Do us a favor and fix your test server

Discussion in 'The Veterans' Lounge' started by Lenivaya, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Lenivaya Journeyman

    Gotten ridiculously out of hand. at ~9 days uptime our instancing breaks. Completely.
    Know how much of this game is instanced these days? After that it gets laggier and laggier until the game is an unplayable mess.

    I've been one of the players who is patient and usually just says "Eh give it a few days" but now sitting at 18 days uptime, despite posts in forums, and I know a few people tweeting or PMing or posting elsewhere to get your attention.

    Was about to pull the trigger and buy several copies of the expac because it actually sounds interesting. Changed my mind. I know people will say it's "Just the test server", but we have a great community and this is where I've played since TBS or so.

    If you can't get our instances to actually work 100% of the time, at least put it on a schedule to restart it on the 9th day. Yeah waiting on the restart would be annoying but at least we'd get to play after a little bit instead of wondering when someone is going to stop being lazy and flip the switch.

    Now this is not an "I'm quitting" post. I've played off and on since 2000 and I'll continue playing still. Probably gonna wait another week or so to try logging on because I have about that much faith that the server will get restarted in that time. And even then I know I'll get a few days to rush through as many instances as I can before "whoops guess not anymore".

    I'm quite certain if the instances broke on the live servers they'd be fixed in about 20 min so it'd be nice to have ours fixed after, what, a year? You want us to test your content, let us get in the damn content.
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  2. Tarvas Augur

    Its just test server.
  3. Febb Augur

    I remember seeing a programmer post about the issues with the test server. From what I remember, I think it boiled down to they needed to move it over to new hardware since the server test is on doesn't have the resources it needs. It's apparently running out of memory, crashing the instances trying to spin up. Daybreak probably hasn't given them the funds to move it to something more beefier.

    Perhaps set up a cron script to reboot the server every 8 days if it's that simple. If not, then they'll have to do it by hand during business hours where it doesn't affect too many customers.
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