Do we actually need a TLP server?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Beggly, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Machentoo Augur

    And yet, here we all are playing a game that has spent $0 on advertising in the last fifteen years. (That probably speaks to both our susceptibility to advertising and our intelligence level, TBH.)
  2. HoodenShuklak Augur

    And doesn't it show!
  3. Accipiter Augur

    I had forgotten. Thanks for the reminder.

    I realize I'm a rarity in that I'm a hardcore non-raider. I strive to get the best gear I can for each expansion. My gripe with SoF is that you need:
    1. Armor drops from T2 named mobs
    2. Steam cores from T2/T3 named mobs to make the armor marginally good
    3. Essences from Crystallos to beef up the armor even more
    4. Ultimately, 4 essences per armor piece for the ultimate in group gear
    I took a break with a month to go in SoF but I only got to #2 above. Even then, only my tank was fully geared. There just wasn't time to do it all... and I was playing 30-40 hours a week.
    SoD is pretty similar in the time it will take to progress through the zone and armor tiers. I'm currently giving SoD a go but I'm dubious I can get group-geared in the time I have.
  4. That0neguy Augur

    Twitter, Facebook, this website are all advertising. So they spend something on it, just not much.
  5. HoodenShuklak Augur

    Craziness... how many games last for 20 years?

    What a golden opportunity to spam the hell out of social media... even some millennial would be curious to try it out.
  6. Chillies New Member

    And what is wrong with that? People put time and effort into their accounts progress not to mention real money which does not follow you over to the next server, for example, the $30 bag, $20 mounts that people splurge on.

    The bag and mount should be able to be used once per account, per server.

    For me personally, I have played on 4 TLP's now and on every TLP I buy at least one or two bags across 3 accounts and always buy the mounts across those 3 accounts also, and I often buy multiple mounts because I can't be bothered swapping them through the shared bank slot. I often buy other little things also like decorative items and skins etc. but those are cheap and can easily be replaced per server for a few dollars.

    The monetary investment for me is getting a little over the top as I pay for a subscription because I choose to support the business rather than source my Kronos from 3rd party websites which a lot of people do for a cheaper than in-game cost.

    The sub + the bags, mounts, consumables, decorative and skins I have paid for over the last 3 years is well over $1000 when you add it all up, not to mention the DBG coins I have purchased along the way for other random stuff.

    So yes, I'm tired of watching servers die out and my friends, family and guildies jump ship to the next server without having a chance to fully experience the current content the server we only just start to settle in on.

    Holly talks about making friends, family and special moments within the game that last us a lifetime, but the TLP servers do not support this. It only serves to tear it down by creating a race theme sandbox where the only thing that has become important is krono farming.
  7. Rukis New Member

    Personally I will be cancelling sub on my box and main account if coirnav dies. Its ridiculous people keep jumping ship and playing eq - pop over and over.

    If daybreak was intelligent, they would find another way to grab cash out of the game via there market place. On the upside all the krono farmers will jump ship from coirnav which will be nice.
  8. Kittany Augur

    My opinion... I'm getting to effing old to be starting over repeatedly.. I love EQ, and yes, I like playing in the 'classic' versions. Some of my best memories are from the classic/kunark/vellious/PoP eras. That said, from my experience on playing on Ragefire, and now Phinny,. The classic feel is a ghost of the memories.

    My background is from Vallon Zek of course. My own experience was centered around a tight knit community where (Most) people respected one another (I will also say, sure, we had our arsehats. But we as a community dealt with them).

    I guess mostly what I wanted to say is: I don't think we need more TLP's. We need more support into the current servers that we have.
  9. Risiko Augur

    Is it the fact that people truly love the content of early EverQuest that brings them back to each new TLP server, or is it the design concept of early EverQuest that does it?

    As some one that has done it way too many times, it really makes me wonder what would happen if DBG made a new TLP-like server used the existing EQ server technology and game client, but with all new content based on Original EverQuest through Velious expansions' game play design.

    I think that the people that come back to play on TLP servers over and over again do it because they prefer the more simplistic game before all the stats got inflated out of control, before slow started saying "partially successful", before charming was made extinct, before gear had 20+ lines of stats on them, and before the game became more than just a fun virtual fantasy world.

