Do we actually need a TLP server?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Beggly, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Monkman Augur

    Remove maps
    Eliminate custom UI / revert to original UI
    Add corpse runs
    No enhanced OOC mana/hp regen

    There’s classic for ya

    Unlock the above QOL changes in era
  2. Quill Augur

    Right... tell me the people who would pay $180 to $600 a month. I'll wait.

    If people actually have to pay for their own subs, you're not going to see a 40-boxer running around spending $7200 a year. And hey... if you do... bless their hearts that's a lot of money for DBG.

    And its not like there aren't existing servers... regular or TLP... for them to play on.

    True 3 years ago. Today? Just lol. The technology marches on.

    And MOTM had more to do with curtailing bot armies than true-boxing. If there were no MOTM, a modern TLP would be just as bad as a regular box TLP was.

    Note that both of these extreme measures were implemented on the premise that they would take care of this issue. Neither have. There is 0 reason to force people to play on multiple computers, when doing so doesn't actually accomplish what you're trying to do. It only inconveniences the exact people you want to attract back to the game.

    Go True Pay and make people pay for their own subs to use a new TLP server. If it 'still happens', at least you're raking in cash doing it.
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  3. Ceffener Augur

    40 accounts paid for by "dirty krono" roughly $719.6 + tax for DBG
    40 accounts paid for using "True Pay" roughly $399.6-$599.6 + tax for DBG

    So lets ignore the economics based on some assumed arm chair accounting problem that doesn't seem to be bothering DBG or Blizzard currently.

    MOTM came about because of class changes on live that allowed Mages (and no you didn't need 40) to down raid bosses in seconds. Boxing/No boxing it didn't matter, people were not happy to see their beloved Raid's downed in seconds. The bosses are just not hard with live changes so MOTM is needed. Hell they are not even hard without live changes. MOTM tried to tune the fights back challenge wise closer to how they would have been in 99. You remove that and bosses will be zerged and instantly, even on a True box.

    I don't care if they make instances Soloable, but at some point people have to realize what they are asking for isn't Everquest how it was or even how it is now. They are asking for a different game wrapped up in a 20 year old UI of nostalgia.

    (Which a heavily soloable version with easy drop in/drop out group mechanics sounds like a great idea for the new company that has rights to EQ Mobile to be working on....)
  4. Renshu Augur

    You are still on this?

    Instead of trading item/Pp for Krono to pay their accounts, they would just trade this stuff for US currency on the black market instead and use these profits to pay for their accounts, just like people did before Krono.
  5. Ryak Augur

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  6. MBear Augur

    Please let it be 8 weeks, not 12.
  7. Jontrann Augur

    8 weeks is a terrible idea, especially in the later expansions.
  8. MBear Augur

    Can you expand on this a bit more?
    Maybe suggest which should be what and where you would say the later expansions start?
  9. Risiko Augur

    I've played on Fippy, Ragefire, Agnarr, Phinigel, Coirnav, and the first ones that I forget the names of now, and I say with out a doubt that I will never ever... ever ever ever ever... ever... play on a progression server again.

    Seriously, how many times can you play through Unrest, Lower Guk, The Hole, Sebelis, Velks, and Greig's End before you say enough is enough? And, the slow levels, the key quests, annoying as hell epic quests, camping mobs for days on end to finish a quest for a weapon that you will replace in the same expansion or at the very least next expansion, the three to four nights a week raiding like as if you have a second job JUST TO BE status quo... no. No NO NO! Never again.

    You have fun with that crap. I have WAY better things to spend my free time doing.
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  10. Jontrann Augur

    This is golden, coming from the guy who said coirnav was the best server ever and that everyone should play on it. I specifically told you when coirnav first launched that it would be and look at you now, bashing TLP's and playing on FV. You're a TLP hopper, you always have been and always will be.

    On another note, a lot of people including myself aren't subscribbed to EQ and won't be unless they release an FV style TLP which may or may not even happen, only time will tell at this point.
  11. Risiko Augur

    If you want a TLP experience, Coirnav was a good choice at the time just like Agnarr, Phinigel, and Ragefire were before it. Each TLP has it's moment in the sunlight. I won't deny that at all.

    What I am saying though is that after having the "TLP experience" so many times, I wouldn't do it again no matter what. Plain and simple, the TLP experience demands massive amounts of time from the players, and the end result just isn't worth the effort.

