Do we need a 50 page rant to get minor fixes?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Croak, Oct 27, 2014.

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  1. Croak Augur

    2 months ago a new sticky thread was posted to encourage reporting of existing bugs on TLP

    Lots of bugs were reported, most of them for the umpteenth time.

    The September update came and went with nothing fixed

    Then a couple of raid bugs were reported and added to the list

    28th October update only includes a fix for A Cunning Plan

    That is great for the raiders at the very leading edge... it is terrible for more casual raiders, casual group players & those playing "catch up".

    Access to PoP, OOW (Anguish) & DoDH (DSK) zones are still bugged / broken
    Daily people are asking for hotzones in general chat, & hotzone quests
    We still don't have the exp bonus we should (autogrant is welcome but not the same)
    No Tradeskill potions

    These are big rocks, and they are bigger for people not in a raiding guild trying to catch up. They only need a little nudge to get them rolling down a hill.
  2. oisjafoij Augur

    unless it aids in getting the server to live you wont see a fix because of the new expansion. They either don't have the resources or people to change things that are impacting maybe 100 players at most on 1 progression server. The fixes are most likley more complex and take more manpower than sony wants to invest for maybe at most 1% of its eq players.
  3. FippyBardling New Member

    If the servers aren't getting basic support, it doesn't make sense for them to be locked to subscribers. Doesn't make sense for the resources provided by TLP players to go toward anything but the TLP servers.
  4. oisjafoij Augur

    at this point tlp needs a free to play option. It's no longer an exclusive server and both servers are closer to live than anything resembling classic. F2P players dont even know TLP's are an option, why would someone starting F2P all of a sudden start over on a progression server that offers them no real benefit or enjoyment over a live server at this time. The only advantage is a psychological one,being a lower level away from max when in reality at this point all the players on both TLP's could get the exact same experiences on a Live server.
  5. Croak Augur

    There are 2 progression servers so this affects both, though maybe Vulak would need a larger group of players to for instance get Anguish orbs.

    Every additional barrier to being able to level up and take part in the newest content on the servers has a negative effect on population & progress.

    I have a ranger, shaman, necro & bard who could all benefit from 2.0, but the lack of AA bonus probably affects me more in being ready for HoT

    I can't believe the bugs are hard to fix, and it is not like they can remain for the next 2 years+ - the sooner they are fixed the better for the server.

    It is like driving a car with the handbrake on, it can still move forward but slower.

    I agree that TLP would benefit from some kind of FTP option
  6. Machen Augur

    During original Underfoot, the AA bonus applied for the first 1000 aa's. Which would you rather have, a bonus to your first thousand aa's, or ~1500 autogranted? Seems like this isn't something you should be complaining about.
  7. huhzorathon Journeyman

    plenty of dev and soe input in the veterans lounge, we get nothing here outside a "complain here so you don't spam forums and we can notice you less" post stuck up at the top. Shows you where the priorities lie and its not on the only two servers you have to pay to play on.
  8. Croak Augur

    Honestly I would love both as it is on live, but if I had to choose, and it was a choice we would be stuck with until CotF, I would go for AA bonus over autogrant.

    Autogrant is really bad for new/returning players - over the last month I have taught over 10 players on Fippy how to use autogrant, often after they have already ground out 100AA manually with no bonus.
    100AA without bonus is like 475AA with bonus - probably enough essential AA for a lv85 wizzie until HoT.

    Autogrant on Fippy is also a really steep cliff - 71+ you are looking at 5-15 AA per hr depending on class etc (maybe raid gear, AE grp will do better)

    There are 2 ways of looking at this - I am most familiar with SK AA from memory having done it a few times - SK typically requires more AA than most other classes at a particular level.

    Totally Progression "As It Was"

    lv71 with SK your AAs are pretty solid @500 though you can grind more just because lv71 is easy mode for AAs for a lot of classes.
    For lv71-85 that toon can gain 500 AA selective at a faster rate

    The aim at lv85 would be to have 1k-1500 highly selected AAs for class.

