Do you enjoy playing Overseer each day?

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  1. Velisaris_MS Augur

    It's neither fun nor not's just another part of the overall game (if you're thinking of Overseer as a "game" in itself, you're doing it wrong).

    While it's not necessary to use it, it DOES help speed up 3 of the most tedious, time consuming tasks in EQ: gaining xp, getting collectibles, and farming tradeskill materials. Use it or don't...enjoyment is irrelevant.
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  2. Act of Valor The Newest Member

    There isn't any strategy to it at all. No thinking required. Just choose the best agents for each mission. Done. No engagement at all.
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  3. uberkingkong Augur

    Yes this.
    Also, optimize button, I want for xp on this character.
    1 button click, it acknowledges the quests finished, chooses xp reward, chooses next set of quests that are best for xp. 1 button click.
    Currently its click ongoing quests tab, click on a quest, click ok button, achi window pops up, click xp, click ok. 5 clicks, 4 clicks x 4, 21 clicks.
    click quests to use tab, click on quests and determine if good for xp, click on autogenerate button, 3 clicks, 2 clicks (or more have to find a good quest) x4 11 clicks,

    32 clicks just to do overseer. How about shorten that to 1 click. A lot of people that play gonna have wrist issues from this clicking.

    32 x 3 box if you 3 box. 96 clicks.
    6 box thats 184 clicks.

    This, theres nothing to it, so why do I need to click around pointlessly?
    So much effort put in for xp/level bandage content. When they could have made something fun to do that does samething, great for xp/level or collections, ts mats. Like racing or some run around mini event.

    EQ has daily of overseer, no engagement, no thinking, neither fun nor not fun.
    Other games dailies fun, they are equally rewarding which is why people do them. But your having fun doing it that's the difference.

    Every other MMORPG has something fun to do besides typical MMORPG stuff, like racing or something. EQ doesn't have squat. It had LoN card game, that didn't even really provide in game rewards, was fun to do, and they get rid of it.

    Visionaries in EQ, lacking vision. Too much advice from wrong people. They probably give good advice on certain topics, but when it comes to fun, that's one of the things their advice isn't good at. Also, their pvp advice I wouldn't listen to that either.
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  4. Syylke_EMarr Augur

    I did it for the achievements. Now I do it maybe once or twice a month when I accidentally remember it's a thing.
  5. Tucoh Augur

    I don't really know what you mean in this post, but my opinion is that enjoyment and fun should be at the forefront of every large design consideration for a game. The integration of low-effort, medium reward systems like Overseer should still attempt to be fun. My guess is that the original design was more involved and fun and built on traditional trading card games and only when it needed to get implemented within a narrow development window did it devolve into the gerbil pellet it is today.

    I also think the original design included a mobile app component that somehow got axed along with any kind of p2w mechanics that would make it profitable like every other trash-tier mobile game out there.

    They're in kind of a hole because at this point its reward/time ratio is very high for players, especially for alt/new characters. I'd prefer they use it as an opportunity to address difficulty in finding a group by doing something like create a reviving hot zones and use a daily quest in that zone with the kind of rewards you'd get from 5x Overseer quests. But even a 30m daily quest would be much worse in terms of reward/time ratio for the player, so it'd annoy the playerbase even if it was more fun than pulling a lever to get a gerbil pellet. You'd have to increase the reward and do something silly like make the reward claimable by other players on the account to make that change.
  6. uberkingkong Augur

    What I noticed EQ does too.
    They put in something, and then totally forget about it. They never evolve anything or very very slow at evolving.

    TBM thats a gear catchup right? Why not just continue with it?
    Teeks, all sudden they don't do anything new right? Why not continue with it?
    Overseer, they do add the new expansions, new quests/heros could care less but I don't see them making any new ones. Meanwhile they have issue with hero overload. Honestly only other overseer thing I want to see is a 1 click automates the 32 or so clicks I would have done if not for automation.
    Shrouds? Could be a good way to have fun events where everyone has to shroud. They do nothing.

    Visionaries of EQ are at fault. Think tankers, analysts, they are the ones at fault.
    EQ its kill, level, gear, new zones.
    Other games, kill, level, gear, new zones, *living story, *fun stuff to do, *voice overs, *cinematics, etc.

    Living story is where the expansion gradually goes to the next, not complete unknown, outta the blue something is happening and you're left wondering what happened to this hero, why is he not in the story anymore. Thats EQ today stories making no sense.