    I mean, unless you really, really want to spend three to four nights a week fighting boring raid mobs that require little more than hitting attack and then doing one of the following every few seconds: running out of range, ducking behind a corner, or sitting down. There's literally more effort given to dealing with fellow guild member's drama, guild rules changing to suit the click at the top, rare drop camp grievers, etc than there is in killing the raid mobs.
  12. Umul Augur

    Hell yeah we need another TLP. Fakk it!

    New server:

    FV with at minimum RF or agnarr level xp (were they the same?).

    Remove truebox. Everything is instanced, we have picks now, noones getting yellow shoes until week 5 weather the server is truebox or not. Its really not a big deal. The big scary mage army cant hack your private instance and KS you. Having no true box on this server will help down the road.

    This will be the ultimate catch up server. Life agro and need to afk for a while? Boom drop a few krono and be right back in the game. XP isn't a crawl and you can gear right back up if you choose to drop krono$..

    But what about the box armies? We should call the server RMTLAND.

    I would ask in response, are they not present now? Don't buy your then, guild up and make friends, go raid all the stuff you missed on an off night (its all instanced : ) ). No perma farmed AOWs.

    It makes so much sense. The only factor I would concede to get FV with fast xp is truebox, but again we'll see how phinny does as it gets closer to those xpacs in the 100's with truebox in play.

  13. Nolrog Augur


    I agree with that thought right now, but in a few years, I'll probably be ready to start again.
  14. Risiko Augur

    Ah yeah that's it. I believe I was on Sleeper. It's been so long.

    Ok. I see what you're saying. In three to five years from now, maybe, but probably not.
  15. Accipiter Augur

    I agree with this. I wasn't able to get group geared to the extent I wanted in SoF due to it's stupid armor gearing system. The same will likely be true for SoD. The SoD armor system is even more complicated... dumb Discordant vs. Concordant vs. Whatever. I curse the guy who came up with that system.
  16. Ohfuggle Elder

    New server will kill off hundreds of players, it would be the worst possible move. Hopefully it's an event server or special raid bosses/events as previously leaked back in April.
  17. Jontrann Augur

    You're right it will kill coirnav's pop but who cares about that reused phinny clone of a server.
  18. Thalliius Augur

    Me and countless others care about what happens to it, seeings how we’ve invested hundreds of hours into it

    It’s also the most populated server out of the TLPs right now, so obviously not some random crappy server that no one cares about as you suggest

    Most of the arguments I see made for a new TLP are extremely weak. DBG releases TLPs with the expectation that they’ll be profitable and make them money. They just released coirnav and advertised it as a long term progression server that goes all the way to live, so why would they then release a new server goes thru the exact same expansions as coirnav just did ?

    “Because starting over is fun!”
    Ok, so nothing is stopping you from starting over at level 1 on any of the servers that exist right now.

    “Get to meet new people!”
    Ok, I still meet new people every day on Coirnav, so again this doesn’t require an entirely new TLP be released in order to achieve it

    Every time they release a new TLP, it waters down the population on all TLPs across the board. If it were up to a lot of the posters on here, they’d release some crazy new TLP every week and we’d have a population of 4 people on each server

    My gut tells me that it’s mostly just Krono farmers that desperately want a new TLP
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  19. So Happy Augur

    I would rather see a new live server with AoCs. DB could make it truebox if they wanted but let F2P play on it also. This would be much more attractive to me personally, because I could sub one account again and box a Silver one. Short of something like this I'll stay right on test and not worry about live or TLPs.
  20. Jontrann Augur

    Everything about this post is from an ignorant person and it shows that you are new to the TLP scene.

    "They just released coirnav and advertised it as a long term progression server that goes all the way to live, so why would they then release a new server goes thru the exact same expansions as coirnav just did?"

    Many people including myself and all of my real life friends who are EQ vets didn't touch Coirnav because Coirnav is a CLONE of phinny, if you wanted to play a legit tlp from start to finish you should of played on that server.

    "It’s also the most populated server out of the TLPs right now, so obviously not some random crappy server that no one cares about as you suggest"

    Every new TLP is the most populated TLP so what's you point again?

    You better pray they don't release a new TLP for the 20th anniversary or you can say bye bye to the population on coirnav but i'm pretty sure you know that since you keep replying to every TLP thread instead of actually you know, playing the game.

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