Do you guys actually play with new character models on?

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  1. minimind The Village Idiot

    This. I'd like to see each race have 3 body type models: Thick, Athletic, Emaciated. Would provide some more variation in Norrath. I'd want my ogre berserker emaciated (rage burns calories), but my ogre shammy thick.
  2. code-zero Augur

    Easy to check, turn on Luclin models and see how many people are using armor ornaments. If they're using armor ornaments they are using Luclin models
  3. Accipiter Old Timer

    Based on what? DBG have said they are about equal... at least in revenue.
  4. Triconix Augur

    ROFL you seriously think a couple servers with high population, a couple with medium, and the rest super low closing on death has a higher population than live servers which are all medium to high?? Wow, you're living a fantasy as your reality. I'm sorry.

    The fact that a vast majority of TLPers can't handle content past POP says something about their general skill level at this game. Don't give me that nostaglia b.s. It's been going on for 6 years now. It's no longer about nostaglia. It's all about TLP players are afraid to move past their comfort zone. There's nothing nostalgic about TLPs as it is literally a different game than true classic. It's all about comfort zones and kronofarming.
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  5. Risiko Augur

    I have been playing on TLP servers for many, many years now, and I do not fit your preconceived mold of a TLP player according to what you said above.

    I have played on Live to level 100+ on multiple characters. I've played on multiple Live servers, have friends on Live servers, and gone to numerous EQ Live / Fan Faire conventions.

    I do not play on TLP servers because of being afraid to move past "my comfort zone".

    I play on TLP servers because I prefer the gameplay designed in the "Classic to Planes of Power" era of the game.

    Live EQ has stats in the 1000s, each item has a massive list of stats to go over, there's enough spells and abilities to fill up 4 to 6 hotbars, and a lot of skills like disarm, fear, and others are not even a factor in the game anymore because everybody makes these skills irrelevant due to AAs and gear making them not a thing.

    Modern day EQ is nothing at all like the golden era of EQ. It's basically two games that happen to have a progression system to allow you to slowly move from one to the other.

    I prefer the golden age of EQ over modern EQ. That's my choice. I respect your choice, why can't you respect mine?
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  6. Atomos Augur

    What exactly directly after PoP is so difficult that a new tier of skill levels are required? How do you know "can't handle" isn't simply "doesn't like" or "hasn't experienced" or "new TLP launched?" Or maybe, it's because nostalgia isn't BS, and it's absolutely in play here, and it doesn't matter if people are recycling the same thing over and over. People who haven't played beyond PoP are very common and have no nostalgia for post-PoP, so they don't have as much of a desire to play it as they do for up through PoP content. That's... what nostalgia is. That's literally how it works.

    If people are in the mood for something new that they haven't experienced, it's probably not going to be an Everquest expansion from 2005. Especially when a new TLP launch causes such a shift in population, it's makes continuing harder. Probably also playing with a lot of people who GoD/OoW aren't new to, kinda ruins the whole new experience thing.

    Maybe if we can finally get them to stop considering LDON an expansion and just launch it with something else like LoY, so that we can go straight from PoP to GoD, an actual expansion, that might make some difference.

    I know some of you are pretty old and can't see so well anymore, but... I use my eyes. You know you can make a character on every server, right? You can even like, run around the world, talk to players, and use /who.
  7. Kobra Augur

    I like live content and mechanics, but I also play on TLP and I use classic models in both cases.

    The people who stop playing EQ after PoP are really missing out. PoP is actually one of the worst expansions in my opinion. The flagging system sucks, the raid content outside of plane of time is mostly worthless, there is only 1 good exp zone that everyone packs into. I don't understand the fascination with it.

    GoD is when the game actually gets interesting in my opinion and the only reason I play TLP before GoD is just to get my character prepared for that time.
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  8. suinegEQ Journeyman

    I raid current content on live and I raid on TLP.

    I enjoy the game up to DoN and then I like it from TBL on. You can do both at the same time.
  9. Atomos Augur

    Only come back during the launch of a new expansion so there are actually people to see? Biased, yes, but we all know how quickly that drops back off and people go back to TLP.

