Do we actually need a TLP server?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Beggly, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Xeris Augur

    That's not true. I am full BIS in gear, and I'm missing 2 AC augs to be completely BIS.
  2. Thalliius Augur

    Unless you made experience like 20x faster than normal this type of server would never work and would never generate any sort of steady revenue for DBG

    Plus I imagine a server like this would be incredibly toxic. All it takes is 1 monk, SK or Necro to train a group and you permanently wipe out 5-6 accounts

    Too many easy ways to die in EQ for this to work, and way too much reliance on other players. If you had a high level toon and died to some obscure thing, most would quit and never come back. They aren’t just going to be like “aww shucks” and start over at level 1 with nothing

    You’d even required to box to have any kind of chance
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  3. svann Augur

    They actually did this for a month. Was quite popular believe it or not. At that time it was even worse because internet disconnects were way more common.
  4. Silver-Crow Augur

    Personally I think they should forget a TLP this year and instead release a Live Server with Phinny Ruleset... and allow transfers to the server from current live servers (not FV though).

    I would expect many would jump at the chance of raiding live with AOC's and would concentrate the player base rather than dispersing it. It's a sort of server merge without actually merging servers. People would organically move/start here without being forced to. Box armies can stay where they are and be happy that they can continue playing by themselves, and those that want to group have a busy server they can play on.

    Win-Win :)
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  5. Ceffener Augur


    Permanent anniversary events on Live!
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  6. Minpire Augur

    Agnarr and Coirnav Both have 1-55 Grouping issues, You can say what you want but im lvl 36 and 47, 1 on each server.

    Everyone i come around ends up quitting or making new char by 30, Luckily i came across 1 guy Power leveling his Boxed monk, only reason im 38 on Agnarr, Found Plvler on coirnav 2 Times why im 47 there.

    would love a fresh TLP and everyone 50 below or rejected from top end guilds end up Buffing people behind a MainBank or just waitting for new TLP.

    Expect a TLP Announcement due to the VAST majority of BUZZ and Money they get in turn for new mounts, 1 time bag, etc + Subs
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  7. Newbie32 Journeyman

    Until someone trains you on purpose, wiping your group and you have to start over also...
  8. Telkiney Elder

    Just going to Echo a few thoughts that have been in the thread:
    Next TLP will hopefully be a truebox - 12 week progression - FV ruleset/xp rate server.

    Also ya I'll say it till I'm blue in the face, there are a bunch of Live servers that need to be merged. I'm tired of being able to say that FV is the only live server that can maintain a "high" population status for most of the day. It is my belief that a lot of returning players come back to check on the state of EQ since you can log in anytime for free, see a ghost town on their home server and just check out and uninstall. I wish these players would be able to come back and see an awesome populated server.
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  9. Quill Augur

    I seem to remember something called The Discord Server(not the voice chat, temp-lasting perma-death server experiment), and it was like Pop-era or around in there? So like 2003-ish?

    Am I remembering that right?
  10. Jontrann Augur

    The discord server was the temporary death server, it was launched before GoD and was an event server were the top 5 players got their character names put into the game as zones or items and someone correct me if i'm wrong but i'm pretty sure the Nedaria part of Nedaria's Landing (zone name) was one of the top 5 winners.
  11. Accipiter Augur

    Gear, accomplishment, fun.
  12. Artaserse2 Lorekeeper

    Telkiney's idea (FV rules/xp, 12 weeks per expansion & true box) is a simple but outstanding suggestion.

    There is nothing fancy about this idea so Daybreak would have an easy time implementing it. I would also consider barring the use of Krono for the first two or three expansions to prevent the Krono farmers from inundating the new server.
  13. Quill Augur

    True Box is garbage, and largely ignored. I'd put up with the rest of the stuff if it allowed regular boxing lol.

    If you want to actually get rid of bot armies and 6-box groups, which I assume is the reason for True Box, simply require people to pay for their own subs, with their own money, to use the server. Problem solved. And lol if you don't think it would.

    I'd rather force people to pay for their own sub, than force regular people to use multiple computers. For some reason, apparently all the inconvenience is supposed to be on the exact people you'd really like to see play the game, while all the convenience are on those you really wouldn't. :/

    Its so bass-ackwards its sad.
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  14. oldkracow Augur

    You missed the regular box server, it was enjoyable seeing folks with 12 to 40 boxes running around semi-automated.

    Hence why we got truebox, because 95% of the boxers can't abuse this mechanic as easy.
  15. Artaserse2 Lorekeeper

    Very true. True Box isn't perfect, but it eliminates 90% of the boxing & cuts back most of the box groups to 2 or 3 toons (instead of the 6+ toons you see on "regular" servers). Frankly, True Box is the standard at this point of time.
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  16. HoodenShuklak Augur

    The answer is yes.
  17. Kronotowin Elder

    The same %10 of the server are allowed to RMT Kronos without any punishment. This is why long term servers are not feasible. Every TLP is dominated by the same group of players either farming RMT or leading the same guild to the top waiting for the chance to ruin the server for everyone else.
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  18. Kronotowin Elder

    Want an Enduring Breath item? Nope not going to happen because 2-3 players farm Kronos and camp the spawn for month during the first 5-6 months, and that's just one key item. Wake the hell up daybreak, Kronos sales are not more important than TLP server pop.
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  19. RandomStrategy Augur

    You think I'd PL in a dangerous place? It'd be level 50 in unrest all day long leveling people from 1 to 30ish.
  20. Balegrim New Member

    If anything, this game needs a far more restrictive TLP. I just came back after 15 years, and I have to say TLP servers have been nothing but a massive disappointment so far. I thought it would be fun to join Coirnav and play EQ the way it was before I left, but boy was I was incredibly mistaken. Everyone I see or group with is either multi-boxing or twinked to the max through Krono selling/buying. I was hoping to find that same "hardcore" experience I left behind all those years ago, but TLP is basically just a sandbox for overpowered p2winners and 6-man multiboxers. On top of this, everyone just up and leaves every time a new TLP is released? What's the point? I don't get it. This TLP nonsense is nothing like "classic EQ".
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