    If you only have autogrant, you end up with 1900 - 2400 AA with the same essential class AAs, plus a lot of crap.

    The big difference comes for that character when HoT releases with a x5 bonus up to 2500AA
    The autogrant only toon gets all their CHA boosts, pet dps etc, whereas the person with selective AAs gets a new AA bonus and lots more cheap

    Modern Bonus then Autogrant

    A better way to do AA on live servers currently is to level as high as you can without using any AAs, get the higher level AAs at a big bonus, especially the ones with no prereq, or that only require 1 tier of an AA to unlock a whole line of hastened etc.
    Then you fill in with autogrant with none or very little overlap.

    In this way on live servers you can easily end up with 3k or more additional AA for the same amount of work.

    This happens totally naturally when someone plays a silver account up to lv95 or 100, then switches to all access for a month (or for free recently for 2 weeks)

    The Big Difference

    The big difference comes with House of Thule

    Say you have a wizard, lv85 with only 400 AA that you have ground out at up to 5x bonus
    When HoT releases and the bonus is x5 up to 2500 you grind out more AAs.

    If both bonuses are available, you might use autogrant at 3kAA, but you could equally wait until VoA with 2kAA and benefit from a x10 up to 4kAA bonus then before autogrant.

    If It Isn't Fixed Now

    If you don't make noise about it now, it will still be broken during VoA, just like so many other things.
    The AA bonus should have been available since SoF.
  9. Croak Augur

    Can't edit in this forum but just read an old Elidroth post that mentioned the exp bonus pre-HoT was 3.5x not 5x which affects the math a little for current content but certainly not when we get HoT.
    Obviously I would love to have both autogrant and bonus to have a choice.

    Autogrant gives you 200-500 essential AAs up to 71 - depending on how close you are to HoT you might grind out 300-1500 most essential/useful AAs before then depending on class.
    After autogrant, a SK max defense plus a few utility like pulling AAs is looking at 3k+ AA @85
  10. Croak Augur

    I popped over to Fippy (and test serer) to check out the changes to Hate's attraction and fade AAs on a lower level (91) toon.

    The sticky thread that was mentioned at the start of this post has now been in absence for 4 months because it was confusing Ragefire beta players and nothing new has been fixed.

    The problems with the hotzone exp being frozen in time has of course affected Ragefire now, and I am not aware of anything else being fixed.

    If I took the time to add them to the issue tracker are there players from Fippy who will be willing to add some votes?
  11. Ducreux Augur

    Wow the necro, it took me longer than I want to admit to realize the first post was from last year.
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  12. PathToEternity Augur

    Am I missing something - how is this affecting RF?
  13. Croak Augur

    Ragefire has the same borked hotzones as Fippy/Vulak... Overthere, Dalnir and Burning Woods

    It is also an example of why we should avoid calls for custom code for things like damage bonus, as once we have custom code on TLP3.0 it won't ever be fixed.

    I haven't bought lv91 Harm touch yet on Fippy, but lv90 is still affected by the Harmtouch nerf/bug for TLP 2.0 where SKs don't get the damage over time component that was added when the base damage was reduced.
    That same harm touch nerf is also present on Ragefire and Lockjaw, and may not be necessary any more - raid bosses have been buffed.
    The "if progression server" data can clearly be seen in Raidloot's new AA parser touch&class=ShadowKnight
  14. Pinto_Bean Augur

    I suggest you stop selling idols until these issues are fixed.

    This is an outrage!
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  15. Silv Augur

    Sorry to burst your bubble but the damage bonus wasn't "custom code" and had 0 to do with TLP requests.
  16. Sheex Augur

    Word on the street is that Croak's starting a hunger strike of moral outrage via text walling. Or.......

  17. Kolani Augur

  18. Silv Augur

    It's hard for people to look at a calendar when they're on a pointless crusade. :)
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  19. Porygon Augur

    Burning woods is a hot zone!? Oh man, that's amazing! Now it will only take me 3000 kills to level to 60!!
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  20. Sheex Augur

    You really should try Burned Woods. That's where the good exp's at sir.
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