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  1. jack of all trades Elder

    Does anyone have a link, or recall offhand, what all is required to request the various instances for the DoDH Demi-Plane flagging? I've gone back trying to test some stuff, yet I'm unable to request the raid instances themselves. I've tried scouring the web, but the only reference I had located was indifferent faction for but that was only for the Sendaii raid. "
    Free Traders of Malgrinnor"

    Is that all there is to it? Or do you need to complete the various spell arcs in order to request/get the necessary faction?

    Appreciate the help in advance, and if I overlooked a simple resource my apologies!
  2. Astral64 Augur

    Zam has an accurate write up for the entirety of DoDH.
  3. jack of all trades Elder

    Are you referring to the DoDH Wiki here ? If so, then yes, they have an accurate write up for the expansion. However, they don't have the answers that I am specifically asking for.

    I am asking, what is required to REQUEST the raid instances. There is a single mention of it, on Queen Sendaii's expedition page that you need Indifferently with the Free Traders of Malignorr to request her specific raid. There wasn't anything on the Monocle of Blood, Dreadspire Key, Demi-Plane Key, or the other individual raid expeditions outlying what was required to request them. Are they all based on the same Free Traders of Malignorr faction, or do they rely on different ones from the various quest arcs in DoDH? IE: Does Draygun require the 68 spell arc to be completed, or another specific quest arc, or is he simply faction based as the others?

    Aside from that information, Allahkhazam has the expansion very nicely covered with details on the individual tasks, locations, raid mobs and their strategies. It simply isn't what I'm looking for.
  4. Fanra Augur

    Ok, the subject here is very confusing, so let's try to clear things up. Please comment if I get something wrong

    You are talking about the expansion Depths of Darkhollow.
    You want to requests the raids in Dreadspire Keep: Demi-Plane of Blood.

    Raid Expedition: Demiplane of Blood link:

    According to that write up, "The expedition may be initiated by anyone at least 70th level by clicking on the furthest statue next to Gaelic the Small at the zone-in of Dreadspire Keep."

    So, if I'm wrong, please try to explain exactly what you want. Because your request, while it might be clear to many, is not at all clear to me.
  5. CrazyLarth Augur

    well that Wiki has the progression Keys but I think at some point the requester for higher raids needs the Full Bloods also but I dont fully remember

    You have improved xxx of Blood y at a cost of 0 ability points.

    Level 1: Curse of Blood
    Level 2: Affliction of Blood
    Level 3: Torment of Blood
    Level 4: Temptation of Blood
    Level 5: Invitation of Blood

    Progression Keys
  6. jack of all trades Elder

    My apologies, I thought this was clear. Let me simplify it a little since my wording must sound better in my head than in text.

    1) What is required to request Emperor Draygun's raid instance?
    2) What is required to request Council of the Nines raid instance?
    3) What is required to request Matriarch Shyra instance?
    4) What is required to request Bloodeye instance?

    I know you need Indifferently with the Free traders faction to request Sendaii. I'm simply trying to figure out if that's required to request ALL of the Blood Raids, or are there different factions that need to be done in order to request each of the various Blood Raid instances?
  7. CrazyLarth Augur

  8. Fanra Augur

    Ok, here we go:

    Under Blood Raid: The Council of Nine: it mentions you get the quest from Brother Dark Water

    In the comments for Brother Dark Water, someone says:
    So now I have to discover how to do the level 70 spell tasks. Someone also says he is near Jarzarrad the Prophet. So on to him:

    He gives out five quests to get the level 70 spell.

    The last one, Into the Shadows:

    That quest ends with:

    So, it looks like once you finish those five quests, Brother Dark Water will give you those two raids. I assume completing those raids gets you the rest of them.
  9. jack of all trades Elder

    It's not the ironclad answer to all of the instance requests I was hoping for, but this should at least give me a good starting place.


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