of order?....sure. But there are parts you must do in a specific order, items you must have in your inventory or dialog completed to actually progress to the next step.
  14. Yinnie the Pink Elder

    No it was twice the size, the devs left there now have all been there for a number of years, so what was your point of that comment?
  15. Risiko Augur

    I am not sure about the other epics, but seeing as I just went through the Warrior Epic 1.0, I can tell you how they can trigger the dreaded Golem part in Plane of Fear.

    Have a NPC standing where Dread, Terror or Fright would be if they were up (when they are not up). Hand the NPC your Severely Damaged Hilt and Rejorium Ore. The NPC automatically hands the two items back to you, and the triggered version of Dread, Terror or Fright spawns immidiately and attacks.

    The reason this would work is because the item you need from these three golems has to be handed in with the Severely Damaged Hilt and Rejorium Ore to get the next part. Therefore, if you have the Severeley Damaged Hilt and the Rejorium Ore, you ARE at the point where you need the Ball of Everliving Golem that Dread, Fright and Terror drop.

    So, while there might not be flags to track where you are in the Warrior Epic 1.0 quest, there are items that you need that can tell what part you are on.
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  16. Galliana Lorekeeper

    Just do like in WoW where quest named respawn after 10 minutes. That'll kill the value of permacamping them.
  17. Dre. Augur

    Since the SK epic was mentioned, Marl Kastane in Toxxulia forest is an annoying block. There's no need for him to despawn upon hand-ins for the SK epic, particularly twice, particularly with an abnormally long respawn rate.

    Also, Lhranc (spectral version) in City of Mist should probably be non-combat until the hand-in.

    Paladin epics: The Lich of Miragul has blocked me multiple times. I'd also like to see this become a non-combat hand-in. Then you have the 1.5 bypass quest, which is supposed to help the player skirt long-respawn mobs, but Couragebringer requires Innoruuk. Whoops?
  18. Xianzu_Monk_Tunare Augur

    Not at all true, but feel free to believe that.
  19. Yinnie the Pink Elder

    Aristo, Elidroth, Absor & Dzarn did I miss someone?
    Haven't they all been on the dev team for years?
  20. Drathus Augur

    However, if you are making changes to the epic 1.0's prior to, or during the release of the progression servers, there are other issues you have to address. Simply saying that dragon scales are cheap in the bazaar isn't going to work. They are used in multiple epics. Regular servers have a stock of them because the dragons have been farmed for years and the scales are tradeable.

    I like the idea of changing Phinigel to have all 4 epics drops on him for each kill - Wiz blue staff, Mag water staff, bard backbone, and rogue Kedge robe. There are also a couple of other drops that are not epic related, so make those four epic items always drop and then a chance for the others. I remember having to kill Phinigel 16 times to get my water staff.

    On the progression servers, Plane of Hate is different than live servers. The base pop is on a 12 to 16 hour repop and the mini bosses spawn on 3 day +/- repop.

    Hate Minis - Master of Spite, Mistress of Scorn, Magi P`Tasa, Coercer T`Vala, Lord of Ire, Avatar of Abhorrence, Grandmaster R`Tal, Lord of Loathing, High Priest M`Kari. (There are nine PH in hate that randomly spawn any of the above minis every 3 days +/- a few hours).

    The problem with the minis is that ANY mini can pop in any of the nine spawn locations. Each named does not have a specific PH. This could be considered a good anti-camping feature, however, if you are after a specific mini, there is no guarantee it's going to pop.

    Also, in the case of Magi P'Tasa, the Earth staff seems to be the rare drop (he does not always have it). I believe Coercer T'Vala always has the vampier dust needed for the enchanter 1.0. However, the vampire dust can also drop from the regular female revenants. Making the Earth staff 100% drop from Magi P'Tasa and also adding it as a rare drop from the male revenants with the same frequency as the dust from the female revenants would fix the problem. An even better solution would be to have the epic minis spawnable. However, with this being in a different version of Hate than is live on the regular servers, I'm not sure how much dev time would be available to make these changes.

    This issue is basically the same as the issue with the minis in Fear, pre-PoHate 2.0.

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