    It's sad that you only want to count Live server populations during raid hours. It's almost like you think there's nothing to do on Live but raid for a couple hours a week. God forbid anything else happen during the rest of the hours in the day or that there be anything else to do!

    We kinda already determined here in another thread once that it's very likely that the server status page does not treat Live and TLP servers the same, because Live servers cannot handle as many players, whereas TLP can hold a great deal more. No one knows that for sure of course but it would make sense.
  10. Triconix Augur

    We sadly are in the minority. I like live content and raiding. However, what they did with loot on raids now is just a tragedy. Really kills an entire aspect of raiding. That kind of feeling that you used to get when acquiring your target raid gear is just nonexistent. Now you simply buy it off a raid vendor. Same reason I'll never play on a free trade server providing loot 2-4x the rate of normal encounters.

    However, playing from classic to SOD then VOA to now, I never really cared much for the broken and imbalanced state of early EQ. Doing my first TLP really hit that point home and reinforced my stance that vanilla and kunark is just heavily overrated. If it weren't for some cool raid zones in Velious, I would lump that expansion in as well. The gameplay is just mind numbing and easy. If you're a melee you can literally just press and stare at your screen.

    I honestly don't know how TLPmillers do it. They pigeonhole themselves in a select few zones and do the same exact path every year. It's like being stuck in a meat grinder.

    The game really doesn't start to get enjoyable until we see the emergence of better class balance, class specific discs/AAs, and well constructed raids. I'd say the golden age of early EQ is POP-TSS with some valleys in those expansions such as POR. The best modern expansion for me has been ROF. I would put that expansion in the Mt. Rushmore of EQ expansions honestly. It was great.
  11. Accipiter Old Timer

    Ah, I see. You obviously have nothing so you bluff. Nice try.
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  12. Accipiter Old Timer

    How dare you post on-topic!
  13. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    What bodily orifice did you pull this fact from? (rhetorical question)

    TLP & Live players are at similar total numbers, TLP numbers just happen to mostly correlate to the most recent servers and taper off on older ones, Truebox TLP server player attrition rates are higher than those of non-Truebox TLP servers however.
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  14. Thancra Loladin

    The graphisms are quite ugly in this game in general so I try not to make it even worst with the old models on. Luclin models for all servers here.
  15. Thash Itinerant Speculator

    It's you that has to look at your own character all day. If you're not a person to whom aesthetics are important, it's ok, no one can judge that. This is definitely the place to admit it, and if anyone with even a modicum of artistic taste disagrees, that's cool, that's what art's about, just do you and have fun!
  16. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Most of the people on TLP are Live players in the first place, that do TLPs for fun or for farming kronos.

    There are entire guilds that are nothing but alt guilds of live raid guilds. My random guild I joined on Thornblade even lists the names/guilds of the people in their guild notes, and many are raiders from other servers.

    Who cares if you make some level 1 and log in and see ghost towns. Everyone is sitting in their guild hall or in the new zones, and by this point we're all mostly maxed out and spend time on things like alts or TLPs,.
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  17. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Thats a bold statement. In my experience I'd wager that less than 5% of TLPers are actually Live players messing around to farm krono, almost everyone I've talked to on TLP is...put the thought of playing Live.
  18. Machen New Member

    Yeah, my experience is 5-10%. Most don't have any clue what live is like.
  19. Vulken9 New Member

    /agree. Flagging in PoP is a hot mess to me, but I do enjoy Time. Only reason I can think of why people talk it up is maybe Time and the fact travel becomes much easier.

    I think the problem post POP is the flagging and to some extent the aa/exp gets to be tedious in the ~3 month intervals. I'd rather see the 85 rule be more like 50 percent with the ability to backflag each step, but that's just me. Keep more people from bowing out due to the tedium or because they missed the first couple rounds of flagging raids because of RL.
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  20. Atomos Augur

    I was going to respond to this but decided to wait until others chimed in first. Cause all my post originally was going to be was laughter.

    You are clearly not a part of this game's many communities if you actually believe most TLP players are Live players. Instead you've specifically said you joined a guild of Live players on TLP. You went to a bar, saw pretty much everyone was drinking, and then came out and claimed "everyone drinks!"