    If DBG was to start over on a new EverQuest (with out a new server/client), and just focused on what made the early years of EverQuest so great, people might not hop from one TLP to the next. As it is, the only thing they have to look forward to if they stay on a TLP server long term is playing the game later expansions that made them leave the game completely years ago.
  10. Starr Elder

    I left EQ when GoD was new and it was totally unplayable. I came back for Ragefire and then Phinigel. I wanted to raid scheduled endgame in era and see the expansions after GoD with no racing.. I'm having blast now in SoD on Phinigel at level 85. I will of course make a character or two on the new servers like I did on Agnarr and Coirnav for some offtime fun, but doubt the will get higher than level 15-20.

    I won't talk for everyone on Phinigel, but think a lot of us want to see this server get to Live.
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  11. Raisehell Lorekeeper

    I dont think we need all these tlp servers..i think they could be replaced by a completionist server. One standard, one fv ruleset.
    All expansions are open upon release. Per character the next expansion and its content (zones,gear, aa's, etc) will be unlocked upon all achievements being completed. Perhaps a mechanism to block more than 2 accounts from being active to encourage grouping and progression for the server over box crews
  12. Tribunal-Pinky New Member

    There are a lot of things we don't "actually need". High speed internet, 20 year old MMORPG's, Computers, Power, People with the time to complain about how "You don't need that!"
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  13. oldkracow Augur

    DBG will most likely sell of the EQ IP property at one point, perhaps the people that attempt that purchase will try something similar.

    I don't know anything about the game past luclin, since I quit way back when and only play the TLPs up until a certain point anyhow. The idea sounds interesting for some small fund VC firm with extra cash to toss into a honeypot of property.
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  14. Tribunal-Pinky New Member

    So you mean... if Brad doesn't pull another "Vanguard" with "Pantheon" but keeps it on target for their design concept?
  15. Risiko Augur

    As much as I want Brad to succeed, I just have not gotten that "this will replace EQ TLP for me" feeling yet from all of the streams I have seen so far of Pantheon.

    It's seems like it takes heavy influences from EQ, but the parts where it modernizes or changes things is what worries me. I don't want to push buttons all the time just for the sake of having something to do. I would rather lock down a group of mobs with a 6 second AoE mez, and then lock each one down for a minute each with a follow up targeted mez. If I have to hit the "mez" button every few seconds to continue doing it, then it's not EQ to me anymore.

    I saw the same "modernization" issues with Vanguard in things like the pets. Instead of pets being a powerful being that you control, they were more of a temporary DoT with a visual appearance. I don't want a pet DoT that shows up as a pet for a 10 seconds. I want an actual pet to command.

    I really wish that game designers would throw the terms innovate and different out the window. Stop trying to make something different for the sake of having something different. Just use what works. EQ got roots, snares, dots, pets, charms, mez, feign death, split pooling, pacify pulling, and bards right. Stop trying to put an "innovate" spin on what works already.

    That's just my two cents though.
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  16. Tribunal-Pinky New Member

    I get you're concerns, I share some of them, I've played some in their Pre-Alpha and it definitely doesn't have that full original EQ feel. Yet. (Given I don't think any MMO will ever have that very first feel that EQ gave me as My first MMO) but that's the curse of having already experienced something for the first time, you can never experience it the same way again.

    The streams and such that have been released have been limited. We've seen the Rogue's ability to do CC, not how CC works from the perspective of a leveled Enchanter. I still have hope though that it develops into something (while not the same game of course) fills the same role that EQ did, and fills it better than EQ can now. For instance I hope there is 0% chance that 1 person runs 6+ characters by themselves. I suspect 2 to be reasonable, 3 to be difficult and poorly boxed, 4+ and you're just not on par with 2-3 real players.
  17. Accipiter Augur

    It's the parts where it's too much like the old EQ that worries me. "You're in our world now."
  18. Cronar Journeyman

    I heard about eq from someone working in an EB games. I had quit Ultima Online and asked if he could recommend anything. He was playing beta for eq1 and suggested it.
    I've been playing since.
  19. Artaserse2 Lorekeeper

    This has been a really interesting thread, but I think Daybreak answered Op's question for him.

    P.S. Cronar----There was a really hardcore Erudite necro on Sullon called Kronar "the Black" who was a major terror to both the Good & Neutral teams. You aren't related to him, are you?

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