    EQ has a lot of bandaids on it right now. All the short term visions taking a toll now its not as relevant and being bandaided now.
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  7. Cloud the Third Augur

    It is like a card game where you don't really play the game. It reminds me of the old role playing card games except there is no abilities for the cards so you just randomly pick one and do nothing else. It isn't really fun but then this is everquest not evercard. No skill just luck on what you get back after selection. At least if the missions they listed were based on your cards and no luck you could maybe have some skill in what you selected for each mission but nope.

    So the answer to the question is no fun.
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  8. MischiefTLP Augur

    How many Fragment of Legendary Alaran History from an average week of Overseer?
  9. Skuz I am become Wrath, the Destroyer of Worlds.

    To give credit where it is due this is an astute observation of what has happened to many "features" EQ has tried, however ironically it is also not exactly true of Overseer which is a system among a handful which has seen further, minor developments after it;s original roll-out.

    Arguably though the vast majority of expansion features remained expansion-specific forever afterwards, no matter how well or badly they were received. A handful were never developed any further but did find themselves useful across multiple expansions.

    Some of that is due to the team changing a lot between expansions in earlier years, the current team is probably the most stable in terms of core personnel for the past 8-10 years.
    A lot of it is just trying to find a selling-point to an expansion, like features are what make expansions worth even buying rather than content, since perhaps quality content is more expensive to make than many of those features.

    But Overseer will likely go the same way of being forgotten about, eventually and like most other features of the game will fall into being neglected until it stops being used altogther,
  10. Shredd Augur

    Love using Overseer to level my TS alts sitting in pok. Only wish you could keep overseer when you transfer from server to server.
  11. Kaenneth [You require Gold access to view this title]

    There is a bug that the mission success rates are too high.

    If you leave to overseer window open and don't zone, you get the normal failure rate.

    but if the overseer data gets saved and reloaded it does something like turn a 10.00% failure rate into a 00.10% failure rate.

    I assume that the developers test version has a way to spin the clock forward, and they mainly test overseer without the data being saved then reloaded hours later.
  12. Koshk Augur

    Choice number 2.

    Yes, please.
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  13. Annastasya Augur

    i don't expect to *ENJOY* every aspect of an MMORPG. Is that cynical? i don't know. My version of success in this hobby requires some amount of, let's say, tedium. Dealing with flawed human beings like myself to accomplish team goals. And occasionally, busy work.

    Overseer has some solid if not exciting rewards. Wish i had this when leveling up my Tradeskills, would have saved a lot of time and energy.
  14. ISmellLikeInnySwamp Augur

    I love the system because I can level up a druid, which I do not enjoy playing, without searching for a group. Even when I did find groups, I disliked playing the class. I'm almost at level 115, so he will transition into my official box power leveler soon.
  15. Barraind Grumpy Old Bastage

    Seems pretty simple.

    They dont find it fun, they dont find it unfun, but they find it essentially mandatory for xp + collectables.

    All of which I agree with at this point.

    I thought the original version of overseer was going to be a solid jumping off point to play around in a different space with, but no, its just more of that. Its not 'fun', but especially with auto-fill, its not really tedious. Its something I do every day, twice a day, for collectables on alts and tradeskill stuff on my main. Its a bland chore whose timers dont line up correctly (it should be 5-10 minutes less than 12/24 hours so you can actually do it 1/2/4x a day at the same times and not have to eat days where the timing gets offset too much) but you might as well do because its still free money or collectables.
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  16. anonymous_ Lorekeeper

    Not sure you can play overseer since it doesn't technically qualify as a game. It's more like a job, tedious and repetitive work you do solely for the reward.
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  17. Ishbu Augur

    Overseer to me feels like an early, rudimentary smart phone game app. In general I am not a fan of daily, repetitive, easy tasks in games. Overseer is that without doing the actual playing involved in the task. Its like setting up all the bowling pins each day, but never actually rolling the ball yourself.
  18. zleski Augur

    I actually do find it kind of a cool mini-game and enjoy interacting with it*.

    *: The only reason I don't actually do it on the daily is because it lacks a "mass agent conversion" feature. The auto-fill option is a great step forward, but the interface is still sluggish on a very powerful system (i9-12900ks, 3090Ti, 32GB system memory) with a lot of agents.
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  19. kizant Augur

    Overseer is pretty good but I don't see a need to play it every day. It's good for whenever you happen to login and are waiting for something.
  20. Fenthen aka Rath

    There's nothing to really enjoy about the agents or the quests, but I realize they wanted to reuse that Legends of Norrath artwork somehow. I'm unsure that a 2004 Facebook game was really the best way to deploy, however.