Do we actually need a TLP server?

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Beggly, Jan 5, 2019.

  1. Darchon_Xegony Augur

    If they do an Ironman server maybe make it that permadeath only triggers when your hover mode ends. This way you NEED to have a Cleric present ready to rez within 5min of any death. Allowing for the raiding of DT mechanics etc. But again, this server would be very low population after the initial flood due to how unforgiving it would be.

    I’d prefer to see another event server but one that has far less EXP grind and far more progression goals. The last one you started at 51/50 and wanted to get OoW Group and Raid content done. Getting either achievement gave you essentially the same reward. The only difference for the raid achievement was getting a special title. The next server I want to see more achievements and a benefit of completing multiple different ones.

    Maybe the next one could start off with a Heroic Character, in Underfoot and has a few objectives. Completing Underfoot group and raid progression would be some obvious ones. Maybe go back and finish SoD progression or finish some of the SoD theme collects for the questing inclined players? Perhaps do the Underfoot Shawl for any tradeskilling inclined players?

    Or just do 51/50 again with like 10x EXP rates, locked to let’s say PoR so it’s not much EXP grinding but more a lot of diverse content. Some possible achievements for this server:

    Complete PoP Flagging and kill Quarm
    Finish Aid Grimel quest
    Complete GoD flagging and kill Tunat
    Finished BiC up to Qvic step (so that there’s no issue with who gets the limited raid drop awards in order to complete the achievement)
    Complete 6/6 Muram Group trials
    Complete OoW raiding/Anguish Flag and kill OMM
    Finish Epics 1.5/2.0
    Finish each tier of DoN progression
    Finish Skull of Den Lord Rakban Quest
    Complete Demiplane Flagging and kill Mayong
    Complete Theatre of Blood Flagging
    Complete Deathknell Flagging and kill Ayonae Ro
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  2. Skuz Berserker Logic: Kill everything.

    I think some server merging to improve populations on the existing servers would improve the quality of the experience on those servers quite a lot.

    Any new TLP is really going to need to offer something interesting to the community as a whole to have any serious pull or chance of a long life, phinigel as an experiment threw up a few issues the devs had clearly not planned in advance for & had decided to address on an "as needed" basis.

    All classes/races options from start, ruleset variations, Agents of change, start with tss rather than classic etc it needs a Unique starting environment to distinguish it from all the prior TLP in my opinion. Otherwise it is going to be a sloppy rehash.
  3. Hirbow Elder

    As much as I hate to say this. WoW killed EQ in 2004 and it will kill the TLP in 2019 =[
  4. taliefer Augur

    i hope i continue to live on 15 years after something kills me
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  5. taliefer Augur

    theres no guarantee of a new server come march, its just wild speculation by the playerbase at this point.

    however, you and your friends could make some characters on agnarr and just do the group content in classic kunark and velious just fine. thats sort of the point of agnarr, it never progresses beyond PoP, giving players a chance to drop in and experience content around that era whenever they feel, with a chance to "Catch up" to the server as a whole
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  6. Puffen New Member

    We have checked agnarr and its to old, way to many players are far ahead and way to low playerbase.
    Seems also after reading around and checking, that agnarr have alot of multi-boxers, wich might be a problem, if only 1-2 of us is online at a time and wanna play and group, wich force us into multi-box each others chars, if we wanna play.

    Thanks for the info anyway :)
  7. snailish Augur

    Miss the first 3 weeks of any server and you are in the same situation. This is part of the reason some of us think a trilogy start would be so fresh... the glut of population would all be in these zones at the same time... Velious after Kunark means most players are 55+ so the lower zones are relatively untouched for the life of the server.

    Agnarr is fine in evening Eastern-Pacific primetime if you want to level in the typical linear leveling path. No different than Phinny in Luclin (having played both) and really not a change from what I have seen on other progression servers. Getting guilded is the best way to get grouped. There are far deader servers that people are happy on than the current state of Agnarr.
  8. Quill Augur


    If only there were a way to greatly speed up the levelling and gearing process(talking from level 1)…

    Its all old content... simply divorce yourself from the idea that its something precious and special that must always be done at a snailfish's pace.

