Do something this is dumb.

Discussion in 'Time Locked Progression Servers' started by Mrjon3s, Jun 13, 2020.

  1. Mrjon3s Augur

    I get off work and log in to a queue of 208 min. I stay in the queue for over 4 hours and still didn’t get in. Found out from guildies in discord that queued up after me were able to get in. I finally had to give up because by the time I may actually get in I would get to play for maybe 10 minutes.
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  2. Piznut Angry Gnome

    I feel ya.

    Just worked 11a-11p shift. Got home and figured it's getting late, maybe people are logging; i'll try....258m queue. THat puts me being able to log in at approximately 3:30 am EST. Not really realistic to even be able to play on aradune unless you're euro time or *maybe* PST at best.

    I've heard of a lot of folks using autoclickers to be able to stay in while afk; to avoid the click. So the queue times aren't really going to drop like they did before.
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  3. Rebelicious Augur

    Yes, this is exactly what happened to me. Logged in for 10 min after wting for literal hours and poof!~ CTD now I'm back in another 3-4 hour queue.
  4. Malachi Augur

    I'm curious are any of you running EQ client out of a dedicated SSD?
  5. Machen New Member

    Do you really think that after three weeks, "Do something this is dumb" will be the argument that convinces them?
  6. Rebelicious Augur

    I also play on Mangler and have zero issues. During the weekdays, I can play fine... a bit of finickiness, but once you're in game, it's fine. One weekends... it's literally an unplayable mess. Only Aradune... so stop looking for ways to blame player hardware. DBG needs to open a 3rd TLP... due to the coronavirus lockdown WAAAAAYYY too many are trying to play on Aradoom.
  7. Machen New Member

    I am, on Rizlona, and it works just fine. It also worked just fine on Ragefire, prior to Rizlona, and Phinny before that.
  8. Malachi Augur

    We are old fogies Machen. Yes, we've seen a great many of movements and causes catalyze change within businesses across the country by use of very popular social media platforms.
    But the local EQ forum with DBG's direct oversight is so comfy and facilitates my urge to vent so well. It is, after all, the platform we EQ players have used for years to convince ourselves complaints are considered sincerely.

    "You suk game company, give money" is just years of message crafting from profound forum experience. Its so simple and direct. You would do good to sit back and admire such carefully proposed posts. You may learn something.
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  9. Malachi Augur

    Easy there. Just curious as to how my setup might differ from those who are having CTD issues on Aradune. Not because I'm looking for an escape goat for a severely botched launch. But because I was just curious as to how I can maintain my current status of not having a single crash in this "EQueue" era.I suppose its selfish in that regard but it could also help (if one wasn't so hysterically defensive about it.)
  10. Tigol New Member

    I'm actually astonished they think it's okay to charge people to play this game. This is absolutely unacceptable. I login, play for about an hour, my game crashes, and now I've been in que for 6 hours. How could the servers possibly be this bad? It's not like they have millions of people playing this game. Please get your $h!t together Daybreak.
  11. Mrjon3s Augur

    No I’m just an old man yelling at the sky. If they offered free transfers to rizlona I would take it in a heartbeat only reason I don’t play rizlona is I already claimed my bags on aradune.
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  12. Arkeal_Rathe_Bots Lorekeeper

    THIS ... but they wont because they already got our money
  13. yepmetoo Abazzagorath

    Its odd that some people report crashing so much while others never crash.

    Makes me wonder if the auto-kick feature for being afk/idle is the culprit. Their scripts have always been bad and buggy. Something causing false positives to be sent to their servers.

    They should allow free xfers to Rizlona. But at this point I wonder at their capability to even make that allowable considering the server xfer process is so bugged now (someone in guild xferred an alt to xeogny the other day, and a week later it was missing still (no longer on home server and not on xegony)), and that used to be an instant process.

    It was curious to me that with the server mergers, they didn't offer free transfers, like they have for every other server merger.
  14. Tweakfour17 Augur

    Someone last night posted that they petitioned (nicely I assume) for their bags to be transferred from Aradune to Rizlona and they did it for him, so if thats the only reason you havent made the swap its something to consider.