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  1. yerm Augur

    The whole point of selo IS the fast unlocks. Slowing down the server ruins it. At that point you are talking about a mangler with faster xp and lockouts or whatever.

    If you want to improve selo, you might do things like have catchup heroic style characters, or double loot in lieu of halved lockouts, stuff like that. Not slower unlocks.
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  2. Typucm Elder

    This post about me 100% :)

    I usually play classic-pop, after PoP I leave because of flagging/raiding.

    This is why I want new server sooner, there is just no server to play for ppl like me atm. Mangler is old and in middle of POP, all other TLP and Live servers not interesting too.

    But I think FV-loot type TLP should keep me past PoP, as casual players like me can have no flags/keys and still get top raid gear them want.
  3. Foaming Augur

    Mangler's slower exp is exactly what Darkpaw wants. Sell as many exp pots as possible. That's fine to me since it is a company that needs to turn a profit so we keep getting content.

    Regarding the lack of focuses on Mangler I do feel that was a mistake. Casters only have a leg up in the level up game. Once melee cap out and can loot weapons they quickly outpace baseline casters.
  4. Jaenisch Elder

    its part of the rule set for Mangler to be extremely slow exp....
  5. Fredescu Augur

    It's not. The confusion might be because when it was first announced, it was announced to be slower, but they changed that prior to release to be the same exp rate as Agnarr and others (RF/LJ). Faster than Coirnav and Phinny.
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  6. taliefer Augur

    not being selos turbo exp rate doesnt mean its slow. its damn near perfect for a 3 month unlock server. they nailed this aspect at least.

    when it was announced, it was going to be a super slow exp server, but that was quickly changed. its the fastest non selo TLP ever.
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  7. Arclyte Augur

    Mangler XP felt good to me. I leveled 2 chars to 50.

    EQ is all about the ride. You make XP too fast and it cheapens the game.
  8. Silias McKendrick Augur

    Reading these threads cracks me up.

    Mangler slash Phinny clones.
    Why? Because they were actually popular compared to Selos, or any other gimmick server.
    IF THEY WERE NOT, then the data they have would have supported something else and they
    would have chosen something else.

    No amount of crying, or imaginary beliefs are going to change the data they have.
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  9. Crackers Elder

    Honestly I have no desire to play on a Mangler clone, so this is good news to me because it means current TLP populations may hold steady rather than taking a hit.
  10. Lacka New Member

    I am hoping they announce some kind of special ruleset... it doesn't make any sense to rehash mangler so soon.
  11. Master Kahleem Augur

    That's my point, slower servers make NO sense to use exp pots on because they're % based. More people spend more money, and buy more pots, on faster servers because the % is higher.

    100exp * 2 (200% exp) == 200
    20exp * 2 (200% exp) == 40

    People spend LESS money on pots because they're far less the investment and are far less useful on slower servers. I remember on selos people were drinking pots like they were candy because of the benefits they provided. Also, the exact exp calculations are not public knowledge so often times % values, such as from exp pots, are calculated VERY differently than people think resulting in some things actually being nothing more than a mental mind game.

    Really REALLY need DarkPaw to start their first TLPs on the right foot here and be more open about things, and go in the direction people want.

    Chasing people's wallets, instead of their passion and fandom, is how companies look scummy and make less money.
  12. Xanathol Augur

    Sure, copy an abject failure like Selos lol... not one of the most successful TLPs so far, Mangler!

    Drugs are bad.
  13. Rotlust Augur

    Also as someone who played on Mangler from day one . . . please no. The exp, rares, and etc are great, but it quickly becomes work. Selo was poverty and divorce.
  14. Tweakfour17 Augur

    False. Mangler has the slowest XP than any other server TLP or Live. Once upon a time Mangler HAD faster xp, but it is now the slowest XP server available.
  15. Kyleigh Journeyman

    He was probably referring to when Mangler launched. Mangler had faster exp than Phinny (at server launch).
  16. Foaming Augur

    I've played on multiple TLPs including Phinny and Selo. On both servers people consumed tons of exp pots.
  17. a_librarian Augur

    The lack of focuses was one thing that made me not interested in Mangler pre Luclin. It just made gearing a caster so boring in those eras. However I did like how badly the change owned the people who farmed Idol of the Underking 24/7 on every prior TLP
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  18. Skuz Augur

    That's some creative use of language right there.
  19. Tweakfour17 Augur

    How so? It used to be fast, now its the slowest. What part of that is creative? People seem to want to propagate this idea that if you're looking for a TLP to roll on Mangler is the best because it has the fastest xp. This is no longer true, and will never be true again.

    There are 2 reasons to roll on Mangler and XP is not one of them. Does it have the highest population? Most likely, but it also has apparently all the bots if the numerous posts on these forums about them are to be believed (and the lack of posts of bots blocking content for people on any other TLP). Will Mangler continue to have the highest population? History says one of the new TLPs (likely Aradune since the "bad" boxers and people who want PUGs wont go to the boxing server) will decimate the population the same as every TLP before it.

    The other guiding factor in chosing a TLP would be the era it is in. If PoP is your flavor, choose Mangler (or Agnarr I guess if you dont want to progress), if its DoDH/Pre-TSS choose Coirnav, if its HoT, Miragul, Seeds? Selo. COTF, Phinny.
  20. taliefer Augur

    I feel like you are purposely obfuscating the issue. Mangler has the fastest base exp rate of any TLP save selos ever. thats generally what people refer to when they mention the exp rate on Mangler.

    some older TLPs that have advanced farther into eq, where you get exp rate bumps tied to the unlock of certain expansions, have faster overall exp than mangler does currently. but when comparing servers in the same era, Mangler will always have the best exp rate of any server besides Selo.

    when people talk about exp rates of servers, they are talking about the base rate. not base rate + whatever modifier the server has unlocked.
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