    Particularly, 20 years on.
  9. Puffen New Member

    Thats probaly true, i decied to start on coirnav.
    My friends are waiting for a new TLP, since i liked PoP and it will soon release on coirnav, so decided to go.

    Im a DE Enchanter named - Tricitum
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  10. Beggly Augur

    But I don't even play on Coienav server. Sigh.
  11. Raina Elder

    I'd love to be a healer on that server. Oh, you aren't going to give me the loot? Interesting choice, let's see how that pays off for you...
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  12. Shakara Augur

    So who eats the death touch?
  13. Lucky Charms Journeyman

    So I thought about what they could do for the death touch, you either leave it in and let those who die become legends or you change the death touch to being a random world teleport. So instead of getting death touched you get teleported to some random place in the world which will essentially do the same thing as a death touch which is to take you out of the fight.
  14. jeskola Why no Erudite Female avatar?

    Send them to Erud's Crossing with no Gnome Translocate NPC...
  15. Trizek Augur

    For players like myself, yes.
    I jump on the new TLP bandwagon. I quit EQ a long time ago. And I only really come back during the first few months of opening. I generally stop playing EQ some time in Kunark.

    I just absolutely love the fresh state of a server. The ease of finding a group. Meeting new people and starting new friendship/enemies.

    Buuut of course once a server gets its crowd and settles in that's when I stop playing. I had my time in EQ. I had my Guild I raided with for over 3 years. I lived the "no life". Now I'm just a filthy casual.
  16. Aurastrider Augur

    It amazes me that the TLP community just doesn't take their guilds, pack up and move to the live servers already where you can play for free. You could create your own rulesets for your guilds. Adventure into "new" content when your guild votes to unlock it and not have to deal with all the drama of 5000 mages running through some low level zones killing everything in sight. Most of those zones are unplayed by current players on live. There was a guild on Tunare that did just this for a while. I was not in said guild so I don't know all of the guild rules but I do know that you could not go over a certain level, you could not loot/use defiant gear, you had to stick to the content or older that the guild was currently in, and you could not get outside help from higher level players. I know they managed to raid past LDON stuff. Just a suggestion for those who are currently burnt out on their current TLP server and might have the numbers to try something different while you wait for the next flavor to be released.
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  17. snailish Augur

    Been in some of these. You need really dedicated leadership to hold it together because people are usually keen to do whatever your first content lock is (level 50 or 51... Kunark, whatever) but you either hit a wall of being 7 months into farming Naggy and some get itchy to move up or you lack the numbers to do half the content in an expac like Luclin with in-era gear.

    The temptation of power creep (we could stay in Luclin but allow level 65 and defiant...) is strong and it is hard to bring in new people. Once you start "breaking" your rules you lose people too.

    But... if you have the numbers now bored on a different server, you could probably get at least a few months out of it.
  18. Kahna Augur

    Not to mention, while it might take a TLP guild 50-60 people to kill Trak, or Seru, all it takes for it to be dead before you get there is 1 bored level 110.

    Phinny, when it makes it to live, might actually make a decent server for these sorts of TLP guilds.
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  19. Finnster Elder

    this idea about ironman or perma-death or however you want to call it will have the complete opposite effect of what you want. The people proposing this idea usually think they are hardcore and want a server to attract people of their kind. But it will only encourage super-careful game play. People will rather solo than group. And it will totally encourage people who 6-box. Because you don't want to rely on other people.

    The best parts about online gaming is when you fail an encounter and then try again and succeed. Or you just barely survive with half your group dead, but you score a close victory. All this will not be on this server. People will only do safe things. And people will not raid. But if you don't raid, what is your goal? just a buff magelo profile?
  20. Lankie Augur

    A Phinny clone but with increased rates for everything would be great. Phinny is at a point now where it's slowly dying because it's an ultra hardcore server. Only people that play 4+ hours a day will survive.

    Look at Agnarr to see the problem with raid loot. No one is even close to BIS, and they won't be for another year at least of constant raiding.

    I would like Phinny 2.0 to have:

    3x xp rate.
    3x loot drops from raids
    NO box. Not true box, actually no boxing

    Oh and fix the bazaar sometime soon so the trader doesn't count as a real character. Copy WoW bazaar, having characters logged in and standing around with items for sale is dumb. Have a NPC bazaar trader. Remove barter system.

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