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  1. quakedragon Augur

    Do you think they allow the developers working on EQ get to play Video Games while at work?
    Do the EQ developers play EQ too?

    What happens if they get caught playing Video Games while at work?
  2. Accipiter Old Timer

    It's just like any other company. No, you can't play video games at work. At least not for long. I don't sweat it if I see my people browsing the web, watching a video, etc. Everyone needs a break now and then. But if I saw someone regularly playing a video game during work hours (and not on lunch break) then I'd have to address it.

    Oh, and I log into EQ on my home PCs via Chrome Remote Desktop all the time. If I get busted, there will be consequences.
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  3. demi Augur

    I would say , yes they play too much .. they just dont play EQ .. ;)
  4. Thraine Augur

    this reminds me of everytime i see a budweiser truck .. im like "i wonder if hes got a ice cold bud in the cupholder" lol
  5. Yinla Ye Ol' Dragon

    Yes they do, watch one of the many promos for expansion releases, I think the last one was Prathun, the one before may have been Roshen. I'm pretty sure I've seen a couple of others on their promitional twich/facebook feeds.

    Also they cannot varify bugs without some degree of playing EQ.
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  6. demi Augur

    everytime i see a budweiser truck i keep picturing the 3 frogs saying BUD -WEIS - ER :p
  7. Accipiter Old Timer

    The devs playing EQ for testing and verification purposes is a given. I assumed he was talking about other video games.
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  8. Stymie Pendragon

    My Budweiser delivery guy drops off luke warm beer Fridays at around 2pm to my local convenience store.. Good stuff!
  9. niente Developer

    I play EQ! I used to see people playing games at their desk during their lunch hour, when we were in the office. I play EQ at home now during my lunch. I also had the unique privilege of raiding in EQ in the office after I worked there a couple years, as long as my work was finished.
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  10. RyeToast New Member

    But have you camped for the J Boots for 32 hours?
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  11. Leigo You come here often?

    to be honest, playing the game should be a requirement for anyone working on it.. better understanding is always a plus
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  12. Riou EQResource

    The 2 leading thoughts on this in gaming is basically either

    1) Not wanting to use your free time for what you work on all day
    2) Thinking if you don't play your own game it must not be a good game because it doesn't make you want to play it

    I can see both sides of it, it is tough and people are different
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  13. RyeToast New Member

    If I worked for Darkpaw on EQ I seriously doubt I'd play EQ in my free time. There are so many potential issues. I might "play EQ" as in have a toon and do some stuff but I'd find my leisure elsewhere. I could never relax and enjoy a game that I worked on. I'd see everything that was wrong all the time and I'd feel personally responsible for getting it fixed.
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  14. Randomized Augur

    Imagine doing taxes all day and then coming home and having to do more taxes. Really makes you love your job doesnt it?

    I'm sure they Play/Test EQ as they work on things. Doesn't mean after they put in 40 hours at the office, they need to go home and put in another 40

    I can see both sides of it as well...but never turn a hobby into a job or you'll learn to hate it. Likewise, if your job is your hobby, you'll love what you do
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  15. demi Augur

    I dont know what their shifts are but lets say they work 10 hours .. if i was DPG i would allow for them to play the game for 1 to 2 hours during their shift so they can see our side of things ..
    they can play the game at home on their spare time , however any clocked hours in game can be paid work hours up to a certain amount per week.. so let say someone plays at home for a few hours a day after work for 2 days equaling 5 hours the company (DPG ) would pay that employee (dev) 2.5 hours of work for participating in playing a game they help to contribute /upkeep on .. just my 2coppers worth
  16. Kogmaw Lorekeeper

    Game dev is not like "a regular job" I dont care what "side" you are on, if you dont ACTUALLY PLAY YOUR GAME, its going to be a buggy mess. Its not like doing taxes either :eyeroll: WORKING on it is nothing like playing it.

    I'd bet money the devs dont touch the ingame world. THey look at code, and pass it off to the QA department which then runs over that code in game over and over and over up one way and down another finding any possible bug....or at least that is how it SHOULD be.

    But playing a game start to finish under 'gamer' circumstances is totally different than "test play"
  17. Randomized Augur

    Whether its the same or not, you don't wanna deal with EQ 10 hours a day and then go home and deal with it for another 5
  18. Kogmaw Lorekeeper

    I mean a huge chunck of the player base does it for longer so....
  19. Randomized Augur

    A huge chunk of the player base works on EQ for 10 hours a day and then logs in more than 5 hours a day as play time?

    Interesting...where do you get these statistics from sir?
  20. demi Augur

    If i was an employee of DPG and working on EQ I would play EQ even if it was just a few hours a week just so i could get a feel for the game and play the game im actually working on .. jm2c